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The Mother-Daughter Sexxxtons on Howard Stern This Past Week

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from – Howard said that they have The Sexxxtons coming in now. Howard said they listened to their mother/daughter porn clips earlier in the show. Howard said he likes the plot of their movie where the mom walks in and finds the daughter having sex. Robin said it could be the other way around too.

Howard asked if they will ever write anything different. Monica, the daughter, said that’s what their fans like. Howard said the mom, Jessica, is always shocked by what’s going on in her room. Howard said she has to be careful legally when they do the porn.

Howard asked what the law is. Monica said that they can’t have genital to genital contact. She said they don’t want to have that kind of contact so they won’t do it. Howard asked if they would ever do anything together. They said they have been offered a lot of money to do that but they won’t do it.

Howard asked what it would take to get them to finger each other and make out a bit. Monica said there is no price. She said they’ve been offered $250,000 to be with each other out of country. She said it was in Italy. She said that was just a private thing. Howard asked if they would tongue kiss for a million dollars. they said no. Monica said their relationship is more important. She said that everyone fucks and that’s normal but kissing her isn’t normal.

Howard asked if she would lick her mother’s asshole. Monica said no way to that. She said she has seen her mom’s asshole but she would never do that.

Howard asked Monica and Jessica about how this all happened. He said that they have done over 40 films. He said they will blow the same guy but not at the same time. Monica said they have done that but the dick has to be really big so they can be at different ends working on it. Howard said they’d be too close if they were working on his cock. Monica said that she’s fine as long as her mom’s spit isn’t near her.

Howard said that Jessica’s husband left her when the kids were young. Howard said he was taking a wild guess at that and he was right. Howard said he must not have given her child support. She said that’s right too. Howard asked where she met this guy. Jessica said that he was a blind date. Some family set her up on the date. Howard asked if she fell in love. She said she drank too much and had sex when she shouldn’t have. That led to Monica being born. Jessica said she never married the guy. Monica said that she met her dad once and he was an asshole.

Howard said he heard the guy is such a douche that when they went after him for child support he moved home instead of paying. Monica said he was going to take her to his place. She was about 16 at the time. She hadn’t been in school for 2 years because she was working and being home schooled. Howard said he heard that he took her on a drive and started yelling at her.

Monica said she said the word ”fuck” in front of a teacher and her dad picked her up and he started yelling and screaming at her. She said she didn’t even know the guy and he’s yelling at her. Monica said he kicked her out of the car and left her alone 2 miles from her house not knowing where she was. Monica said that she’s showing him how dirty her mouth is now.

Howard said Monica dropped out of school in 9th grade. She said they were having some hard times so she had to. Howard asked if Jessica asked her not to do that. She said she didn’t. Jessica said Monica was doing phone sex at 18. Monica said one of the girls was so fat that she needed 2 seats. Monica said she was good at the job.

Howard said both of these women are attractive but it’s the oddest thing. Howard said it’s a mom and daughter doing porno. Howard said there must not be that many out there.

Howard asked what mom did for a living. Jessica said she was bar tending. Howard asked if she dated. She said she did but it wasn’t anything crazy. Monica said she was dating at 12. Howard asked if Jessica did anything about that. She said she didn’t know what was going on. Monica said she dated a guy who was 21 when she was 12. She said that he was shorter than her and she told her mom that he was only 15.

Howard asked Monica how she knew about sex. She said she knew it from TV and from her friends. She said she was molested as a child too. She said that she told her mom about that and they took care of the situation. Monica said she was fondled. Jessica said they got her uncles and they paid him a visit. Monica said that they had a nice talk with him. It was street justice. Jessica said the cops won’t do anything about it. Howard asked where they bury a guy like that. Monica said the guy is still alive but limping. Howard said he likes that. He said that’s a good movie so he might option that.

Howard said Monica was dating a 21 year old at 12. Howard asked if she stays in touch with the guy. She said she know where he is. She said he introduced her to pot and cocaine. She said she didn’t like anything but weed. She said that’s all she ever does. She said that he knew she was only 12 too. Howard asked if she had boobs and had her period. She said she was developed by then.

