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The Jewel De’Nyle Trademark Brouhaha

> Jewel De’Nyle posts on ADT: FYI my name Jewel de’Nyle is trademarked and I have all the legal documentation to prove it so anyone using my name without my permission or a signed release by me will find themselves in a lawsuit.

she adds: I have my legal documents here so whatever is being said of my trademark isn’t true as I own my name and my corporation. Jewel De’Nlye Prod. Inc. And I don’t want my name being used on box covers with my mom in them. I will take legal action against anyone who uses my name without my consent or written approval. I think this industry has sunk to a new low when you have to steal someones name and put it on a box to move your pathetic pieces. Anyone who does this will meet me in court as I’m sick and tired of being used and I will put a stop to it no matter what it takes. One person has done this already and since they wern’t aware of the legal aspect I’ve agreed to let them put a sticker over my name. Others won’t be so lucky.

> Bill writes: If that’s the point, you might consider issuing a press release through AVN and the other ‘gossip’ sites.

> Jewel responds: AVN didn’t post my release. I’m sure it’s politics.

she adds: You have to be able to prove you are the name you want to trademark and I own Jewel De’Nyle Prod. Inc. and it was a long process to get ownership of my name.

> Pocketcomb Pimp adds: This is what I like most about porn, NOT! As a fan, in most cases we don’t know what’s behind the scenes. You could be right Kamille, and I like the fact that you prefaced your comments with “Maybe”.

Either way, I find the thread interestung. Seeing as Jewel is the Seed of De’Bella, stating that they are related is a true fact and legalities become complicated.

A playmate sued Playboy a few years back and got a boatload of cash. She had “Playmate of The Year” on ger site and Playboy sues her and shut her site down. They claimed that they owned “Playmate of The Year”.

This single mother was no fool and she counter sued. Not only did she collet a fat check, but “Playmate of The Year” is now plastered all over her site. Here is the rub. Playboy may have coined, or owned the phrase, but that fact that she earned the name entitled her to use it.

I’m not about stirring the pot, especially in family drama, but I can tell you how this shakes down. If it becomes legal, it’s gonna cost everbody and my guess is the two biggest loser will be Mother and Daughter. I see the studios cashing in on this one and the profits will far outweight whatever cost they encur durring a trial, not to mention in this type of case, loser pays legal fees.

I feel you Jewel, but one thing about the law is it’s not about your bark, it’s about knowing where to bite. In this case I see your name as an all you can eat buffet.

> Sara Jay Fan writes: Jewel de’Nyle has every right to sue anyone that uses her name to sell their product. Imagine a customer is scanning the shelves looking for a DVD and they the name “Jewel de’Nyle” catches their eye. The customer proceeds to pick up said DVD only to find that Jewel de’Nyle has nothing to do with the DVD. The production company that plastered Jewel’s name on the box is attempting to profit from Jewel’s name without her consent. Not only is that illegal, it’s unethical.

Jewel de’Nyle worked her ass off to get where she is today both in front of and behind the camera. Her body of work is phenomenal and she has every right to go after anyone that attempts to profit from her name.

> Jewel adds: I own the name Jewel De’Nyle and I assure you that if you use it without my permission you will lose. I sued a company years back for using my name to sell their website and I won a settlement so I assure you I’ve one once I will win again as I have all the proof and legal paperwork I need to make someone’s day turn into a nightmare if they use my name without my permission. For instance do you think Pepsi would sue me if I used them on a box of mine like a girl holding one of their sodas you bet your ass. My name is a product aside of me the person you steal my product I take you to court. You will lose and you won’t have a leg to stand on when I’m done with you and I have the best entertainment attorney around.

she continues: My name can be used in a press release but you cannot print it on your box covers or you will be sued and I can do allot about it. You are printing and distributing my name without permission a name that is owned and a product that is owned by me. Get a clue there is two huge differences between using my name when speaking of my whore mother in a press release and another when you print it to generate money to your product. You print and sell my name you are stealing my product and I will take you down and make you pay.

> Oren from Anarchy Films writes:Trade mark laws are very specific. Yes, Jewel is a public figure, you can mention her name, you can write articles about her, you can even gossip about her, as long as the story is true!!! However, you can never use the trademarked name, to make a profit!!! When you do that, you are subject to pay up to $250,000 in fines. People work really hard and invested lots and lots of money to build a name. No one has the right to use it to make a profit. For example, if someome used Vince Voyuer’s trade mark name to introduce Amy Reed, don’t you think he will sue? In a second.


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