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The Pregnant Playmate, Angel Boris

Porn Valley- Angel Boris, a six-months pregnant Playmate was on the Stern show this past week. Stern asked why Boris who’s married to a Salsa dancer and a personal trainer, didn’t come on the show before she got pregnant. Boris From the sounds of it, Artie Lange suspected she married a creep and a real waste of time. But Boris said the guy won her over.

Stating the obvious, Stern said Boris had a gut but was pregnant-hot any way. Stern then checked out her ass and the vive seemed weird that he was checking out a pregnant woman this way. Stern said there was a whole big fetish as far as pregnant women. Boris agreed saying she’s been getting more compliments than ever. Stern said there’s videos featuring pregnant women getting spanked, laid and spit on. “And guys going to the bathroom. Pregnancy videos are huge. I’m real shallow.” Stern aid he saw Boris’ before-pregnant pictures and she was smoking hot. Boris did a movie called Lost Lake and the trailer is on Boris says she gets naked in it. “It’s a standard movie love scene.” She shows her boobies and ass. Boris said the movie’s not rated although Warner Bros. distributed it. Stern asked if she was trying to be an actress. Boris says she was one.

“I was on General Hospital. I was on 90210 ten years ago,” she said. “I was Emma Bennet. I had an affair with Brandon. I was a writer. I had short red hair.” In General Hospital she played a character named Angel. Asked if she had sex with anyone on 90210, Boris claims no. Stern says he heard some stories about Boris when she was in an all-girl band. Boris grew up in Ft. Lauderdale. According to a story Stern heard, Boris was approached by some 50 year-old guy and she was 16. Boris said she was singing in a karaoke bar and the guy wanted to put her in a band. Boris said the guy would bring songs to the house and attempted to win the parents over. “He got my parents’ trust. Then he said he was going to pick me up from school. We were going to do a recording session.” Boris never met the girls in the group. “It started out that he just wanted to do something with me.” Boris said she was taken to a Burger King.

“He sat me down and said I have to be honest with you-the only way I’m going to be able to work with you is to sleep with you,” she said. “Because you’re too hot. He basically was saying it would be too uncomfortable and he would be too distracted. There would be too much tension.” Boris said she was also in the position where she didn’t have money and the guy was offering her a big opportunity. “I wanted to take it- okay, well. I guess. He took me to a hotel and we had sex. He was so gross and I cried. He wasn’t smelly, just kind of nasty.” Boris said the session went on for awhile and she never told her parents. The affair went on for a year. “I just couldn’t take it any more.” Boris said she would fuck him once a week but she wasn’t a virgin. She lost her virginity at 13. Stern guessed that it was an uncle who did her. Boris said it was a family member playing around with her and that it was against her will. And she was 8 when she saw her first porno.

Boris said she knew it was wrong but she was turned on by the experience. The family member was 18. Boris says she still sees the relative and they’ve gone through therapy. “I told my parents after a couple of years.” Stern assumed that it wasn’t that guy’s baby. Back to the 50 year-old guy, Stern asked he was paying Boris all this time. She said yeah. “He gave me what he called advances on my royalties and stuff. It was a couple of grand. I never recorded anything. I would rehearse. He played the whole we’re going to do a solo thing with you. Then it became a group-thing. Then he brought in this other girl. She was cute.” Boris found out years later that he was doing this girl as well. “She was a little bit older than me.” Stern said it was a pretty good scam because he got to bang Boris for a year. Artie said the guy was a genius.

Boris left home when she was 17. “I got married when I was really young. He was 4 years older than me.” Stern wondered if he was a dance instructor as well. Boris said no that he mooched off of her. This is now Boris’ first pregnancy because she didn’t want to have kids with her ex-husband. She moved to California about 8 hears ago. Stern asked if she did Hef. She claims no. “I’ve never seen the upstairs of his house- I’m not kidding. Not all the Playmates get that privilege.” Running down her bio, Stern noted that Boris submitted her pix to Playboy when she was working as a Hawaiian Tropics model. She also cheated on her first husband with a woman.

