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The Marriage of Kinsie Jo, Veronica Rayne…

Porn Valley- Bisexual Britni writes: As hearts grow and minds open, there are an increasing amount of polyamorous relationships sprouting up in the most unexpected places. It’s such a prevalent topic that it’s been discussed in the news, in documentaries, mainstream movies, porn flicks, and even in a now well-known HBO Series, Big Love. I found yet another fellow polyamorist here in my very own pornographic back yard. Super Starlet Veronica Rayne, Hot Porn Stud Jack Vegas, and Platinum Princess Kinsey Jo are piled deliciously in a saliva-inspiring sundae of lust and sexuality. It’s topped off by a gentle layer of creamy dedication, with the cherry of friendship crowning the delectable masterpiece of carnal desire. And here is their story. BB: So how does your relationship work?

VR: Well, we’re basically a big family. I’m Jack’s wife and then Kinsey came into our family and she’s… well, it’s not really a girlfriend role, but it’s more like adding another partner to the family. We’re very respectful of each other. We don’t share each other’s beds. Me and Jack have our bedroom, and Kinsey and Jack have their own private time in Kinsey’s bedroom. We’re never a threesome; we don’t cross that line. And what they do in Kinsey’s bedroom is private and what we do in our bedroom is private.

[Their relationship is known, in the poly community, as a “King V”, where two people who are unromantic with one another have a common relationship with one man. One king and two queens gives your cheeks a royal flush.]

VR: But we do discuss everything as a family, if there’s something going on in the house, or there’s a situation in the house, we discuss it as a partnership, as a threesome, and we never make a decision without all of us present. It’s never just me, it’s never just Jack, it’s never just Kinsey. Everything’s discussed and if one of us is just absolutely against it, it’s just not going to happen.

BB: So, Kinsey, you and Veronica don’t get together?

KJ: No, I don’t like girls.

BB: You don’t like girls at all? You’re not bi?

KJ: Not really… but she’s like a sister to me, so that wouldn’t be right. We shot together once, though. It was “Couples Seducing Teens”.

VR: It was oral between us, and then a male performer fucked her and then fucked me.

BB: Who was the lucky male performer?

VR: Joe Friday.

BB: How long ago was Kinsey introduced into your marriage?

JV: I think it all started with Kinsey in May; she’d moved in in April, so it’s been about two months or so.

BB: And how long have you two (Veronica and Jack) been together?

VR: Eight years next april.

BB: Do you guys date anyone outside of this small circle?

VR: Nope.

JV: Nope.

KJ: Nope.

VR: Kinsey is open to have a boyfriend if the guy is a good guy. But…

KJ: We have to vote on that one.

VR: Yeah, we’d have to vote on that one. That one is definitely up to a vote, he has to meet me and Jack.

BB: Do you and Jack usually work together, Veronica?

JV: Not if we can help it.

VR: We’ve done like maybe… out of my 82 total films, we’ve only shot together maybe seven times. I’d say two out of the seven times were really great and then the other five were…

BB: What were the two great ones?

VR: “Cum in My Mouth and I’ll Spit It Back In Yours #5” and there was one simple boy/girl for Velvet Ecstasy, it was an anal shoot, was REALLY good, and a very recent content shoot for my upcoming website, an anal shoot, went REALLY well. That was like, last week. It’s not that it’s not good, it’s just too personal and we’re not as agressive and we’re not as… crazy? I dunno, we’re just very different when we shoot with other people.

BB: How about Kinsey? Do you and Jack work together?

JV: We have. We’ve done a couple of handjob shoots, and yesterday’s debaucle. Besides that… (asks Kinsey) Have we shot anything else? One other thing on the 18th for the site, but that’s it.

BB: Is it good?

JV: Yeah, it’s always good, but it’s different from Veronica and I. Well, it’s new, and Veronica and I have already established… like things you get into when you’re in a long relationship. But with Kinsey it’s so new that we’re still feeling it out.

BB: How old are you all?

KJ: 20.

JV: 31, almost 32.

VR: 24.

BB: Are you guys planning on having kids or anything?

JV: Was that in the list of questions? I don’t remember seeing that one.

VR: That one is up for debate. I have a really hard time conceiving and at this point and time I don’t think that it would be right to bring children into this family.

JV: I shoot blanks.

