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Porn Valley- The Roxetta drama continued on KSEX Monday night. Wankus reported that he had spoken to Roxetta earlier in the day after a call-in to his show last week in which she alleged that Mickey G. was trying to kill her with a meat cleaver.

“You missed Friday’s show,” Wankus announced. “We had very strange call come in from porn star Roxetta. She’s quite an interesting character. I guess she was with Mickey G. for awhile. Supposedly they had a falling out, obviously. She called Friday with all kinds of shit. She was saying that Mickey G. showed up at her house all high on crystal. He dropped his meth pipe. He was chasing her with a butcher knife. She was saying that he had battery acid and that he threw it at her new man and he blinded him. She made some fuckin’ crazy allegations.”

Wankus said he had a half-hour of tape from the Monday phone conversation.

“This is some major shit,” Wankus continued. “Mickey G. is an AVN hall of famer. This guy has been around.”

Wankus played some of the tape. Roxetta says the following in some excerpts from that tape.

“I don’t know what he’s up to,” Roxetta is heard to say. “He’s lurking around and trying to spy on me or something. He says that he really really needs that passport. I don’t want to give it to him because as soon as he gets it he’s got some kind of friends or something. I don’t know what he’s planning on doing. He’s going to leave the country and he won’t be caught. Then part of me doesn’t want him to be caught. Part of me wants him to be able to go on with his life because I feel responsible for the whole matter. But he’s emotional and he’s a wreck.”

Roxetta said that Mickey worked as a medic so it was crazy that he would turn the other way and start harming people.

“Now he’s on the loose and I’m scared to death and want to get out of town,” she continued. “I want to get a plane out tonight and want to get away for awhile because he is very much capable of murder.

“I told him do you know for the rest of Ken’s life [Roxetta’s new boyfriend] he’s not going to be able to see out of his eye,” Roxetta continued. “He said my eye is like that too. But I said you caused this. What were you thinking? He said I was on crystal meth and everything.”

Roxetta said she was so confused and scared by the incident.

“He’s gone crazy.” Roxetta said the reason she broke up with Mickey was the fact that he was growing marijuana plants on the balcony and caused her to get arrested for a felony.

“I went to jail,” she pointed out. “I was charged with a felony and I told him your kind of lifestyle I don’t want to deal with. I broke up with him. I had another boyfriend – he decided he was not going to let me go. And so he decided he wanted to kill the guy. I think he’s lost his gourd. He’s been taking a lot of crystal meth or something. When he came in to murder Ken, he threw his pipe on the floor. The neighbors saw too, so my testimony doesn’t even matter. You can cross it right off. It’s not like I’m messing myself up or anything or messing anyone else up by saying anything. I’m just telling everybody how he is. He gets really emotional and tries to hang himself in the closet when he’s upset and everything. It’s just over little things. For no reason at all he’ll try to kill himself. Then he started growing all these weed plants- this forest out on my balcony, telling me it was legal then getting me arrested like that.

“I don’t want that kind of lifestyle,” Roxetta went on to say.

Wankus said that was four minutes of the conversation and that she told him Mickey was living within her walls, and watching her have sex.

“After more details came all out- he was in the other room and he had cut holes in the wall,” Wankus explained. He asked Roxetta why a man with a butcher knife, presumably trying to use it, would be allowed in the house, watching her having sex. Her answer was that she felt bad and let him stay.

“Then she said her and her man listened to him jerking off watching because they could hear him go, ooh, ooh, wah.” According to what Roxetta told Wankus, she claimed her man Ken was going to get a glass eye.

“Wouldn’t he [Mickey G.] be in jail?” co-host Rebecca Love wanted to know.

“Supposedly he’s on the run- he’s armed and dangerous,” Wankus replied. “Be aware of that. Guys always been pretty cool to me but if he’s hittin’ the pipe, who the hell knows what state of mind he’s in.”

Wankus then made a public call out, “I lost contact with Mickey after I took a break from Porn Star Karaoke. Anyone knows how I can reach him, I’d love to get his side of the story.”

E-Mail Mickey contact info to [email protected].


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