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(WORLD WIDE WEB) — Nationally syndicated talk show host Sean Hannity interviewed Mary Carey last Friday and verbally assaulted her, hitting her with every question he knew she couldn’t answer. Word on said Carey was upset with her campaign team for setting her up on such a show.

Wankus, who had his own verbal lashes at Carey’s expense recently, actually came to her defense, writing Hannity the following letter:

Nice job on your Mary Carey interview. It’s pretty obvious you couldn’t wait to knock someone down who you knew would have a tough time defending herself. If you really want to challenge the ethics of adult stars, preach your hypocritical views to appease Disney owned ABC and make an attempt at ridiculing someone, I’d be happy to interview you on my show and go head to head with you. is a 24 hour sex talk radio station on the internet only, featuring four to six thousand listeners per hour with shows hosted by over 30 porn stars. Although the audience size isn’t nearly as large as mainstream radio, for internet it’s very impressive, not to mention we’re featured in the mainstream and adult media frequently.

Call anytime (818)***-****. Lets see how well you go toe to toe with someone on an even playing field.
No response from the Hannity camp at this time, yet in the meanwhile readers are responding to Wankus’ letter.

Barry Soben writes:

Read your note posted to

I don’t think you’re being fair to Sean Hannity and I don’t much like the guy.

1. Mary Carey is running for the highest office in the state of CA (even if
just for fun) — she ought to be able to answer some tough questions and
take blunt criticism. Don’t do “hard” interviews if all you want is some
free press.

2. Sean Hannity is often an asshole. Anyone whose seen his Fox News show or heard his radio show knows this. (And I’m a staunch Republican) The person who booked her on that show knew full well he wasn’t going to be “nice” to her. If anyone is to blame, it was whoever on her staff arranged this interview.

3. Sean Hannity doesn’t face the rigors of life that the rest of the
population does. He’s pretty, dressed well, obviously swimming in dough,
probably even gets driven to work, and is not faced with having to do jobs
he might consider undesirable to make ends meet. I don’t think he’s done a
hard day of manual labor in his life. He doesn’t understand what “normal”
people go through. Did anyone expect him to be the least bit understanding?

Bottom Line: Mary, or someone on her staff, knew (they had to) she was
going up against a real prick and they sent her out there anyway. This was not going to be Howard Stern asking her about her latest movie.

I’d love to see Sean go toe-to-toe with BiSexual Britni. That would be an


Wankus responds:

Hey Barry,

Thanks for the note.

Obviously the things you say are true, but don’t forget, I’ve worked in
mainstream media and even with KSEX, I’m always excited to have someone on that can start a little controversy.

Hannity did that in his case and now I’d like to return the favor with him. It’s all about a good show. He got his good show by treating an obviously politically clueless girl like shit. I think it was too easy for him actually. He had an easy target. To me that was a wimpy way of getting a stir out of the audience. I think he should try his luck with someone who can keep up with him. I’m not saying Mary is an idiot, I’m merely saying she’s obviously doing this for a publicity stunt and has no clue how government works. He knew that and floored her for it. Then he mocked porn in general and that kind of pissed me off. I’d like an opportunity to give it back to him.

Believe me, Mary knows how I feel about this race. I publicly bashed her and even though I apologized to some degree for it, she hasn’t talked to me since. I’m just doin’ what I do best…callin’ someone [Hannity] out in hopes of a good witty banter.

All good my brothah….thanks again for your comments.





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