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Porn Valley- There are weeks, maybe months when Skeeter Kerkove hibernates, smokes cigarettes, drinks outlaw beer and cooks gourmet meals for himself. During those periods of reclusion he has nothing to say and you can’t get him on the phone nine-tenths of the time. Other times there are things like the Ducati lawsuit, and Skeeter comes out of the hole, sees his shadow and there’s six weeks of gossip. This week I’m talking to Skeeter about a couple of names in the news- Tim Connelly because he’s suing AVN, and Missy Monroe because she’s apparently getting married and leaving the business.

I remember Skeeter being on a shoot when Monroe, in front of a bunch of people- Jim Powers, Dave Hardman, Otto Bauer a few others, told a story about how Connelly allegedly promised her the AVN Best New Starlet award if she came over to his place and participated in a threeway with him and his girlfriend. Monroe allegedly pegged Connelly in the ass at his request but cried her eyes out the night she realized she wasn’t getting the big prize at the awards show.

Then there was the time when ex AVN staffer Acme Anderson was working on an alleged smear article about Skeeter. Skeeter found out about it when Anderson began feeding the info to a third party. For Anderson to have accomplished what he did, he would have needed some higher up’s say-so.

“What Acme Anderson did affected me mentally and financially,” said Skeeter. “He did that clearly in the scope of an AVN employee with Tim Connelly approving that and approving the finances.”

Skeeter has statements about how Anderson, on company time, would track down documents pertinent to Skeeter’s past brushes with the law. Skeeter contends that the smear was aimed at destroying his career in the business, and as a result, he suffered substantial losses.

“I could prove how many movies I was doing and then it dried up,” says Skeeter. “And it was two [former] AVN employees who did it.”

Skeeter was made aware of the fact that Anderson, who became this overzealous henchman, spent considerable man hours on AVN’s dime to track down court records on him.

A lot of this goes back to when Skeeter did a movie for Smash Pictures called Shitty Shitty Bang Bang. Skeeter ran into Anderson at AVN and was asked about bringing some of his movies next time he was in.

“I said there was one ready to come out on DVD- Shitty Shitty Bang Bang, that it was really wild,” says Skeeter. “There’s this huge, inflatable butt plug in every single girl and all kinds of crazy stuff. Anderson goes, yeah, that’s good. So I went to Stuart at Smash Pictures and I said I’m going to take a couple of DVD’s to Acme.” Skeeter also states that he himself didn’t come up with the title.

“All the girls were incredible in it and do crazy double anal,” Skeeter continues. “Britney Madison, the poor girl who died in a car wreck in Las Vegas, we got her up to like 22, 23 pumps on the butt plug. It was truly the size of a softball. That scene which also included Otto Bauer was just unbelievable.”

Skeeter was under the impression that Anderson liked the movie but later found out that he didn’t.

“He thought it was too over the top but I didn’t know that,” Skeeter continues. “I called him up and asked what do you think of the movie. He said I haven’t watched it yet.” Skeeter says he was kind of let down because he tried all kinds of stuff in this feature. When he conveyed his thoughts to another individual he was told him that Anderson “hated” him.

“So I called him up and asked him again,” relates Skeeter. “I go it’s been almost two months. Acme keeps saying I haven’t watched it yet. I go it’s a little bit late, now, and we got into an argument. Then he complained to Tim Connelly and Connelly called a meeting about me and Acme. That was it, that’s when Acme Anderson went all out. He told me he was going to review the movie but he lied. I told him if the movie sucks write that it’s the worst movie ever, but just let me know. I told Tim I just wanted him to watch the movie and note that there was different things being done that you just don’t see in other movies. It’s not like anybody else’s stuff and I just wanted it being written about. Even if he didn’t like what he was seeing, I just wanted him to acknowledge that I was coming up with something different. Then when I see this stuff showing up in other peoples’ movies down the line, then it’ll show how original it was.”

The movie was subsequently given a 4-A review but not by Anderson.

“I was pleased with the review,” said Skeeter. “I wanted Smash to have a good review because they gave me the budget to do all this crazy stuff.”

“Then Acme started gathering up this stuff on me,” says Skeeter, noting that the information was then turned over to other parties.

“It was causing a huge, huge problem,” Skeeter notes. “And then Acme Anderson showed up at a DCFS court which is illegal- no press can ever be there. My attorney goes that guy is not your friend.”

According to Skeeter Anderson even had possession of paperwork relative to his children.

“He [Anderson] said it was public record but there is no public record of that.”

“And it was AVN’s money gathering that stuff,” concludes Skeeter. “Tim Connelly had to have approved the budget and it got really expensive. There were hundreds of pages of documents at a dollar a page. What he would do is go down to the Hall of Justice building and be there all day long. He would copy that stuff and give other people copies.

Somehow he got hold of stuff that you’re not legally entitled to. Who knows how he did it, but he did it. The good thing is he gathered some stuff that was damaging, and I had to spend money to prove that it wasn’t true. Which meant getting my school records to prove that I clearly was not expelled from school or suspended, ever. But I had to spend money on it and the records had to be subpoenaed. I assured my attorney that I had never been suspended or expelled. Those records were sent directly to DCFS so they could see for themselves.”

For the record, Skeeter says he dropped out of school.

“I lived on my own- It was not a bad thing- I was underage and completely on my own, paying my own bills and getting no money from anybody. Then they worked out a program where I could go to school 3 1/2 to 4 hours a day then go to work. Eventually I graduated.”


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