“I’ve always been attracted to woman,” she laughed. “I was 18 the first time I was with a girl.” She hasn’t brought women home to her current husband but says they fantasize about it. “We check out hot chicks together. He knows I love women. But I won’t bring that into this relationship. I have in the past and it didn’t always end in a positive way.” Nonetheless, Boris has made out with women in front of her current husband. Asked where she met her female lover at age 18, Boris said it was a bikini contest. “She’s a bikini girl- really hot.” Boris couldn’t remember who came on to whom. “It was flirty and we became friends.” Boris said the liaison came right after a contest in Ft. Lauderdale. She saw the girl naked backstage. “I went to her place.” Boris said they started making out and one thing led to another.

Boris says she’s have lovemaking sessions that have lasted an hour. “I love sex.” Asked if she’s done famous guys, Boris said she and her husband were coming back from Palm Springs with friends in the car and he challenged her to see how many orgasms she could have with a vibrating egg. “I couldn’t walk when we got home.” Boris is also supposed to have had sex with Owen Wilson. She met him at a club. “To me he’s really hot, really sexy.” Wilson used to call her for booty calls and Boris says they’re still friends. “Then I met my husband- bye.” Boris didn’t understand why Wilson didn’t want more. “And I really liked him a lot.” Boris says Wilson is really smart and an intellectual. Stern says he has to be because he doesn’t get hung up on a woman. Boris said she enjoyed being with him then would go out and see him with another woman. “It was cool at the time- I didn’t want a relationship, anyway.” Boris said she dated Wilson but never in a girlfriend capacity. “I wanted to be his girlfriend.”

Stern also read off a couple of other celebrities Boris had sex with. Stern asked how Lex Luther from Smallville was in the sack. Boris said he was pretty good. “He’s very sexy. These guys were friends with benefits. I didn’t want to have a boyfriend. I wanted to have fun.” Mathew Perry had also asked her out but Boris wasn’t into it. “There wasn’t a connection. But he thought I was a lesbian because he saw me making out with some chick. He was, what, are you a lesbian?”

Boris met Ben Affleck at the Playboy Mansion and he was a jerk, she said. Boris was there having fun and goofing off. “I don’t take it too seriously.” Boris said Affleck was flirting earlier in the night. “Later on I was at the bar and I had these really gross, fake teeth. I was messing around with the bartenders because I know them all. He came up next to me and he looked over and was, hey. I looked over and smiled with those gross, ugly teeth. And he just looked at me and went, oh, that’s attractive. I walked away. Laugh, have a sense of humor.” Boris said Affleck is gross as well as Stephen Dorff. Asked what happened there, Boris said Dorff hit on her. She told him he had a boyfriend and didn’t seem to care. Stern said, yeah, so? Boris said she heard he hits on everybody.

Boris has also fooling around with a married man and tried having sex with one of her high school teachers. “But he wasn’t into it?” Stern asked. Boris also pleasured herself once in a hot tub at her gym. “The jets kind of hit me in the wrong way,” she laughed.

Stern then asked her about the Lost Lake movie. Boris said she plays a wandering, adventurous gypsy. “I’m naked in a few parts of it. My character is free-spirited.” Boris said there was no girl-girl love scene. It was also noted that Boris’ father committed suicide four years ago. Boris was very close to her father. “He battled depression.” Boris said alcohol and depression runs in her family. “But he didn’t take his meds.”

Asked for her best lesbian experience, Boris said it was an actress but wouldn’t say her name. “I met her doing promotions- we were at a party. We started tasking and hanging out. We were friends for a long time. We were in Vegas and we were at a party having some fun and drinking a little bit. Great body. She has great boobs- real and they’re big, too.” Boris didn’t know that she was into girls. “We were drinking and started kissing.” Boris said they shared a hotel room in Vegas and were drinking something “dangerous” like Cosmopolitans. “We started making out and taking each other’s clothes off and kind of went at it.” Boris said they got it on a couple of times but no longer.


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