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The Vicki Vette Saga

(PORN VALLEY, CA) — Robert Ferrara of sent TPT and scattered other adult news sites, his version of an ugly encounter with newcummer, Vicki Vette.

Ferrara writes:

Beautiful new adult talent Vicky Vette came to the Porn Valley looking for some good companies to work with to make some money and get her feet wet in the business.

Her agent books her with Anabolic to do a DP scene. The following is alleged by Vicky: She shows up to the set and does the scene, during the scene she is in massive pain while being dp’d.

One talent on the bottom holding her down while the other fucks her from the top. She tells them to stop because she is in pain, but they say “no, the scene is going great we just need another minute.” They do not stop. She is ripped and bleeding.

I don’t know if it is just me, but when a girl says stop, whether in private life OR on set, it means stop. No means no. Companies need to police themselves and hold themselves accountable. This girl had a promising career ahead of her, but not she cannot work or have sex for at least 10 days.

She has quit the industry.

Does the industry want to bring in a very sexy girl such as Vicky Vette only to force her out of the industry after just a few scenes? I really don’t think so, I think that they want to keep girls like her around, but when things like this happen expect bad press.

I am urging all companies to listen when a girl says “no” or “that hurts, stop.”

Would they say that if they didn’t mean it? I think not.

Mike South [] writes:

This really disturbs me because I know Vicky and I spoke with her about getting into the biz, she was enthusiastic and intelligent and I even told her she would never be expected to do anything she wasn’t comfy with.

I had no idea she would go to Anabolic and even though this is not the first time, or even the second or third that I have heard of this happening, at Anabolic it surprises me. Maybe it shouldn’t but it does.

It also pisses me off! Are we in this industry going to tolerate this kind of behavior? I abhor it, it reflects poorly on those of us who are honest and operate with integrity. I would encourage Vicky to bring forth criminal charges, assault is WRONG, PERIOD and I am sick of the scumbag mother-fuckers in this business who continue to practice this shit. They deserve both criminal and civil charges against them. Its time someone in this business exhibited some fucking balls.

Fuck you Anabolic and fuck anyone who would do this to someone as nice and sweet as I know Vicky to be.

Vicky Please contact me, I want your side of this and I want to tell you who to contact so that we can make sure that we expunge these slime bags from this business.

Phil Owensmouth writes on

Listen Up, Kojak. If you were nearly as bright as the gleam on your head, you’d know that whore is full of shit. All whores complain. Their entire life is one big fucking complaint. Daddy touched me. I have no money for crack this week. My colon fell out at the Anabolic shoot. Its endless.

Face it, she was not a victim. She was bitching & Anabolic, who have been around forever & have a great reputation, simply got her through the scene. They deal with that nonsense all the time im sure. Whores are like children–if you can’t take the time to discard them in a dumpster, you have to be forceful to get them to act right.

Vicky Vet is out of the biz now–so what? Another worthless whore will take her place. The only thing promising about her career was a drug addiction and countless abortions.

And, finally, back to you Mr. Sensitive Pimp. You dont fool anyone. Youre a shark. You posted this shit to impress the whores that may read it. To trick them into thinking you care. But, you pimps are part of the problem. Obviously, Vicky Vet’s pimp didnt take the time to explain what a dp is. What kind of pimp send a whore to a dp as her first scene ever? Ah, whatever, Vicky Vet rest – in – piece.

[editor’s note: did he purposely spell peace, “piece?”]

Phatboy writes on

Fellas! Fellas!

Let’s take it easy here. One person already got their ass ripped, no sense in everybody getting their ass ripped. C’mon let’s face the facts. I imagine that Vicky signed a contract to get double fucked, so in reality she gave permission to have her ass popped. One would venture to say that getting fucked in the ass is not the way an asshole was intended to be treated. It’s kinda’ like signing a contract to let someone hit your thumb with a hammer ten times then bitching when your finger bleeds.
It’s a sucky thing to happen whether it happened that way or not. I guess thats bloody buttholes are why Band-Aid put those little round ones in the box. I always wondered what they were for.
P.S. Did she cash the check? I’ll bet she went straight to the bank afterwards.
Also if she signed a contract a rape case would not be likely. Most judges see strippers and porn stars as nothing more than prostitutes and could give a shit less about anyone involved in the adult industry.

Ferrara responds on

There is a model release, it does not release the male talent or the company to do whatever they please with the girl, it releases them to use the content in videos, internet, etc.
Typically this release is signed and the ID’s are taken before the video is done. Sure, she knew that she was going to get ass fucked with a dick in her pussy at the same time, but shouldnt companies have a “safe word,” for example, let’s say the safe word was Orange. They tell the girl if there is a problem say the word Orange, then the male talent knows to back off. In bondage photography this is widely used. Vicky told me on the phone that she asked them to stop and that she was trying to raise up off the guy that was on the bottom and he put his arms around her waste holding her down. This is porn, yes. But even porn should have rules and be civilized. This woman had to go to a doctor, do you think she enjoyed it? I think not.

Abe Froman, porn valley connoisseur, aka the sausage king of Chicago writes Gene Ross []:

There are a couple of things that Vicky Vette, this crazy, wacky whore, left out in her story about how her ass was allegedly wrecked at Anabolic. It didn’t happen at Anabolic, and she only did one scene for them anyway. Vette had done a three-hour scene for Joey Silvera and was already walking like John Wayne when she came to Anabolic to do what turned out to be a 30-minute scene. She thought she was Vivid contract material and is now acting perturbed about what happened. From what I understand there was no bleeding, and she shit so much there was something like 8 enemas simply because of the amount of Hershey squirts. There wasn’t anything against her will and she wasn’t being held down. It was also very obvious how the penis entered her asshole with ease. There was also a tremendous lie about her age. She said she was 27 and it was later discovered that she was 37. Unless Vivid is going to have horny old ladies, she has no chance in hell. Unless they want to rehire Rhonda Jo Petty. Incidentally, Vette was asking for more work afterwards. But the suspicion is once she went home and shit remnants were discovered in her colon, her husband got a little intrigued. That’s possibly how this story developed.

Jimmy [] writes Gene:

Gino– Personally, I don’t have a clue what went on at that Anaoblic shoot. And I’m fully aware there’s always about twenty-two sides to every story. But don’t you think that guys like Abe Froman and Phil Owensmouth–since they have such strong opinions in the matter and have such good inside info–ought to quit hiding behind phony names? Being the great mind and intuitive porn-analyst that I am, I knew immediately who these guys are, but I’m gonna keep it to myself and let them have a chance to take ownership of their very opinionated words themselves. jimmyd (Who always takes ownership of his very opinionated words.)

Gene sez: As always, I’m ready for your astute urinalysis which I’m sure you’ll take ownership of.

Wayne C. Lewis of TPT writes Kevin at Stunning Curves who in turn forwards it to Fayner of Luke Ford who then sends it to DUC at Setgo, only to see it next go to Mike at AdultFilmFan who then snail mails it to Brian at the Hardcore Source who then scans it and forwards it to Yes Portal, where Henri Pachard edits it into a story about his love for softball and forwards it to Steve at The Liberty Network who forwards it to Adult Stars News but misspells the heading and by accident it lands in Eddie Tour’s inbox at Fucking Gossip where it then disappears, since Tour has basically fallen off the face of the earth.

Is it just me or do we sometimes forget the readers and try to please each other in the adult press ?


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