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The Passion of The Zane

Porn Valley- Matt “The Lord” Zane was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Wednesday night. The topic of conversation was obviously the appearance of Zane’s band Society 1- – at the Key Club tonight on the Sunset Strip and the fact that Zane will be suspended from six meat hooks in his back. CoHo Michele Raven made the analogy to Clive Barker’s Hellraiser.

The suspension show is being sponsored by both by KSEX and Naughty Modeling, Among other things, Wankus observed that there was a throw up rule in effect at the club. John Finberg, promoter of the event, said the club was concerned because they heard from certain people that the amount of body piercing that close and the potential for blood is so great that will get sick and puke on the sport. “Not hold their dinner.” According to Finberg, the Key Club is not paying for puke detail and he got tagged with $175 clean up charge. “It’s cheap.” But Finberg asked how you differentiate between someone who reacted to the event as opposed to someone who sick from 16 drinks.

Otherwise, Jay Gordon from the group Orgy is also going to be joining Society 1 on stage as well as suspension artists like Joey Strange.

Also on the stage doing some live S&M and bondage will be Sir Nick from Severe Society, who, according to Wankus, used to be on KSEX. Wankus and Alana Evans will serve as hosts for the event.

“On stage we’ll be doing blowjob contests and wet T-shirt contests, orgasms, all that shit,” Wankus said. According to Wankus, people have been flying in for purposes of attending the event. Otherwise, KSEX listeners will be able to listen and watch the event on KSEX radio- KSEX will be broadcasting from 5pm to 2 am. Besides porn stars partying there will also be rock stars, according to Wankus who said celebrity Gilbert Gottfried will also be in attendance. Major media will also be in attendance.

On the Wednesday night KSEX show was Sin from Society 1 with his red and black interlocked dreads, as well as event promoter John Finberg. According to a story on adultfyi, Zane has sexually abstained for 37 days. “The demon in the semen has not been released for quite some time,” said Zane. “In preparation you must abstain from all pleasure whether it be physical pleasure or comfort foods. You build up so much tensions so when the night finally comes you want release in any form even if it’s in the form of pain.” Zane said he would be looking for some girls to accompany him backstage when the performance was over.

Zane’s also been meditating and practicing yoga. “And having a very strict diet- it hasn’t been very much fun. I’m waiting for this thing to end.” Zane points out that he’s more of a hedonist and really doesn’t live his life this way. Zane was asked what his plan of attack was after he busts his load or loads. “Are you going to sleep for two days? Wankus asked. “Are you going to get a big assed pizza?” Zane aid he as going to glut on cakes, pie and candy bars and staying in the arms of a couple of girls who will tend to his bleeding wounds.

From past experience, Zane said recovery time for him is usually a month. “My back disconnects. The lining around the muscles comes off the back. “It takes a while to actually re-connect. When it rips it causes these things call Rice Krispies. You feel like you have Rice Krispies under the first layer of your back. Your tattoos stretch out and you have to go back to a tattoo artist and get all those touched up when your back connects. The first day is the worst.”

According to Zane, the first time he ever tried suspension was for a video off their record Edges of Fear. Zane said he’s indulged in many different practices that would be considered extreme. “I’ve fasted for ten days at a time. I’ve done yoga five hours at a time.” Zane said this will be the first time that someone will attempt to sing while being suspended during a live format. It’s never been done in musical history. This is it- this is the first time.” And Zane said there could very well be a reason for that if it didn’t work in the past.

Zane said the thing he’s most nervous about is falling. “If I fall, I’m dead.” Sin said think of the press.

A caller-in asked if Zane prepared differently for this fete than the last time. “I’ve stayed longer from the orgasm,” he said. Zane said he’s also been working on cardio with the stairmaster, doing four miles, to get used to a rapid heartbeat. “In case I went into shock.” Zane didn’t anticipate blood be squirted on the crowd. “That isn’t going to happen,” he said. “The only thing that’s going to get on the crowd is my jit when I pull down my pants.”

Sin, who’s Hispanic and has played with local bands, growing up in L.A., has been with the band since ’99. “I stand behind everything,” he said when asked if he was part of the band’s philosophy. Zane said Sin has been with the band the longest under Zane’s current psychosis. Sin figures he was about 15 when he first had sex. Asked for a concert story, Sin likened the experience of being on the road to a buffet. “Everything’s spread in front of you but you don’t always eat all of it.” He said you get the classic instances of a husband & wife or a mother & daughter that want to go to bed with you. “There’s the sisters- there’s all kinds of stuff like that.”

Zane related an instance of signing autographs when a 16 year-old girl came up to them and her mother was with her. The mother said if Zane wanted to take the daughter backstage for awhile he had her permission. “What, what!?” Zane asked bewildered. Zane said there’s nothing worse than fucking a girl and asking her age to discover that she’s 11.

According to Zane, the show at The Key Club will incorporate Society 1’s entire body of work. “It will incorporate all our videos, all our stage performances and everything we’ve ever done in this one show. You will see absolutely everything that we’ve done on our eight months of touring previous to this.” Zane said a DVD is also being done of the entire event from beginning to end.

Tim from Naughty Modeling said he would probably have at least six girls from his company at the show. Finberg also credited Tim’s resources that enabled the show to feature a Jumbotron. Following the show Thursday night, Zane said the band will be going to Europe in May. “And we got to do a new record when we get back from that.”

Wankus noted that there was a private area [bathroom] in the Key Club that was used for suepr stars who score some chicks.

During the course of the KSEX show, Zane also performed several acoustic arrangements.


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