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They Bitch on Mitch

An autowreck of a thread has started on, in which the 20/20 piece on Sharon Mitchell is discussed. The following are some of the comments being generated.

Acid Sex, who cops to being an industry director, posts: Just watch my tivo of it and it is amazing how the bitch claims to have saved the industry. She claims to have “stopped” production last year. She claims to be looking out for the performers.

Who the fuck is she kidding? This bitch has a “degree” (and I use the term loosely) from a mail in school and this makes her a “doctor”? Fucking please. This bitch has not done anything good for this business. When she was a performer, she sucked and I dont mean in a sexy way. Now, the cunt is old and any appeal she had long gone, acts like the pron world turns on her word.

Funny how the 20/20 piece was done to make her look like a fucking a saint saying how she overcame drugs and her addiction to porn. Truth is, the bith was a paid whore then and shes a paid whore now. The difference with now is that she gives all of these performers the false sense of security while taking their cash and then when she fucks up like with the Aids thing, she acts like she has the power.

I also found it funny that 20/20 referred to AIM as the gold standard of tresting. Fucking please. If they are measuring shit from a bitch who medically doesn’t know what the fuck she is talking about, they might be on to something.

Why directors and companies put up with her shit any longer is beyond me. More so, why the performers keep paying her to do tests that do not accurately reflect a true infection is beyond me. I bet she never once offered money back to the people she screwed up and quarrantined last year not to mention the money these performers/directors lost.

The best thing the bitch can do is quit and put someone with a fucking brain in charge there and restore some credibility. Her quote:”Nowadays, anyone with viagra and a Hi-8 camera can shoot porn”. Fucking Hi-8? WTF? This isnt the 90s. While true a camera means people can shoot porn, the ones that know how to shoot are the ones that stick around in porn. Veronica Jett posts: DR. sharon mitchell put a DEAD HAULT to production last spring? what a laugh!!! i know for a FACT that there was production going on during that period. in this industry, i highly doubt there will be a situation that puts the brakes on production…even for ONE DAY!!! there is too much money to be made in this industry!! someone saying “all production must cease for X amount of days” isnt going to stop people in this industry from making $$$! (dr. or no dr.)

…everyone has their opinion about aim and the accuracy of the tests offered there. everyone has an opionion about sharon mitchell and how she runs aim. it depends on who youve talked to in the industry, your experiences at aim, the publications youve read regarding aim and the situation last spring, etc.

if you feel that you are in good hands at aim, then continue to go there with comfort. actually you have NO choice but to get tested at aim if you work in this business; so no matter how a performer feels about sharon mitchell or aim, everyone has to go there. its a tough topic to discuss. personally, ive never had an issue with aim, but i know MANY people who have. like i said, its a tough topic, but we have to go to aim to work…so we deal with it and go every 30 days.

Jim South Jr. posts: Missed the 20/20 but will state a few opinions. In no way should there be one testing center. People have their reasons and variety is always a good thing.

I know 2 people that tried to open a testing center. One just happened to catch on fire and the other couldn’t get the lab to do their tests because AIM threatened to pull all accounts.

After that AIM gets most major companies to sign a contract to only except tests from them. Last I checked monopolies are NOT legal.

Aim introduces G&C tests for free. Everything is fine, then they start charging, people start testing positive for it left and right.

Tests get screwed up (by Aim or the lab … falls on AIM) they hold the test saying it’s pending, people lose work, test comes back positive, pay for meds and another test.

I personaly don’t have a problem with the people working or running AIM but I don’t like the fact they have an iron clamp on something like testing.

Look at what happened a few weeks ago. Was told there was a new lab or testing procedure and you had people waiting over a week for results.

South Jr. then adds: “The percentage of g/c positive tests at AIM is about 2 to 4%.Is that what you call ‘testing positive left and right?”

No… I was saying when they first introduced it and it was free all was good. Then they started charging and people were testing positive left and right at the time. Nowadays it is lower but it is certainly not 2%-4% with the jobs we have to cancel with the positives.

“And anyone with a labdat account can check those numbers”

Sure if they “donate” a few hundred dollars to them each month to have an account for piece of mind.

“didn’t world modeling fight tooth and nail AGAINST requirng monlthly g/c tests.”

We fought to prevent one center testing everyone.

“To say tests are SCREWED up when they are pending in laughable”

Yes it is. BUT they are not pending when they do not even send in the test/lose it. My girlfriend has had it done and I have had it done with me when I went in for a G&C. Went through the lovely procedure, the doctor guessed what I had and prescribed me something with assumption the test would be sent off. The meds did nothing and they never sent the test in.

“Rewgarding the ‘other’ clinics.. Are you refferring to DR. RIGG who charges 75 dollars for the same g/c test that aim does for 25 ”

Riggs was one of them, can’t remember the name of the other. Thing is… Riggs would be able to get the same price if he had half the volume AIM gets. More quanity, the cheaper it gets. No idea who was trying the “home brew”

“World Modeling was a monoploy?”

Absolutely not. Reb at PGI was the first, we were 2nd. We did not go to companies and tell them we would not deal with them if they took people elsewhere. We did not have people attacked and beaten like what was done to my father. People were free to hire who they wanted. How is that a monopoly?

“Jim, can you imagine what it is going to be like when the state of california decides to implement REQUIREMENTS for testing.”

This IS terrible. Only reason that is becoming a reality IMO is because Sharon made it a point to be in the media of this whole last outbreak. We have had larger outbreaks in the past and no one from the state/goverment gave us bother. No one was on TV telling people that are not even involved in the situation a play by play of what was going on. Freaking people out.

“what would be tha advantage of having multiple testing facilities?”

Variety has always been the spice of life. Maybe you live closer, maybe they would be open after hours compared to AIM (6-10), open on Sundays, you don’t get along with AIM for personal reasons, people screwing your arm up when they take blood.

I do agree having a cenrtal database with everyone’s record incase this happens again is a good thing, but I also think with some cooperation on both parites, something could be worked out. Medicals records can be taken from one place to another. So why not consolidated when people lives depend on it?


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