Things Look Grim For Mike South & His Lawsuit Situation

Mike South has closed and locked comments on his lawsuit article as even his long time contributors and fans have told him that he is in a very bad, very dire situation at the moment that could wreck him financially for the remainder of his life and South was not doing so hot to begin with. Now Mr. Strother has put up a new article that suggests that he will start a donation campaign shortly to help him with his upcoming legal fees.

Mike South

What a huge fall from grace from one of the “Most powerful figures in porn.”



  1. Michael Thomas Strother has been defaming mass multitudes of individuals for over a decade now. Whoever is suing this stalker harasser making stories up strictly for the purposes of click baiting on his slanderous web site must have thought this through very carefully. PROPS and Well Done Mr Plaintiff whoever you are. Notice the timing of the process service? right AFTER the election where Mike South was a big prop 60 supporter ? I say this because The AHF wont have any use for Mike South now for sure.
    Also Brilliant it seems as if it was timed right around Christmas,Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and who knows whatever else drinking holidays this season brings reasons to care less for him and when people dont have any money or is inclined to support his “go Fund Me” aspirations. WAIT wasn’t he mocking a pimp and a madam for setting up a proclaimed scam go fun me ? Now here he is criminally making more defamatory threats to kick others under a bus trying to swindle his way out of this. Lets hope more comes forward and sue this jackass before any statutes runs out.

  2. What options does Mike South really have?

    I mean first he comes out and threatens the person suing him saying he is going to go after his friends if the guy continues to sue him. That’s publicly owning up to extorting the very person suing you. How fucking stupid do you have to be?

    When that didn’t work he says he’s going to start a gofundme but fuck why should anyone pay his legal bills? His readers didn’t get him in trouble, Mike South got himself in trouble.

    He just needs to admit he was wrong, apologize and be done with it.

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