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Tiffany Taylor Signs with Vivid

Porn Valley- Vivid Entertainment Group has signed 21-year-old starlet Tiffany Taylor to an exclusive, one-year contract.The deal calls for Taylor to do eight movies for Vivid in the coming year. The story I heard yesterday was that as soon as the Vivid announcement was made official, Taylor was leaving LA Direct to go to Cam Smith.

Here’s an interview I did with Taylor last October: “I meet Tiffany Taylor on the set of Defiance/Torrid’s latest movie this week. Taylor’s telling me that she used to be a Hooters girl. Taylor also asks if I’m going to put a little star next to her name for spelling it correctly. Taylor, who’s been in the business about a year and a half, currently has a non-exclusive contract with Sky Blue and Nick Manning.

Taylor also mentions that she just started doing b/g scenes back in February. “I never said I wouldn’t do that- I just wanted to get my feet wet and meet people,” she says. Asked if she ever saw instances of sexual harassment as a Hooters Girl, Taylor says yes.

“The manager would walk into the girls’ dressing room. He’d open the door- oh, I’m sorry ladies. We’re like, yeah, this is the girls dressing room. You could have knocked.” Taylor did that about a year then got tired of waiting tables.

“It was just annoying- my patience was running short, I think is what it was,” says Taylor. “Then it got really slow and I picked up an LA Weekly. There was an ad for nude modeling. I can totally do that. I called up the company. I go in and it ends up being a porn agency. It was for Reb’s Pretty Girls. The guy was like we’ll check off what you’ll do and won’t do. I’m thinking in my head what. I started seeing b/g, d.p., like what do these letters mean? I have no clue whatsoever. He’s like you didn’t know we were a porn agency? I’m, like, no. You didn’t advertise it as porn. You advertised as nude modeling.”

Of the given her options, Taylor said she could do g/g. “Because I had done it before in my personal life- it was no big deal. I started working very soon after that. I think that week.” Asked if it was a boyfriend-deal that led her to decide on g/g scenes, Taylor says not at all. “I was more nervous and to fuck a guy on camera, that’s a lot of pressure put on you. But with a girl it’s more fun and playful. I had done guys before, obviously, but I just felt more comfortable.”

Taylor was very sexually active before she got into the business. “I lost my virginity at 14,” she laughs. “I was tired of having it- fuck it, go away!” The guy was on the basketball team and Taylor thought he was a hot guy.

“I was in the ninth grade. He was a really cute guy. Actually I told him I wasn’t a virgin but, obviously, he found out! We went to a private school together. In the whole school there was like 700 kids. It was really small and you know everybody.” The first time Taylor did a girl was at the age of 15.

“She was a blond, really cute girl,” she remembers. “I don’t know what came over me. I’m living at home- I got on top of her. I was kissing her body all over. Then my mom walked in. We were acting like we were sleeping in my bed together. Then we went into the bathroom together, locked the door and turned off the lights.”

Taylor claims she doesn’t have any sex stories from Hooters but remembers a time when she went into the bathroom to do her lips.

“It was really busy- it was a football day and all the girls wanted to look their best and flirt with the guys. I ended up going to the bathroom and see four feet in the stall. I knew what was going on. I could hear the noises- people are fucking in the bathroom. It was really funny. I should have knocked- is there room for one more?”

For the life of her, Taylor can’t remember her first scene in the business. But her first b/g scene was with Kurt Lockwood. “At first I didn’t like him,” she says. “It was my first scene and he was really rough. My stupid agent at the time who I’m no longer with, booked me for that. I was why would you do that? You know his style. He’s really rough but I think he’s also a super-sweet guy. We shot together maybe a month and half ago together. Everything was all good, and we had an awesome time together. But the first time I walked off set- oh my God, what the fuck am I doing? I ended up leaving my agent. I was thinking it was for a really hardcore company, like Devil’s.

“For my first scene I would put a girl with a really gentle guy,” Taylor continues. “But it didn’t happen that way. It was fine after that. I switched agencies and went with Derek at Direct. He’s awesome. I love Derek. People say things about him. I don’t really care. We have an awesome communication. He’ll call me before he books me- can you work with this guy? I’ll tell him either yes or no. If I say it’s because he’s way too big. I do really good scenes.”

Taylor thinks that being a female performer is a totally empowering experience and advises new girls to take that into consideration.

“It’s a really cool thing- but don’t let them throw you out there with just anybody. For me, my on camera sex life and personal sex life are way different. Just take it slow. The money isn’t going anywhere, girls. Just pace yourself. Choose a couple of guys you know are good and you’ll be fine. When I first started out it was only with this person, only with that person.”

Taylor was about to do a scene with Alex Sanders.

“I’ve never worked with him,” she says. “But Derek knows my style. He’s not going to book me with Lee Stone. Lee is a super nice guy but, take it easy, girls.”

Taylor doesn’t do anal on camera though she’s tried it twice with an ex- boyfriend.

“It was awesome- I loved it,” she says. “The first time it was great but the second time he got really excited and just rammed it in me. We didn’t finish because it hurt. But the first time was amazing. I’d be down with it again but only with the right person.” Taylor’s seeing a few people right now. And she’s very upfront about what she does.

“I tell people the truth- the three people I’m dating right now all know what I do which is fine. My sister knows what I do; my brother knows and they’re all really cool. My dad I think knows, but never says anything to me about it. My mom- she’s so cute- my sister calls me Tiffany Taylor in front of my mom. My mom goes, well. My mom will go did you do video or print today? I’m, like okay. Momma knows. We’re so tight. She’s awesome. I love her.”

Among her sex experiences, Taylor thinks the craziest thing she’s done off camera was on a bar in a club.

“It was at Hooters with both the managers- just kidding!” she laughs. “It was on a bar. It was fun. It was at 2:30 in the morning after the place was closed. It was a very good looking guy. We were all a little drunk but I haven’t done anything crazy, like on a beach. That would be hot. I have yet to do that.”

In the time she’s been in the business, Taylor said she had one run-in with another female performer who had ” a stick up her ass”.

“But, otherwise, it’s been all good,” she says. “My only thing was when Kurt Lockwood and I worked for the first time. I did not care for him- that fucker hurt me! But when I saw him again, we talked. He goes that scene you shot was for a really hardcore company. I just did what they asked. By that time I had already fixed it in my head that it wasn’t his fault. It’s what the scene required. It’s not like I was shooting for Playgirl. But everything’s fine. I get along with everybody.”

Taylor’s major turn on is getting kissed all over her body. “Every inch- I love that,” she says. “I just got the chills.”


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