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The Love Witch – From the Arrow Collection; a Review

According to IMDB, Harry Reems has worked under a number of other pseudonyms including Bruce Gilchrist, Richard Hurt, Joe Libido, Peter Long, Tim Long, Harry Reams, Harry Reemes, Ned Reems, Harry Rheems, Herb Streecher, Herbert Streicher, Herb Streicher, Herb Stryker and Bob Walters.

Here in this Seventies film-within-a-film, The Love Witch from the Arrow collection,;, Reems pretty much plays as many characters.

The premise is certainly clever. A movie titled The Love Witch, the name of a boat, is on trial for obscenity, and Reems is the judge, bailiff, prosecutor and defense attorney [clever piece of editing], playing it broadly to a jury of cartoon faces. Interestingly, the courtroom shtick presages Reems’ own legal problems where he was subsequently dragged in on obscenity charges.

The film, hence, is shown to the judge, and it’s landmark porn for its time. Lensed probably in Miami, the action is on a yacht full of beautiful, naked women with two buddies having a getaway weekend orgy of ass.

Whoever lensed this picture [great underwater coupling sequences] certainly has an appreciation for the female posterior, and one of the crew is a dead-on Pamela Anderson. [You’ll recognize her- she’s the one with the blue star pasted between her breasts.]

There’s one particularly stirling moment- a lesbo scene where one girl’s on her knees eating the other while one of the budies slips in, plants it in her ass and cums on her cheeks- all within seconds. No fuss, no muss, just great porn. Actually The Love Witch plays more like a T&A flick with a bright sunny day and some serious hardcore.

As you mighty expect, the judge tosses the case, but the real decision or not is determining whether Al Goldstein appears in the film. Certainly some websites list him in the credits.


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