The Legal Hammer Is Coming Down Hard On John Stagliano And Peter Acworth

OK, I’m gonna break from our new format here for just a bit. I’m gonna talk about a coupla porn related topics.

I didn’t say I would never talk about porn again. I said I would only do so when something came up that was worth discussing. Nobody gives a shit about an APAC meeting or anything that spews out of hillbilly Mike South’s squirrel eating piehole. It’s beneath me and quite frankly, it’s fucking boring. But a couple of items came up that I thought were interesting and merited discussion. They concern the two men that I consider the most dangerous men in the adult business, John Stagliano and Peter Acworth.

Yesterday, young Katie Summers did her deposition for her lawsuit against John Stagliano. That’s why The Rob Black Show was not on. The only time available to do it was at 11AM, which is our showtime. John Stagliano did his deposition with Katie’s attorneys today. We’ll keep you apprised of all the new developments in the case of Summers v. Stagliano.

We’ve covered all of the details of the case over the past year, so I’m not gonna keep beating it to death. We’ve told you of the atrocities that he has committed and how he has been exposed and is unable to continue his reckless dangerous behavior. His company Evil Angel is on borrowed time. The person who was keeping it afloat has unfortunately passed and that was Christian Mann. His lost business and the amount of money he is spending on lawsuits will eventually decimate the Evil Empire. The house of cards will come tumbling down.

Just the fact that at yesterday’s deposition Stagliano’s entire team of attorneys were there, led by Paul Cambria, will give you an indication of how much he is spending to defend himself against his horrendous behavior. The deposition yesterday had to have cost him thousands upon thousands of dollars. Flying Cambria in from Buffalo is gonna set Stagliano back more than a few bucks and attorney Mark Hoffman isn’t cheap either. He really is on borrowed time.

You will soon see the demise of Evil Angel. Just like his Buttman magazine which ceased publishing this year. They tried to say that they stopped the magazine to make room for their new Evil Angel clothing line, but you will see that they do not have anything except a fragile company that they are clinging on to but will not survive.

That’s what is going on with John Stagliano and Evil Angel. You can go back and read some of the old articles and refamiliarize yourself with the story, but I’m not gonna keep beating this dead horse. They’re done. I’ll let you all know what happens with the case.

Another story going on in the porn world that I thought was interesting was about’s Peter Acworth. This is definitely a case of Rob Black told ya so.

For those of you who don’t know, is a company that produces ultra hardcore BDSM movies. Bondage mixed with sex, which for years has been a no no in the porn arena. Women in movies have been beaten so severely that some have required hospitalization. The owner Peter Acworth was arrested on cocaine charges after impeding a police investigation of gunfire at the historic San Francisco Armory, which he purchased in 2007 and turned into a den of depravity. The Armory is where all of the sadistic abuse is filmed for

Peter Acworth has been very defiant about the upcoming condom legislation in California. His defiance of following workplace safety regulations has resulted in being investigated and fined by Cal/OSHA to the tune of $78,000 dollars. He made a video that was posted on YouTube where he flaunted shooting in Las Vegas and thumbed his nose at California authorities. He said that it was wide open in Vegas and that they don’t care what you do. He said that he and other producers were going to move to Las Vegas to escape pending condom legislation.

I told everybody that this individual was painting a big fat target not only on his back, but on the backs of all of the other producers who are quietly shooting in Vegas. I told everybody that people like Assemblyman Isadore Hall and AIDS Healthcare president Michael Weinstein would not take lightly to being challenged.

Well, lo and behold, Peter Acworth and have just been slapped with a Nevada OSHA complaint filed by AIDS Healthcare Foundation. AHF and Michael Weinstein did exactly what I said they would do. AHF is a worldwide organization. They bring in hundreds of millions of dollars in grants, government funding and private donations. They are bigger than just a few homosexuals running a chain of Out of the Closet thrift shops. People seem to forget that AIDS Healthcare Foundation is global. They are not gonna have some English asshole who makes millions beating women senseless thumbing his nose at them and telling the world that Las Vegas doesn’t care about safety standards and everybody can come down and not worry about prosecution or health regulations.

There are people who say that health officials don’t have the time or resources to investigate every movie or website without condoms. That may be true, but they will investigate some and those will be made examples of. It’s called selective prosecution. Certain individuals and companies are picked out depending on which cases will have the most impact. It happened to me, to Max Hardcore and to old timers like Russ Hampshire. Most of the time it is someone who is high profile or someone who calls attention to themselves. I could be accused of doing things similar to what Peter Acworth is doing, opening my mouth and challenging the powers that be. The difference is my case was about obscenity, which is very subjective. Something may be obscene to one person and not the other and a movie is only declared obscene after a jury finds it to be so. I didn’t challenge the government on something I could not possibly win. You can’t challenge OSHA and say that shooting ejaculate onto another person or into their orifices is not a health risk.

So Peter Acworth is now under investigation by Nevada OSHA officials because of his big mouth and AIDS Healthcare Foundation filing a complaint. His response was to bring up an audit of AHF for overbilling and say they are using OSHA to draw attention away from their own investigation. Acworth didn’t address his wrongdoing, he just said that AHF was doing something wrong and the only reason they filed the complaint against him was to deflect the spotlight away from them. Goodbye and goodnight.

Peter Acworth was asking for this. He got exactly what he wanted. We told everybody the day he released his YouTube video that it would draw heat from officials and that is exactly what happened. It drew heat not only for him, but for everybody else who is shooting in Vegas. For that, Peter Acworth should be banished from the adult business.

It’s funny when people like Acworth say that the health laws were not written to be applied to the adult business. It’s amusing because that is exactly the argument that people who oppose porn use to say that the First Amendment doesn’t protect obscenity and it wasn’t written to be applied to the making of pornography. They say the First Amendment wasn’t written to protect a 15 man gang bang and we say, “Oh yes it was!” We say that the First Amendment protects all speech and the forefathers intended it to be used to protect all speech and that includes pornography. The people in our business use that argument, but when you talk about health and safety and the laws used to go after us by AHF and legislators that were written for hospitals, we say that the laws weren’t intended to be used in the making of a movie. They were intended to be used for hospitals, but they are laws. They are on the books. You can’t say they can’t be applied to the adult business anymore than you can say the First Amendment can’t be applied to porn.

All of this could’ve been avoided. Michael Weinstein used to work with the adult business. Thanks to people like Diane Duke and Peter Acworth, Weinstein and his multi-million dollar worldwide organization are now our adversary.

So everybody give a big round of applause to Peter Acworth and his big mouth. Everyone thank Peter Acworth for fucking it up. Because of him, Michael Weinstein and AIDS Healthcare Foundation will have their sights set on any company in Las Vegas who sticks their head up. If you think that they are not gonna go after other companies, you are sadly mistaken. I’ve already said I told you so once. I will say it again when the time comes and that time will be soon.

Thanks Pete.

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