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The Original Leave It To Cleavage; Ron Hightower’s Back & Misc. Shit

> Regarding Xavier Productions’ Leave It to Cleavage Shoot, director Roy Karch wrote me: FYI…In 1988 I wrote and directed” Leave It to Cleavage pt.2″ for Erotic Video Network. It starred the fabulously breasted Trinity Loren (we all miss her dearly), Cassie Nova and Buck Adams in a scene that features the 1st. animated cum-shot in a live-action feature. Needless to say there was a L.I.T.C. #1 prior and from EVN as well. Perhaps the producers of this, new one (#3 {?}),
would like to know this. best regards, Roy.

I checked in with Roy and we had the following chat. I told Roy I had been going nuts because I knew there was another Cleavage title lurking out there somewhere. Roy did not direct the first one for Scott and Jeff Levine of EVN. “They brought me into the second one,” he says. Also in the cast, says Karch was another new girl that was in and out of the business in a split second. Her name was Bridgette Bleu. Shane Hunter was also in the cast, Karch recalls. Karch remembers there being no cum shit in the Buck Adams/Cassie Nova scene at the pool table.

Karch: Back then it was how many pops> It wasn’t how many scenes but how many pops. So we needed the fifth pop. The editor and I created an animated cum shot, coming out of Buck’s dick. It’s like follow the bouncing ball. Instead of making it go left-to-right across the screen, we made it go up and down. We elongated the ball and just ran it pop-pop-pop-down. It was interesting.

Karch said the shoot had nothing to do with the TV show, that it was shot in Devore (California) at a Swing Club. “It was like an old persons’ swing club,” Karch laughs.

Karch: Cassie Nova’s a great story. On our first interview she said to me, I do anything. I said don’t tell me that. She said I do do anything.

Gene: She was a Turkish girl and her thing was that she did anal because Turkish girls take it in the ass to preserve their virginity.

Karch: Right! I said, okay, if you do everything I have a shot I want to run by you. It’s a closeup of your kneecap. We’re going to take a .22 and shoot the kneecap. I want to see it explode in slow motion and we’ll have an ambulance standing by and rush you right to the hospital. She says, well, I don’t do that. I said, A-hah! You don’t do everything. I said you shouldn’t tell people you do anything. Anything’s a big word. She said I meant sexually. But she was kind of cool.

[Karch who shoots for Adam & Eve has a show for them coming out this month called Makin’ The Scene with Julie Meadows; there’s a November release called Quality Time starring Ava Vincent and Randy Spears. And in December look for Under the Influence starring Nakita Denise.

> Kevin Kleinrock of Evolution Erotica tells me that Ron Hightower is making a comeback in the adult industry with guess who. The past six years, Hightower has been directing hip-hop music videos. Kleinrock said Hightower, who’s had 15 music videos go to number one on MTV, will start a vignette-driven soap opera interracial line for Evolution Erotica. It will be going into production next week I’m told.

>This week, the El Paso, Texas City Council passed a new ordinance regulating sexually oriented businesses in El Paso. But the ordinance wound up being diluted during a confusing City Council meeting.

The new ordinance, which takes effect in 90 days, will require all adult nightclubs and adult book and video stores to register with the city. Police will also be able to review employee files at these businesses.

Other parts of the proposed ordinance did not pass. That included the six-foot rule, where dancers in adult night clubs would have to stay six feet away from customers. Lap dances are still legal, and customers can still slip money into a dancer’s g-string. An attempt to keep adult businesses closed between 2 and 6 a.m. also failed.


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