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The Starr Sisters Bolt LA Direct- The Update; I Talk to Raul

I spoke to Raul, husband of Natasha Starr. Natasha and Natalia Starr want out of their contract with LA Direct and have secured Evil Angel’s attorney Allan Gelbard. But, in an exchange of lawyerese yesterday, Derek Hay at LA Direct may be grasping for straws.

Hay is claiming that Raul is a pimp and is working with Pamela Peaks, who books talent for escort gigs. But Raul says he doesn’t even know who Peaks is.

There’s another meeting with lawyers Tuesday.

“What hit us is me being accused of pimping the girls in LA,” Raul says.

“We’re new to LA so where am I finding ‘Johns’ in the first place to even book these girls? This is just shocking. Every girl that knows us has been calling us. ‘Did you read what they’ve been saying about you?’

“I just don’t understand why he [Hay] went that route. I know he’s pissed, one reason, for months now he’s been barely booking Natasha. A lot of the bookings the girls have had in the last three, four or five months has been social networking [which Rob Black has been preaching.]

The Starr sisters had a show on Blog Talk Radio on Saturday nights, but they stopped doing it.

“Oddly enough, they’d get booked on the day they had the show,” Raul points out.

“So it became really weird to do the show half-ass. It didn’t make any sense. They stopped the show and that was something he [Hay] wasn’t happy about.

“The girls were in Penthouse magazine and were Penthouse Pets- a booking that he did not get for the girls. That was something we were able to do behind the scenes. And he he didn’t like that. In the end the bookings had to go through him. We never did bookings behind his back. I’m not sure where the anger came in.

“And then I think he doesn’t like dealing with husbands because maybe he can’t control the girls then. He knows that I’m in the background.”

Raul says it all began in Exxxotica at Ft. Lauderdale.

“The girls were just unhappy. They were going, ‘look at these girls, stumbling drunk at the booth, passing out at the appearances, working five times more than us.’

“They’re professional. They show up on set. They never miss a scene. They do everything like it should be done. After Exxxotica they went into the office to say they’re not happy. Derek looked at Natasha and said well you and your husband can just go book yourselves, forget about me.

“He was basically releasing her. Then when Natalia looked at him and said, ‘we’re sisters- I wouldn’t even be here if it wasn’t for her. We come as a package. You don’t want to book her, then you’re not going to be booking me, either.’

“He basically jumped out of his seat and said get the fuck out of the office and get yourself a lawyer.”

“Oddly enough, when we asked for recommendations on lawyers because we’re new to LA and don’t know that many people, one of the names that came up was Allan. We were told he can get us out of the contract. We had no idea he had a bunch of pending stuff with Derek.

“We hear he’s a good lawyer. We got to go by hearsay and listen to people we trust. This Pamela Peaks thing, I had to look her up. We called a good friend Britney Andrews from New York. She knows everybody. Can you fill me in on this one? ‘Oh, I’ve known Pamela for 20 years. She was a porn star and she has an agency.’

“But Derek wasn’t going to mention the agency he was associated with. He wasn’t going to mention that link. He introduced the girls to that agency.

“They’re at every event. Every Exxxotica. They’re very nice people. They’re great people. I’ve got no issues with them. We’re not prudes. It’s like how many girls in the business do privates? 90% maybe more? It’s not like these girls are prudes. They’ve got an easy gig. One hour in and out. It pays whatever, a $1000, $1500, they’re not going to turn it down.

“But why would Derek bring her [Peaks] up, and why would he bring me at all. All I can think of he’s angry. It’s confusing because most people are unhappy at LA Direct.

“We were okay except for the fact the girls felt they should be working more than twice a month. Especially with the fact that they’re brand new in LA.

“And you got one girl who is 20 years old. How many people are shooting this young girl stuff? And then you have the other sister who shoots everything- why is she not working? Natasha shoots everything- anal, DP, gangbangs; she’s hardcore. She does it all. There’s no reason for her not to be working more than once or twice a month.

“So we would network behind the scenes, and all of Natasha’s scenes for the last five or six months have been booked by her.”

The Starrs signed with LA Direct late last August.

“Through December the bookings were okay but in January they just disappeared,” said Raul.

“It’s not like they were shooting a ton like the other girls the first few months, but at least they were shooting four or five times a month which is fine. They’re not looking for 12 times a month but they wouldn’t have turned it down. They were good with what they were shooting but when you go down to once or twice a month, something’s obviously wrong.”

Asked if it was due to the fact that it might have been slow in general or if there was preference being shown certain girls, Raul answers, “There was definitely a preference.

“At first we thought things could be slow and people are shooting less until the condom law settles down. But then when we hear from directors that when they call to book Natasha they’ll be like, ‘Oh, she’s unavailable or saying something like wouldn’t you rather shoot Natasha Reign?’ They’d push some other girl and we heard this from directors. For the girls that was the last straw.”

Just the other day Raul heard that a director called to book Natasha, and, instead, LA Direct pushed Holly Brooks on him.

“We were like what? For some reason he didn’t want to book Natasha and all we can think of is he has an issue with the fact that she’s married and I control the girls. The reality is these are two strong minded modern women who know what they want. If anything I’m here to support them.”

On another issue, the girls in their legal complaint allege that they were being booked for privates and weren’t being told they were privates.

“It happened one time to Natasha where she showed up in Florida for a scene,” Raul continued.

“She gets to the hotel room there’s no cameras. She calls me right away. I go maybe you’re going to go somewhere else. Call Derek. When the guy showed up, the client, she calls Derek. She’s like what’s going on. He just said just do it. You know what it is. Again not that she’s opposed to that but it would have been nice if she had known. You don’t do that to somebody.

“Supposedly she was going to Florida for an event and a shoot. There was no shoot and no event. It was a private. That’s just not right.”


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