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Thoughts Over The Morning’s Coffee: Jack Spade’s “I’m No Pimp” Comments Beg Many Questions

There’s probably so much to the Richard Nanula story we’ll never know. Like, how did Jack Spade figure into it, if, at all. In fact, I wrote a doubting Thomas piece thinking that this must be some kind of a joke when Spade’s name first surfaced.

Yesterday Spade went on record- and I wonder why he waited so long- to distance himself from this sordid affair. Jack makes a couple of interesting comments. He says that someone else “tried to cause trouble for me because he had me confused with Ashley Erickson the person how runs”

You’re gonna have to explain that one for me because I missed that episode of the soap opera. All I know is Ashley Erickson is Teagan Presley’s real name. Other than that, this other Ashley Erickson person contacted me to say that her company had no connection with the St. Clair-Nanula story.

Now, how Jack Spade says he’s confused with Ashley Erickson is the part I’m missing.

Spade also writes: “When I first heard of what happened to Samantha Saint it truly sickened me. She is a very sweet girl and it makes me sad to think that someone would go to that level to cause problems for her.”

Jack, you must have missed that episode in the soap opera when photos of Samantha Saint and Richard Nanula surfaced on the Internet. At least four mainstream news sources- Variety, The Hollywood Reporter, The New York Daily News and the LA Times reported that Nanula was compromised with a porn star, though Saint’s name was never mentioned.

Sweet girls are not photographed [pictured] in hotel rooms with sex addicted Hollywood power players. And the fact that Saint’s husband Richard B. Hinckley Jr. is a lawyer asks what his role in this was. Did he know? If so, that means he must have been in on the scam. And if he didn’t, Hinckley just got cuckolded big time.

Spade adds: “It also made me very glad to NOT be involved in this increasingly sad and desperate industry.”

Besides Debi Diamond’s amazing comments from last week there you have another endorsement counter to all the Diane Duke glad tidings that this is a swell place to be, and no one should have to wear condoms.

But here’s what Spade says that I find intriguing: “Here is the deal, to an extent I don’t care what is written about me but the fact that my wife has been brought into all this will not be tolerated.”

Jack, your wife Bonnie Rotten has never been implicated in this affair and only been mentioned in the context because (A) she’s your wife and (B) she’s now heading up a gig for Adam & Eve that appears to soliciting customers for a week-long sex fest in Hedonism II

You know what they say about this business, Jack, perception is everything.

Spade states: “I do not and never have run an escort agency, I had nothing to do with the Samantha Saint situation and I have had no relationship with Trinity St. Clair since marring my wife at AVN in 2012.”

Is that telling me Spade had a relationship with Trinity St. Clair? But I quibble.

I also note- and with great interest- that St. Clair is listed as a client on James Bartholet’s Galaxy Publicity roster. Here’s a thought. Bartholet with all his Hollywood connections must have known or suspected that St. Clair must have known Richard Nanula and was up to shenanigans.

For a public relations outfit, nothing has been stated one way or the other to explain how St. Clair’s name got tangled in this whole intricate web of hotel rooms and apparent shakedowns. Now there I go. I’ve opened up a whole new can of worms.


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