Jessica said she found out and got a restraining order on him. Howard said it sounds like Jessica was doing all the right things and they still ended up doing porn. Monica said there’s nothing wrong with doing porn. She said she has never been addicted to drugs or been to jail. She said she has never done anything bad. She said she thanks her mom for that and she thinks that this is fine.

Howard said this can’t be what she dreamed of her daughter doing. Jessica said when you’re at a point and you don’t have a lot of money you will do just about anything to make a living. She said she figured out that this was safe and a good way to make a living.

Howard said that Monica did a mercy fuck with an 80 year old. She was 19 at the time. Howard said this guy was dying of cancer and she fucked the guy. Howard said she’s really out there. Monica said he was so nice and sweet. She said she’s very sexual and a nudist.

She said that she would be naked now if she could. Howard asked why she can’t. She said it’s freezing in there. Monica said she loves being nude. Howard asked why that is. She said that it could be a power thing with her. She said she’s in charge and in control. She said she’s the dominant one at home. She said that she was very rebellious as a child too. She said she could have just left if her mom made her wear clothes.

Howard said Jessica decided to either join in or lose her. Jessica said that’s sort of the way it worked. She said that she learned how to handle her daughter. She said you can’t tell her what to do but you can kind of guide her in what to do.

Howard asked about the 80 year old and how he knew he was dying and wished that he could fuck her. Monica said that’s sort of the way it was. She said he didn’t say he wanted her in bed but he asked if she would spend an evening with her. She said it was much more graceful than that. She said she felt so bad and she cared about him and trusted him. Howard asked if she went to his home or the hospital. She said he was at home. She said she didn’t take any kind of payment for that. She said that his dick didn’t get hard and he didn’t cum but she tried.

Monica said she had a dinner thing set up so they did that. Howard asked if he asked her to go to bed after that. She said they did. She said she snuggled up close with him and made out with him. Howard asked if she talked dirty to him. She said she’s not good at that. She said she’s got conversational skills but not sex talk. She said that she was a phone sex operator and she wasn’t all that good at it.

Howard asked Monica if she wanted to make the guy’s last moments on earth good. She said she did. She said he had cancer everywhere. She said it was spewing out of his ears. She was laughing while she told the story. Monica said she had a lot of clothes on so she unbuttoned and unzipped and untied. Howard asked if she got nude. She said she kept her shoes on. She took his clothes off because he wasn’t that mobile.

Howard asked if he had pubes. She said he had some Asian woman shave him before this. She said it was all clean and it was like playing with a piece of putty. She said he didn’t get to stick it in or anything. She said he never got hard. She said she performed fellatio on him and it was like lobster.

Howard asked how long she did it. She said she did it until he told her to come lay with him. Howard asked if he left her anything in the will. She said she asked him not to do that when he offered. Howard said she’s a saint.

Howard asked Monica if she’ll let a man go from his mom into her. She said he has to shower first. Jessica said she requires that as well. She said they have to clean up before going from one to the other. Howard said there are rules. Robin said she didn’t know where the line was. Jessica said it’s the magic of editing.

Howard asked Monica about how she got into this porn thing. She said her mom went first. She said that they both did porn for years before they did it together. Monica said she was the one who got her mom into the business. Howard asked how she did that. Monica said they had money problems and they were going to lose their home if they didn’t get work. She said they hired her mom to do porn first. She said that the phone sex job paid well but she lost the job because she didn’t have a car.

Howard said he is impressed with their acting skills. He said they’re much better than a lot of porn actors. Monica said she’s good but her mom isn’t quite as good. Howard said he has a clip where Jessica’s character is fucking her daughter’s boyfriend. Howard played the clip and said this is the work of the Sexxxtons.

Howard had played this clip earlier in the morning. Howard said it’s a good premise. Monica said that most of the scenes are where they join in but this one they didn’t. She said this was a little more realistic. She said that’s one that she directed. Howard asked if she wants to direct. Monica said she would like to do that. She doesn’t think she’ll get a job in Hollywood though.

