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Porn Valley- The last time Ryan and Summer Sweet came on The Wankus Show in November it was their day of atonement- the Sweets in sack cloth and ashes making public apologies to the industry for behavior that can best be described, in polite terms, as flaky .

Whereas the Sweets’ Friday night appearance this weekend sounded far from reverb echoing off The Wailing Wall. Everyone was high-fivein’ their conversational slam dunks. The Sweets appear to be on a career roll. Wankus said he heard that Summer got to fuck Ron Jeremy for the Barnacle Bill shoot. Asked if she grabbed the hair on Jeremy’s back and went crazy, Summer, considering that she got enough politically correct options to choose from, said she was excited because she was working with a legend.

Ryan said it was a pleasure because one of the first pornos he ever saw, featured Jeremy in a Bobby Rinaldi video. For the Barnacle Bill shoot, Ryan, playing a locksmith, said he got to do some dialogue with Jeremy in a who’s that knocking at my door scenario. Jeremy’s also directing the feature, according to Sweet.

Summer said and Ryan have been working a lot together, with Wankus pointing out that their original deal sounded more like take one, take the other. Ryan Sweet said that’s no longer a big deal. “She still gets quite a bit more work than me,” he said. “That’s completely acceptable, that’s understood.” Ryan Sweet said, at the beginning, he was under a barrage of people trying to tell him how the business works with different versions. Ryan Sweet said the way it’s been working for him, now, is one producer passing the word along to another. “Brandon Iron was kind enough to mention my name to Steve Austin at Kick Ass []. I landed a job with that and was successful.”Summer’s first scene was with Peter North [Deep Throat This, Vol. 17] and agreed it was a shocker when she got blasted with his cum reservoir. “I can’t believe it, I think it’s all those protein drinks,” she said. “He’s either cumming a lot, or shitting like he’s got a shower head in his ass,” Wankus noted. “You ever drink a lot of that stuff? Fruits and vegetables? You sit on the bowl all day.”

Wankus said that Felicia Fox is also in the show. “Let me explain something to you about Felicia Fox- she is hating life right now; she hates cum on her face, but she’s looking at the check across the room- all right, I’ll deal with it.”

Promo’ing some of her other titles, Summer said she’s been in Dr. Fellatio 42; Tiny Little Wet Spots, Thank God It’s Friday and Where The Girls Sweat 8. [Summer said she did the scene with Felicia Fox.] Wankus said he hates all-girl movies. “I don’t mind a girl-girl scene in a movie. I just don’t like an all-girl movie. It bores the fuck out of me.”Taking into account that most of Summer Sweet’s movies have numbers in them, Wankus, as an aside, also noted that Michelle Raven was doing Car Port #7 and Welcome to the Lincoln Tunnel Part 9.

A portion of Summer’s scene with North was cued on the monitor, with Wankus observing that she was a natural but wondered who the “asshole was in the background talking. “That would ruin my pop if I’m at home jacking off to that. Jesus Christ.” Wankus was informed that it Was Craven Moorehead. “Shut the fuck up! I don’t care that you’re dating Ann Marie. Fuck you, Craven. Show up for a softball game, by the way, you asshole. He’s on our softball team and never shows up.”

Summer said she’s been working a lot with Jill Kelly Productions but has yet to do anal though the Sweets do it in their personal life. Wankus predicted that she’d be doing it soon. Summer seemed to think that as long as she didn’t get the money she was asking for she wasn’t going to do it. Wankus said he’s known a few girls who’ve held out on purpose thinking they might drive their rates up. “They tried charging these ridiculous rates, yeah, and…”

A few of her movies are out and Summer was asked if she’s watched any of them. She does. “You have to critique yourself,” she said. Ryan said they’ve invited friends over who were jacking off to the tape. “The porn world is just sick and twisted,” Wankus concluded. “It’s not Ohio, man,” said Ryan Sweet. Pointing out that Phil Burress, the porn agitator is from there, Wankus concluded that Ohio’s a shitty place to be a porn star.


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