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The Return of August Arkham

Porn Valley- August Arkham, a man who brought style, substance and a certain je ne sais quois to porn’s costume rack has returned from the abyss. Arkham, who, for a time, was Extreme Associates stalker/serial killer in residence seems to be more comfortable in his real life persona as Brad Sisken, attempted writer.

As Arkham, Sisken authored the 1,001 Ways to Eat My Jizz series and actually lived the porn fans dream. He wrote Extreme a letter and asked for a job. But no ordinary letter. This one was filled with an unparalleled level of creepiness and psychotic reverie so disturbing that Rob Black, out of curiosity more than anything else, had to see who this guy was.

And, as the Arkham character came aboard, the Extreme website, would chronicle his day-to-date exploits, lending the impression that the health and well-being of porn actresses were, at least, certainly in doubt.

Sisken, a prodigious and talented writer, however, burned out on porn and moved to Nashville, Tennessee for a year to write, but elected to return to L.A. He’s settling in and getting re-adjusted he tells me. Sisken, who was totally hands-on with his movies, is looking for a gig as a freelance editor. “I want to see if I can make that work,” he says. “That’s the plan for right now.”

I mention that with the capacity to take a year off, that Arkham must be working off the family fortune. “It’s the fabled bags of gold that I keep beneath the floor boards,” Sisken tells me. I asked him about the writing career.

“It didn’t amount to anything, at least in terms of a career- at least not yet,” he states. “But I did manage to write a screenplay and start a couple of books. I look at it as I went to school for a year, but now it’s time to start making some money. That’s pretty much why I’m here.”


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