Howard said that they’ve gotten so famous they were on Anderson Cooper. Howard said he heard it went horribly wrong. Monica said it wasn’t horrible but they had some comedian, one of the Wayans brothers, and he was attacking them. She said that he had some slick shit to say and they shot him down. Monica said that he accused her producer of being a pimp. She said that she owns her producer so that’s not what’s going on.

Howard said it sounds like a vicious kind of thing. Monica said they were able to hold their own. Robin asked what Anderson Cooper did. Monica said he was hiding out in the audience and not letting her talk. She said she had to raise her hand and ask to speak.

Howard asked what the game plan is. He asked if they want to retire eventually. Monica said they’re going to shoot porn forever. Howard asked Monica if she’s capable of loving a man. She said she doesn’t think she is. She said that she’s jaded. She said that she has had guys in the industry who have issues and they’re not porn related. Howard asked her to finish the line ”Being with a man only leads to…” and Monica said ”hell.”

Howard asked Monica if she’s into women. She said she can fuck them but not love them. Howard asked if Jessica misses being in a relationship. She said she doesn’t. She said she has a great time doing what she’s doing.

Howard asked if he could hire them to fuck him. Jessica said that’s illegal and she won’t do that. She said she has to have signed releases and stuff. Howard said he could get cameras and a release to sign. Jessica said as long as it’s legal then it’s fine.

Howard asked about Monica’s brother and if he’ll do scenes with them. She said that he won’t do that. She said that he’s gross and he has hair growing out of places that she doesn’t want to see. She said that he’s a virgin and they don’t want him to be on camera losing that. Monica said that he’s only 19.

Howard asked if Jessica would do a scene with him in the same room. Jessica said no. She said women are more open with each other than a mother and son. She said it’s different. Howard asked if they would do it for half a million dollars. Monica said she doesn’t know about that. She said if he’s in the background and she doesn’t have to see him then maybe. She said that he’s seen them naked because she’s a nudist in the house.

Howard asked if the brother, John or Luke depending on who you ask, is a nudist. They said he is not. Howard asked if they have been asked to do a reality show. They said that they were asked by Anderson Cooper’s people to do that. Howard said they can’t trust them because of the way they were treated on that show. Howard said they’ll turn them into Honey Boo Boo. Monica said that’s a disgusting family there.

Howard asked if there are any negatives to the industry. Jessica said the biggest one is that it’s not accepted by the public. Howard asked if they’re shunned by their neighbors. They said absolutely not. They said you can see their stuff at

Howard asked if they’re millionaires. Monica said not yet but they’re close. Howard asked if they have enough to get their hands on $500,000 right now. They said no. Howard asked how long it’ll take to get there.

Monica said it might take a couple of years. Howard asked what he’d have to pay to get them in a porn. Monica said that she would get about 2 grand and her mom about 1500. She said they can make a lot from the web site. She said they can make 30,000 a month easily. Monica said they’re getting ready to set up a web cam thing on their web site too.

Howard asked what they would do on the web cam. He asked if they’ll be naked. Jessica said that they’re not sure yet. They haven’t done it yet. Monica said that they won’t do sex on the web cam. They will have members sign up on the site and they’ll get to talk to them live.

Howard asked about how many people subscribe to their site. Monica said she’s not sure. She said they have over 1000. She said that their producer would know the numbers. Howard asked how many they had last time they checked. Monica said it was like 15,000 the last time they checked. She said that they charge $25 a month.

Howard asked what Jessica’s mother thinks about this. She said that she thinks it’s great. Monica said she’s senile though.

Howard asked Jessica if she ever thinks about taking it in the ass and thinking it’s weird to see her daughter doing it too. Jessica said that they both enjoy it and they’re able to pay their bills. Monica said they just laugh and smile and talk about how much fun they had doing it. She said they both made 5 grand and they’re just laughing about it.

Monica said she lucked out with her mom. She said she’s the best and she’s always been there for her in a way no one else has. Howard asked if she’s shocked at what she sees her mom doing. She said she was surprised the first time but not anymore. She said it’s amazing how much her mom can take in her too.

