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The Ira Isaacs Obscenity Trial Begins; His Former Secretary to Testify Against Him; Obscene Or Not? Judge For Yourself

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Los Angeles- It took two days to weed through questionnaires and panels of 200 prospective jurors to find a qualified jury.

But with eight good men and four women plus alternates [all in their early 30’s to mid Forties], the Ira Isaacs obscenity trial began Wednesday.

Opening statements were read by the government’s attorneys and Roger Jon Diamond, Isaacs’ counsel.

Prosecuting the case are Justice Department attorneys Damon King and Michael Grant.

The government in the case is targeting the movies “Mako’s First Time Scat,” “Hollywood Scat Amateurs #7,” “Hollywood Scat Amateurs #1” and “Japanese Doggie 3 Way.”

Grant delivered the opening statement for the government. Grant described how Isaacs was only in the business of selling the charged movies for financial gain and not for artistic purposes as Isaacs has claimed.

Grant called the movies “depraved depictions of sexual conduct,” and the “best evidence of how obscene the videos actually are.”

The government’s investigation of Isaacs started in 2004 when various agents ordered the charged movies from Isaacs’ websites. The Justice Department contends that Isaacs from at least May 2004 to at least April 14, 2011, operated “a business engaging in the production, distribution, transportation and sale of obscene videos and movies.”

Grant also said that Isaacs’ former secretary would be a prosecution witness.

Defense attorney Diamond argued that no matter what the government says, Isaacs had always been open about his business and had never tried to conceal anything.

Diamond even compared Isaacs’ business of selling “pornography” to the same business being conducted in Porn Valley.

It was noted that Isaacs would take the witness stand to testify on his own behalf. Isaacs who directed the movies would give the jurors some idea of the artistic basis for scatological (“scat”) movies.

Diamond assured the jurors while the movies might be unpleasant to watch they’re not legally obscene.

Isaacs is charged with one count of engaging in the business of producing with intent to sell and distribute obscene matter; one count of knowingly using interstate commerce for the purpose of selling and distributing obscene matter, one count of knowingly using a common carrier to deliver obscene matter in interstate commerce and two counts of knowingly causing obscene matter to be delivered by mail.

Judge George H. King also read the [by now antiquated] instruction on obscenity which sets forth the three “prongs” of the decision in Miller v. California including community standards.

The “community standards” being considered are those of the entire Central District of California, and he warned that jurors should not judge the materials by their own personal standards but should apply the standards of the community.

The government’s first witness was FBI Special Agent James Myrick. Following Myrick’s testimony, which was basically a re-read of what the government had found during its investigation of Isaacs and how it obtained the copies of the movies, the government proceeded to play “Mako’s First Time Scat” for the jury.

In the two-hour movie, Japanese actress Mako talks about her first sexual experiences as well as her first encounter with shit when she was in 11th grade.

She’d look at her older brother’s scat videos and wondered what it would be like to eat it. Since then Mako says she’s eaten the shit of 15 different guys.

During the course of the movie she’s induced to vomit. Then her partner pees in her mouth and pours her own urine over her head.

In another scene, Mako’s ass is fingered then her partner’s fecally covered digits are inserted in her mouth to lick. As Mako begins to shit, her droppings are collected.

The insertion of a syringe then has her expelling brown liquid which is mixed with the solid matter for her to ingest. Her face is then smeared with the remaining portions.

But that’s not all, folks. She’s then fucked in the ass, expels the semen in a champagne glass and is made to drink it.

The trial continues Thursday at 8 a.m. at U.S. District Court in downtown Los Angeles through Friday with the screening of the remaining movies.

With the defense then presenting its arguments the case should be in the hands of the jury by Monday.


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