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Them 2257 Regs

Porn Valley- I figure with all the talk about them “ferner” gals and guys working in the states, who would have a better handle on the situation than Marc Spiegler who’s company Spiegler Girls, handles a bunch of performers with thick accents. Personally Spiegler feels that the TRO filed against the DOJ by the FSC will spell some relief and allow a potential mess to get sorted out.

Besides studying economics, Spiegler has also studied law. [If you read up on his background you’d be surprised than he hasn’t studied archaeology as well.] Spiegler says 2257 is crap and the law is badly written. “But the way the law is written right now, technically, the performers can’t work over here without American ID’s,” he states. “But if you get them ID’s in any way that’s not 100% legit, there’s a 15 year prison sentence that goes along with it.

“And people are getting them social security cards that are not good to work,” Spiegler notes. “But the way the laws are written the performers can’t work here.” But some girls are getting around it, he notes. Katja Kassin has gotten married and has legitimate paper work. There’s also been talk that Rita Faltoyano married Tommy Gunn for reasons that extend beyond having a date for New Year’s Eve.

According to Spiegler, he got Katsumi a corporation. “That’ll help her get an investor’s visa,” he says. “The visa itself is an ID.” Spiegler says that’ll help Katsumi get a state ID as well because she has never driven a card and is not likely to get a driver’s license very soon. On the other hand, with girls like Alicia Rhodes, Spiegler says there isn’t much you can do. “But I think the Temporary Restraining Order is going into effect,” says Spiegler. “Because the way the laws are written now, an American can’t go to Europe, shoot a movie and sell it here. A European could.”

It’s also Spiegler’s opinion that the DOJ can’t just negate treaties that it has with 200 countries in the world. “That means recognizing their identification,” he says. “Especially their passports. And the way the 2257 regulations are written, federal inspectors can come into you place of business and inspect the records any time between 9 and 5. That’s a warrantless search. A lot of this stuff is just bad.” Spiegler says the current situation also affects another one of his girls, Tiffany Hopkins.

It’s also come to Spiegler’s attention that certain agents and agencies are “weaseling around” trying to get their girls ID’s. “But the companies should know that if you shot a girl from the Czech Republic last month with foreign ID’s and all of a sudden she comes up with California ID’s the next month and you’re not suspicious? You can’t say in good faith you had no idea these ID’s aren’t good,” he says. “Personally, I’m going to try and take the legal route and try to get investors’ visas. If not, they’re shit out of luck.” Spiegler says he’s just had another girl go back to England, and he has another British girl Renee Richards [pictured] whose father is American. “She was born on a U.S. Air Force base. She had an American passport as a kid.” I ask Spiegler if I heard the name right, Renee Richards. “Yeah, I know,” he chuckles mindful of the tennis player who became a woman.

“I told her. But she’s going by Renee Cox.” Spiegler says Cox travels back and forth because she has a Playboy TV show over in England. “Then she’s probably going to be here permanently the end of the year. But a lot of the girls are out of luck.”


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