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The Max Hardcore Home Invasion

For those new to the industry, they might not be aware of who Scotty Schwartz is. Schwartz was a child actor, and is probably best known for his part in the film Christmas Story. He’s the kid whose tongue gets frozen to a pole. Schwartz later got involved in the adult industry, appeared in some porn movies and worked as an agent for awhile.

About eight years ago, Schwartz and Max Hardcore got into words over some girl named Chloe Adams who Schwartz might represent. And it resulted in Max paying a visit to Schwartz’s house on a Sunday night to put the fear of God in him. Schwartz at the time commented:

“Max Hardcore called me this morning about a new girl that I had just met on Thursday at a Jim Powers shoot,” Schwartz explained.

“Her name is Chloe Adams. She is a very nice, cute 19 year old. She came to me because she was with Regan Senter and was not happy with the kind of work she was getting… ( side note: Anastasia Blue had talked to her at CES about comming with me, I did not meet her till this past thurs).

“After meeting with her, she decided to leave Regan and come and work with me. Here’s where Max comes in. He called me this morning to tell me not to book this girl any work, help her in any way, leave her at his disposal. I said that it was none of his business and that if anyone had a beef it would be Regan.”

“He asked me if that was my final answer, and I said yes, he then hung up on me. Again, this was 11 ish this morning. Now, this evening at approx 9 pm, I got a knock at the door. I thought it was Anastasia, who probably had forgotten her key, it wasn’t, it was Max, his brother and his camera guy Ray.

“Max and his brother barged in, closing the door behind them. Ray stayed outside. He then preceded to ask me questions about this new girl, how I got her number, etc.. I told him that I spoke to her on Thurs and he didn’t believe me. He thought I spoke to her in Vegas, which simply isn’t true.

“Max had been drinking because I could see the glaze in his eyes, and I know what he looks like when he’s drinking. He came at me, at which time I got out of the chair that I was sitting in, and rose up. I told him the exact chain of events and he wasn’t happy about it.

“Max then backed me up to the wall like he was going to hit me. We had a few words, and he then went to the door and locked the bolt. He came back at me said, ‘This is the first and friendly visit. When I come back the next time, it won’t be friendly.’

“Max then turned and walked away and out of my place a few feet. I said, ‘You come to my home and threaten me? Are you crazy? Hey, I know where you live as well.’

“He turned back at me then walked away. It took Max himself, his brother and a lookout to take care of this… Can you believe it? I think not. I have already taken the legal steps to make sure this doesn’t happen again. That’s all I will say. I would like everyone in the business to know what kind of person Max…AKA Paul Little is.

“He has never been one of the important people in this business, he’s just someone who takes advantage of girls, spits on them, pee’s on them, calls them whores, c.n.ts ( sorry I don’t like that word) etc… Alot of the unwelcomed attention from the various law enforcement agencies is due to the type of material that Max..aka Paul produces. Also, please let everyone know about this matter.” Sincerely, Scott Schwartz.

Max’s comment to the whole episode was that he didn’t comment on “business matters.”

When Schwartz read that, he added the following:

“He doesn’t comment on non-professional manners? Give me a fucking break Here’s what created it. There’s a newer girl, Chloe Adams. I didn’t see her at the CES show. He [Max] thought I did. That’s what this big fight is all about in his eyes, that I talked to her when she was a Max girl. I said no. I didn’t know that she was alive until Thursday [of last week]. I met her at a Jim Lane shoot.

“He [Max] was livid. I mean livid. I could see the veins on his neck and he was getting frustrated because I wasn’t giving him the answers he wanted. I was telling him the truth but it wasn’t the answers he wanted. Funny, my AVN award was standing right in front of where he was. I thought he was going to grab it and fucking throw it at me. He was just PISSED off. After me telling him that I didn’t know this girl he goes, ‘Well, I saw your number on her pager.’ I said it wasn’t me. I thought to myself, I don’t even have a pager number on this girl. Just her house number.

“When he walked in, Dominic [Acerra] was walking out. I say to Dominic, I think you should stay, don’t go anywhere. Dominic looks at me and goes, “I’ll be right back.’ He walks out to get a pizza.

“Max was here, him, his brother and Ray the camera guy. Ray was not happy with the whole thing being forced to come here”

The whole matter subsequently blew over as all porn feuds generally do.


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