VR: Yeah, well, I just think that 100 out of a thousand are potent, and I just haven’t had that hundred. But, if anything, I think I might go overseas to maybe Italy and adopt. Like in about five years, when I’m financially and emotionally ready. We have like five dogs, and when they bark I get REALLY annoyed, so I can’t even imagine a baby crying at two in the morning.

BB: Well, don’t worry, it’s completely different than you think it is.

VR: I just like my time, and I like our time together, you know, we’re able to hop in the car tomorrow and go to Vegas, not really thinking about anybody else but ourselves.

BB: How about you, Kinsey, you wanna have kids?

KJ: Eventually… I really love kids, but I’m not going to have any anytime soon, though.

BB: Do you think you would have them with Jack or with some other guy?

KJ: (Pause)… Some other guy. Some day when I get married.

BB: Planning on getting married? Is that what you’re looking for?

KJ: Eventually, before I die.

VR: But, I mean, if she ever did get pregnant by Jack, it would be… very weird, but it would be okay. I mean, we would just bring the child into the family and we would deal with it.

KJ: They just wouldn’t throw me out…

VR: Yeah, we wouldn’t throw her out on the streets, though it would probably very awkward, and I’m not saying it would be unemotional for me, but we would just handle it. And we’d bring the baby into the family and that would be it.

BB: So you guys are all together, but you have separate relationships within this one big relationship, and you guys (Kinsey and Veronica) are more friends than you are “together”, and it’s just like a big, happy family.

KJ: Yeah.

JV: Yeah, like a little happy family.

VR: Yeah, like the little fights that we have, we get angry at each other, and we deal with it as a family, and try to work things out as they come. It’s never like, I’m fighting with you so now I hate you and I’m moving out. We try to confront our problems and the issues that come up, together. We get mad, we slam the door, but then we go back and we talk. You don’t stop loving each other or move out because you have a fight.

BB: So who would you say, Jack, has the most say in the relationship?

JV: (Kinsey and Jack both point to Veronica simultaneously) Veronica.

BB: Who gets the number two spot?

JV: Well, I don’t think either one of us is…. yeah, there’s no point in competing for second place, we just throw up our hands. It’s just… (pauses, looks into Veronica’s eyes, Veronica looks back assertively) yeah. (Everyone laughs.)

VR: Well, I try to be fair though.

JV: I think it’s more important to you to be in control than it is for me or Kinsey.

KJ: It’s not exactly control… but if Veronica wasn’t in charge, I don’t know what the hell we’d be doing. There would be no organization at all.

JV: Yeah, it’d be anarchy.

VR: It’s not a control thing its… as far as Kinsey goes, I have some life experience on her, and as far as Jack goes… he’s very responsible when it comes to some things and very irresponsible when it comes to others. And as the head of the household in a family, you have to be responsible for EVERYTHING. It’s not always fun…

JV: But you like it.

VR: But it has to be done. Someone has to take charge of the family or the family won’t have direction.

BB: So what are your future plans for porn? Do you have anything coming up?

VR: I already have a website being launched the first week in August,, so I think that’s going to go really, really well. I went independent about a month ago, and that seems to be doing really well. I wanna do my site for the next one to two years and then in the interum and right after, I was going to take my money and invest it in opening a resteraunt and bar, as I’ve always dreamed of doing. I have no idea if it’s going to be in the states; it might be in Europe or in the islands. I have some ideas and it’s all about money and investing and planning. I can be booked at

JV: It was always the plan before you even got into porn, you worked in nightclubs and that was always the overall goal, so working in porn now is her stepping stone to making it all happen.

BB: How about you, Jack?

JV: Well, I had a few things I was thinking about, but they’re all tentative and nothing is set just yet. Right now, nobody wants to see Jack Vegas, they wanna see Veronica Rayne and Kinsey Jo, so, we’ll see what happens. Maybe a website, who knows?

KJ: I have two websites coming up in August, and and those hopefully will give me a good name in porn because I wanna have a big name, I want everyone to know who I am. And I’m also going to college; I’m starting at the Kitchen Academy to become a chef and eventually help with Veronica’s dream to own a resteraunt and I’d actually like to put together a whole resort.

BB: So all three of you are going in together on this resteraunt idea?

VR: Yeah.

KJ: Yeah.

JV: Definitely.

BB: So what’s HE gonna do? (points to Jack)(Everyone laughs)

KJ: He’s gonna sit back and put his arms around his two girls.


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