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The Mr. Marcus Payoff: What’s Really Going On? Is Manwin Playing Both Ends Against the Middle?

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If you go to the website you’re going to notice something very, very peculiar.

Brazzers is the sponsor meaning that Manwin must be backing condoms. And Manwin has done so in Times Square, in 2009, with billboards featuring adult performers.

Has Manwin financed similar billboards in Los Angeles saying NO to Measure B? Why haven’t they?

You might also want to ask yourself something else: why hasn’t AHF brought any of this out, because those mixed messages about condoms are somewhat divisive, and that seems to be the game AHF is playing.

Here’s Manwin backing the No on Measure B behind the scenes and yet it’s got a highly visible condom website. Wow.

And then if you watch the Steven St. Croix PSA you’ll notice that Manwin USA is sponsoring it. So it’s Yes on one site. No on the other. Talk about having your bases covered.

Why isn’t AHF throwing any of this in Manwin and the No on Government Waste’s face? It sounds too good to ignore.

The other thing that jumps at you is the fact that adult performer James Dean on the Get Rubber site is backing condoms with a PSA.

Although he’s a marquee name at the moment, Deen hasn’t been the only performer doing these, but, wait a second. Hasn’t Deen been coming out in support of NO on Proposition B? Deen personally isn’t for condoms, but I guess money talks.

What’s going on? Who’s on who’s side, and is the adult industry being played for a bunch of saps which, personally, I think is what’s happening.

Ask yourself this question. Why would James Lee, a veteran of political fundraising and campaign contributions, leave a cheap but embarrassing paper trail leading to Mr. Marcus.

And why would James Lee pay Mr. Marcus out of the No on Government Waste account? Lee knows that you have to report all monies coming out of that account. Otherwise, it’s a colossal, tactical blunder which doesn’t make sense for Lee as far as disclosure is concerned. Unless there was something else to it and it was done on purpose. If so, why?

But $2500? Was Marcus paid more under the table that we don’t know about? If the offer from AHF was tens of thousands of dollars as reported by LA Weekly, there’s no way Marcus would have taken the money, unless additional monies were paid, which is the only conclusion you can draw out of this cloak and dagger scenario.

And, if you assume that, why do you put out $2500 that can be traced? Where there’s smoke, there’s fire.

A guess might be hazarded that Lee and Diane Duke are trying to sabotage the condom campaign. Sounds crazy? If there’s a yes to that question, one needs only to refer back to the Get Rubber website which Manwin, who’s been supporting the FSC, is running.

Manwin also has financial interests in Playboy. Even more so. That we all know. And Playboy has its own brand of condoms with worldwide distribution. Any of this making sense?

Assuming that Manwin’s main goal is to put its competition out of business, couldn’t we also assume that Manwin is behind the scenes of getting condoms placed in adult movies?

Think about it. It’s a win-win situation for them. You put condoms in movies, your competitors go out of business. Presumably. You put condoms in movies, then Manwin gets to brand whatever condom they want.

Right now the condom market is worth about $4B annually with projections that it will be going to $6B. That would be a nice piece of the pie who’s ever on that ground floor.

To their advantage, Manwin’s a global company with global distribution [think condoms] and can shoot wherever they choose if LA County all of a sudden becomes this condom war zone.

Manwin can produce in Florida, or Canada or Europe where it doesn’t have to be concerned with condoms. Either way, Manwin comes out smelling like a rose while this Mr. Marcus-thing smells more and more like garbage.


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