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Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Daily Beast Writer Richard Abowitz Gets an Earful

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Daily Beast writer, John Stagliano advocate, and Aurora Snow’s ex boyfriend Richard Abowitz tweeted the following:

RichardAbowitz ‏@RichardAbowitz 17h
If you see John Stagliano congratulate him. He has finally done the right thing in life and adopted not one but two shelter cats! His first.

Next @RealRobBlack is gonna do a tumblr expose on Stagliano petting his cats and @Adultfyi1 will breathlessly rant he uses Canadian litter.

While I had no idea what that last untoward shot was about, Rob Black, on his Internet show Tuesday afternoon, explained. According to Black, Stagliano adopted a couple of cats from a shelter.

Black, of course, when into a metaphor about Stagliano petting pussy given his HIV status. Black then said he’d have to get off the phone and call Gene Ross about the story. So now the Abowitz tweet becomes more apparent.

“The Canadian cocksuckers are behind this with the cat petting,” mused Black which is a reference to the other sarcastic tweet Abowitz made when Mark Ashley wrote this story,

Whew. People with way too much time on their hands.

“I’m thinking we might need to call attention to this serious issue that John Stagliano is adopting and petting these little pussies with his ungloved hands,” laughed Black.

“He’s sticking his fingers in these pussies, and we don’t know if there’s a Canadian conspiracy. Fuck those terrorist suspects. This is some serious shit.

“Stagliano takes these cats home and strokes those cats with his left and right hand with a fast vigorous motion going up and down,” Black continued.

“Their asses are way up in the air, and these innocent cats will put their young innocent cat faces by the milk and go into the litter box to pee pee. That’s what John did today. I’m thinking there is a Canadian conspiracy because that’s who would allow John Stagliano to pet cats from a shelter.”

“Will AVN report on this?” asked Black.

“Actually right now I would like to see if The Daily Beast would cover the story. Is there anywhere I could get a writer to write a story? I can? Okay, Richard Abowitz. Let’s call Richard Abowitz and see if he can do a story that Rob Black is going to tell the story how John Stagliano shouldn’t pet kitty cats because he might infect them and Gene Ross would say it’s from a Canadian conspiracy.

“Can you believe that? Abowitz tweeted that. I know he goes to dinner with Stagliano and they jerk each other off. Richard, use a condom, please. What that says is Rob Black is so ludicrous he’d think John Stagliano could give HIV to a cat by petting it and that Gene Ross is so conspiratorial that he’d print about a Canadian conspiracy.

“Really? A health issue in our business, something that is serious in nature and you’re making fun of me because I find it extremely serious that our business is going through an entire dismantling by OSHA, and everybody, and you’re making a joke about a guy who performs without telling women that he’s HIV positive and puts their health at risk?

“You’re making a joke saying you equate me rallying against John Stagliano to him petting a cat? Really? I thought we were more mature than that. I thought when Aurora Snow dated you, it was because you were so mature for each other and you made her more intellectual reading books. I thought you were a more intellectual person.

“After you took Stagliano’s cock out of your asshole over the last week he must have said let me tell you something Abowitz, what Rob Black is saying is a lie. After your butt buddy took his condom filled penis filled with HIV out of your ass, what he said, Richard, ‘What we did was totally responsible and now I’m going to buy a cat and tell Rob Black to go fuck himself.’

“Stagliano convinced you of that and you did little quips.”

Black said he wasn’t parlaying 1985 hillbilly rumors about catching HIV.

“I do know that you could get HIV from using medical instruments and sticking them in girls’ anuses and vaginas and taking your hands and sticking them in those anuses and vaginas.

“I know you can get HIV jamming a woman’s bare foot, toenails and all, down your throat where it can cut your gums. Nobody said Stagliano is petting girls on their heads. Nobody said Stagliano is caressing girls with their clothes. What John Stagliano is doing is sticking his fingers in girls’ vaginas.

“He’s HIV positive. That’s reckless and irresponsible behavior, you liberal bleeding heart sonofabitch. Why don’t you write about that, you fuck?”


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