The Horror… The Horror…. Regan Senter And His Compliance Tapes


Why do we watch pornography?

To be turned on? To arouse our partners? To see our erotic fantasies lived out?

How about being disgusted. Disturbed. Amused. Horrified.

Regan Senter used to run an adult talent “agency” called Beautiful Models International. He was a pasty white troll of a man with a doughy body who specialized in “compliance” tapes. Meaning, he would film himself having sex with his models to see if they were ready to enter the adult business.

To watch Regan have sex was like watching a multi-car pileup on the interstate with numerous casualties. You want to avert your eyes, to spare yourself the trauma of seeing humans in agony, yet you somehow can’t look away, so you gaze into the abyss of tragedy and suffering.

OK. I’m probably being a little melodramatic, but watch the clip from “The Pornographer” on the front page and judge for yourself.

In this clip, an upcoming porn starlet with blonde hair and big boobs named Nina Whett is picked up from the airport by Regan Senter and taken back to his pokey little apartment and is convinced by Regan to perform in a compliance tape. He gently goads the seemingly reluctant Ms. Whett to agree to this offer, ensuring her it is what is required by the industry.

Regan uses many of the same maneuvers I would imagine a child molester would use to get Nina to “comply” with what he call The Final Solution, which is her fellating his 2 inch member to a throbbing 3 incher and stuffing it in her plump vagina like a hamster stuffing Cheetos into its cheeks. He then pulls out and deposits a paltry load on her right thigh. Ever the professional, Regan gives the “cum ecstasy face” as the documentary camera pans to his bloated mug.

Disgusting? Check. Amusing? Double check. Arousing? No fucking way.

Watch if you dare. Keep a barf bag handy just in case.


This clip is slightly more arousing, having big superstar Jasmin St. Claire appearing as… Jasmin St. Claire.

She is talking to sex doll manufacturer Earl Slate about getting her pussy molded. No, I’m not talking about turning her VJ into a penicillin factory, I’m talking about making a realistic plastic recreation of her funbox for all to enjoy.

She then gets on the phone with Rob Black to discuss jumping ship from her previous porn association to rival company Extreme.

This is an interesting movie. It cuts back and forth from “reality” to improvised yet scripted encounters and the results are quite entertaining.
Earl Slate is not really a sex toy manufacturer, but Rob Black is really a multi-award winning director and Jasmin St. Claire is a porn superstar.

I appear in this next segment finally arriving on set after spending 2 1/2 hours in traffic. The director is the late great Jane Waters aka John Keeler and he is not pleased that I am late. All is forgiven though, once I blast a big load all over diva Jasmin St. Claire’s face. You don’t get to see that part though.

Hey, what are you bitchin about? Check out the Regan Senter clip if you want to see the best 3 minutes of hardcore porn excellence ever recorded.

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