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The Grand Vizier : Was Jaded Video Working for the Feds to Set Max Up?

Tampa, Florida- I spoke to the Grand Vizier Wednesday. The Vizier is attending the Max Hardcore obscenity trial and he tells me a few things that haven’t been reported in any of the media.

Like the fact that the reporter for the Tampa Tribune, Elaine Silvestrini, walked out of the court room when they began playing Max Extreme 20.

Extreme 20 is one of the five DVDs charged in the government’s 10-count obscenity indictment against Max Hardcore and his company, Max World Entertainment.

The Federal judge Susan Bucklew [pictured] apparently stopped the show 40 minutes into Taylor Rain getting fucked in the ass.

“Max may have a good case if the judge reneges on her original ruling to show the DVD’s in their entirety,” says The Vizier. “Judge Bucklew started getting cranky, and she said she was going to sleep on it then decide in the morning whether to view all the DVD’s in their entirety.”

“She started saying I don’t know if I’m going to make the government play all five in their entirety after she ruled that they would.”

“The other interesting aspect of this case is the situation with Jaded Video,” says The Vizier. “They sold the DVD’s, and now they’re getting immunity to testify against Max.”

“The government, in its case, showed how they ordered the DVD’s from a link on Max’s site back to Jaded’s. They ordered from Jaded and paid them. And Jaded shipped them. So why is Max on trial? Interesting, huh?”

According to The Vizier who knows something of the background of this case, when Max first talked to Jim the owner of Jaded Video and Andrew, the ex-partner, Max told them up front they were taking their chances by shipping the product.

“One of the reasons that Max went with outside vendors is because he got popped before in 1999 on his state case,” explains The Vizier.

“Max didn’t hide that fact from them. And Jaded agreed to sell them, stating that’s why they were charging so much for the product. These were the Euro versions, we’re talking about, and Max was always of the belief they should be sold in this country. But after he got popped selling them Max said it was too much trouble. Jim then approached Max about selling them on the Jaded website. They said they wanted the Euro versions and knew the risks.”

[In the whole time Max has been doing business, he’s had only one return from a dissatisfied customer- and that was from a blind guy.]

Smelling a rat, the Vizier suspects that Jaded Video had been working all along for the government to set Max up and that’s why they’re getting the immunity.

“This immunity deal is signed by Andrew Oosterbaan. You better believe Max was set up. This whole Tampa venue is a government scam.”

“Another thing that stinks is that on Max’s website there’s a warning to say that the material is for adults only and that it’s illegal to continue on the site if adult is illegal in your neighborhood in violation of the community standards. So the government had to break the law to get Max to break the law.”

“Max also went out and bought a guitar,” The Vizier adds.

The Vizier tells me that Max is staying at a private old style Spanish villa that’s equipped with a 65-foot pool.

“You can dive from the second and third floors into the pool,” the Vizier tells me.


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