Howard asked if Monica has to tell her mom what to do. She said she has had to tell her how to do it for the cameras. She said her mom is good at looking in the camera while she’s jacking a guy off. She said that she can keep her body in a good position too. Monica said her mom is coordinated but not as coordinated as she is.

Howard asked Jessica if she has ever worried about her daughter. She said she has worried but she wouldn’t stop the filming or anything. Monica said she can take care of herself.

Howard asked if they’ve ever had anal and had doody come out. The girls said that they prepare before they do that. Monica said she’s a pro.

Howard asked if they ever get together with the guys they work with on film. They said they only work with them and don’t do anything off the set.

Howard asked Jessica how much longer she’s going to do this. Monica said that she thinks another 5 years with her mom and then she’ll retire her mom.

Howard gave the girls a plug for their web site and then took a call. The caller asked if they would do an ATM from one ass to the other. Monica said no way to that. The caller also said he’d like to hear them on the Sybian.

Howard said he had their father on the phone. He had someone on the phone with audio of Alec Baldwin yelling at his daughter. Monica knew that it was recorded. She said that they listen to the show and they know how things work. She said that they loved the ”TOPLESS” thing that Ronnie did.

Howard asked if Monica listened to them when she was growing up. She said she actually did. Howard said ”Uh oh…” He asked how old she was when she stared listening. She said she’s not sure. She said she would just hear it here and there.

Howard asked who Monica voted for. She said she didn’t vote. Jessica said she didn’t vote but she is registered. She said she didn’t know which one to vote for anyway. Howard said you’d think that they’d go for Obama since it seems like he’d be friendlier to the porn industry. Howard said he supports abortion too. Monica said she had one and she wishes she hadn’t. She said she thought she was going to be broke forever and never thought she was going to be able to support a kid. She said if it happened again she’d either keep it or give it up for adoption.

Howard said they could talk all day. He asked Robin what they learned. They went over a few things they found out today during the interview.

Howard took a call from a guy who said the internet says that Monica had her anus tattooed. She said she didn’t do that. Howard asked if she has bleached her asshole. She said she hasn’t done that either. Howard asked if she watches her scenes. Jessica said they don’t like to watch themselves. Howard said that Monica did say that she doesn’t know her angles so she should watch. Monica said she watches some porn but not necessarily herself.

Howard took a call from a guy who suggested a scene for the girls. He said that the husband could get mad at them for spending too much on the credit card and he has to spank both of them. Monica said that they can’t spank because that’s too intimate for the two of them. They said that they don’t want to do things like that. Howard asked how long it takes to make a porno. Monica said that it takes about 3 hours but then there’s editing.

Howard asked who their inspiration is. Monica didn’t know the name of the woman she was thinking of. She said she was very professional. Howard said maybe it was Blue Iris.

Howard asked if they were upset with Beyonce not singing at the inauguration. Monica said it was kind of wrong for her to do that.

Howard asked if they have ever had a guy pee or poo on them. They said they’re not into that kind of thing.

Howard asked Jessica if there is a god. She said no. Howard asked why. She said that it’s just a fairy tale to her. She said she knows about science and doesn’t believe in any of that. She said she only has to answer to herself. Howard said that someone is raising her hand. Monica said if she was ever to meet her maker she would ask why they would say sex before marriage is a sin. She said what they do is not wrong. She said that they just fuck and they’re made to fuck. She said that everything about her is made to fuck. She said they’re there to make people happy and be happy themselves. Robin said they could make more money by starting a religion. Monica said that would be scamming people and she can’t scam people.

Howard gave the girls some more plugs and asked why the majority of students can’t point out things on a map. Monica blamed the teachers. She said she was home schooled and she did just fine. Howard said she must have been nude during class if she was at home.

Howard said he has to test Monica’s home schooling. He asked what 9×6 is. She said it’s 54. Howard said she got it. He said he was going to ask what 13+28 was. Monica said she didn’t know. She said that it’s 49… or 59. Howard said it’s 41. Howard asked what a thesaurus was. Monica said it’s a book with words that are better than the ones you are using. Howard said that’s good enough. Howard gave them some more plugs and then wrapped up the interview and went to break.


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