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Thoughts Over the Afternoon’s Margarita: Rob Black to Anonymous Supporters: Thanks But No Thanks

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If you read what veteran porn performer Mark Ashley has to say, and listen to what Rob Black’s ranting about on his Internet show, they could be twins separated at birth. The message is substantially the same, except Ashley’s less inclined to use profanity although some blue language slips in there I think to establish the fact that Ashley’s a regular guy.

Ashley had a great blog, Wednesday, in which he talked about foreign entities taking over the adult business. This has been Black’s platform all along.

I noticed, though, on a couple of occasions, Ashley mentioned Raul Christian, and Ashley says he’s got issues with him. Mark and I probably have more in common than he realizes because I met Christian a couple of months ago, but I’ll save that story for the weekend. Black has referred to Christian as AVN’s “man of action.” Actually, that’s how Christian described himself when he was talking to me, so none of what you’re reading is made up.

Apparently some anonymous eMailer went on Mike South’s site this week and praised Black, sort of: “Rob Black is a fucking lunatic, but he tells it like it is. He calls out people everyone is too scared to call out.”

What I think caught Black’s attention is that this eMailer goes on to say, “My family has been in this business since 1974. My dad was arrested for obscenity over 20 times for running his bookstores. My family paid the price for free speech…”

If I didn’t know any better, I’d swear it was Black posting anonymously, except Black made a whole deal on his show yesterday about posters who don’t come out and identify themselves.

“I’d rather have one or two supporters than people who post emails anonymously,” Black said on his show.

“I appreciate silent support, but I’d rather not have it. It does our industry no good, the good people of our industry no good, if you don’t say who you are.”

Black spent a better part of the first hour of his show decrying the silent majority in porn who are sitting idly by allowing the “German Manwin machine” to over run the business.

“Manwin’s taking the business down, and you’re just sitting there watching it. You’re just taking the money and watching this mass genocide and fucking destruction of our business by Manwin.

“You’re watching this genocide happen. Piracy is the number 1 cause of the destruction of the business- Manwin’s performing genocide, and the FSC is watching the German conglomerate with ties to Al Qaeda and Osama Bin Laden, take it over.

“Derek Hay sends American talent to the Saudis to perform sex. You have a systematic destruction. You have a genocide of our business and the FSC sits there- the privileged Jews of the business – that take in all the money, wrapped in a blanket of selling out the 99%-ers.” Black has likened the business to the 1% with money selling our the remainder.

“Mike South do me a favor?” Black continued. “Will you not let people post that are anonymous? I’m begging everybody, the entire blogging world, do not let people post who don’t have the balls to say who you are.”

Black challenged those same people to send op-ed pieces to AVN because AVN’s not going to do anything about the state of the industry for all the partying.

Steve Javors is a jerkoff,” said Black. “If it wasn’t for porn these motherfuckers – Javors and Peter Warren – wouldn’t have a social life. They’re socially inept motherfuckers who are doing this to get close to pussy.”


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