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The Jeremy/Cole Debates Continue

Alabama- The University of Alabama’s University Programs sponsored a pornography debate that drew response from both pornography’s critics and proponents.

University Programs presented Ron Jeremy vs. Susan G. Cole Wednesday night on the Ferguson Center Plaza and approximately 500 students attended the debate about pornography. The format gave each presenter 12 minutes to present their side of the argument. Then the floor was opened for any student who wanted to ask questions. Cole began by listing the three ways that people typically discredit her side of the argument. First, that they are anti-sex. Secondly, that they are a bunch of Bible-thumping Christians. Finally, they get smart and funny guys like Ron Jeremy to tell the audience that everything is fine. Cole made the point that while she is against pornography, she wants to promote young people to masturbate, “because you’ll never have good sex until you know your own body.” She also does not believe in censorship but that students should be taught in school about sex with open discussions and not just that abstinence is the answer. She said the primary victims of pornography are women and that it is a misconception that the women featured in pornographis movies are naturally hypersexed and ready to be “pimped”. Most of the women are fleeing abusive situations and that pornography is glorified prostitution. Cole pointed-out that modeling, prostitution and porn were the only fields in which women make more money that men, which she believes shows that society thinks women are something to look at but not respect. Also, Cole said that she believes pornography reduces society’s opinion to a single standard of sex and it is not imaginative; it’s an act of enslaving society. Cole believes that when watching porn the audience disconnects with their identity and their feelings. She said that just because watching porn might make someone feel good, it does not mean it is good. She argued that when you meet someone and you connect with them, and you undo everything that porn has taught you then it will feel better than anything ever pictured in pornogrphic videos. Jeremy’s opening statement was that “sex shouldn’t be the only form of sex education.” Jeremy argued that porn helps a lot of couples stay monogamous and that watching porn should not be something someone does everyday. He believes that it should be used as what it is: entertainment. He wanted to clear-up what he perceives as misconceptions that women in the pornagraphy industry are slaves. He believes that they choose their careers, can make money and have lots of success. He added that many women in the pornography industry are becoming millionaires. He pointed to porn stars such as Jenna Jameson and Nina Hartley that now own their own film production companies as potentially good role models for female leadership. He also added that if women want a different role model they can choose Oprah Winfrey or Martha Stewart. Jeremy also added that quite a few porn stars have college degrees, including himself. The event lasted approximately two hours and Ron Jeremy signed autographs on the second floor of the Ferguson Center after the debate. Susan Cole talked with any students who had questions or comments.


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