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Tim Connelly Suing AVN

> Mike South writes on When you go from one of the most powerful men in porn to Kurt Lockwoods drummer, who do you blame? Your former employer of course…I mean after all they shoved that coke up your nose while Kernes held you down didn’t they…

In case you haven’t figured it out we are talking about Tim Connelly here, he is suing AVN for wrongful termination.What a crock….

> Asia Carrera posts on Ok I just finished shooting 2 days for the E! Channel, and can I say that was the most emotionally gruelling shoot I’ve ever done. I mean imagine having to relive the most horrible, painful day of your entire life, for two days in a row, with TV cameras and a crew of people watching. Yeah, it was not fun. My brain was screaming at me, “Dammit, I’ve just spent the last 3 months building up walls around these memories to protect you, and you just tore them all down! Well you’re on your own now, buddy!”

And it was like all the old wounds had been ripped open again. All the pain that had kind of dulled down to numbness is screaming agony again, every little thing reminds me that yes, this is my life, my husband, my soulmate, my beloved, is gone gone gone… and I had two kids screaming in the car the whole way home from the shoot out at Mile Marker 80 today, as if to rub in the fact that you now have two tiny screaming banshees to take care of instead of your loving husband taking care of you. I’ve spent much of the last two days crying my heart out. I miss Don so much, it hurts it hurts it hurts… and no I’m not strong, I’m completely brokenhearted and just doing the best I can to make it through each day without my husband. What else can I do?

I just muddle on, however I can. Got these two kids to take care of, y’know? The E! show will air in January, the premiere episode of a new series tentatively titled “Boulevarde of Broken Dreams”, but that may change. I will keep you posted. And in other news, gambling and poker addicts like me (I am reformed, but still an addict at heart :o) you will be happy to know you can now own poker chips with yours truly on them! All different images and denominations! Check it out! Oh and that dress-voting contest really turned into a contest between boobs and butt didn’t it LOL!! I guess in the old days my butt would have won, but now my new mommy boobies have taken the lead! (personally I hate these new massive boobies, they are awfully heavy and make it hard to go jogging!) Here’s a pic that may help my butt into the lead again… hehehe! >:o)

> The NY Post catches up with a story that we posted this past weekend: THE Marines may like to look at Jenna Jameson – but only in private. The porn star’s boyfriend, ultimate fighter Tito Ortiz, was scheduled to give a speech as a guest of honor in front of 800 men in uniform at a “birthday” ball at the Marine Corps Air Station Miramar in San Diego on Nov. 12. But the pugilist was disinvited after the Marine brass found out he was going to bring Jameson as his date. Ortiz received an e-mail from Maj. Jason Johnston stating, “There is some serious consternation here about having your girlfriend attend our ball. Of course I, and a lot of Marines, are very excited about it, [but] many of our commanders feel it might be inappropriate for the type of event we are having . . . it is professionally embarrassing for me to have to possibly retract our invitation, especially when I am such a big fan.” Ortiz and Jameson are making other plans.

> Willie D comments on There is no irony lost in the fact that most Marines have probably wacked off to Jenna once or twice, but at least they know where to draw the line with a used-up, degnity-extracted whore:

There are only two weeks left until the Marine Corps birthday, and the air station in Miramar doesn’t have a guest of honor for its ball. Ultimate Fighting Championship brawler Tito Ortiz was slated to fill that chair at the beginning of the month, but canceled on Thursday after air station officials asked him to un-invite his girlfriend and date for the event, porn star Jenna Jameson.

“We invited him, and he accepted. Then, it became aware to us that his guest was going to be his girlfriend. Then, we had to make a decision, and the decision made was that she was not an individual or guest that we really felt was appropriate for the Marine Corps ball,” said Maj. Jason Johnston, a spokesman at Marine Corps Air Station Miramar, Calif.

> lance 69 writes: Somewhere there are thousands of pissed of Marines… Now they are also in Miramar.Months even years in the desert, nothing but hairy dudes and women dressed like Ninjitsu Ewoks everywhere. Only to come home to Tito…..

> moronboy writes: Just when porn-stars think they have finally gained mainstream and public acceptance, something like this happens to show them that they will never be fully accepted by the average US citizen.

> willie D posts on‘s been a while since anyone vented their spleen (or other organ if you’re Chris Sims), and quite frankly the porn business has been depressingly boring. But leave it to the fringes of society to always produce shit worthy of scorn and contempt.

Tawny Roberts (Mary Carey honorable mention). This crackwhore still has a Vivid contract? Mary Carey almost made this list, but I will forbear since she may actually be clean since her Mom took a swan dive. I am beginning to suspect Tawny is the shitty element in this pair. Mary has a little bank and needs friends; Tawny has no bank, needs drugs but not friends. Or put it like one of those SAT analogies… Mary Carey:Tawny Roberts::Sandra Bernhard:Madonna. And who in the hell can rationalize drinking beer like a fish while pregnant? Because we all know the active ingredients in gin (C2-H6-O) is much worse than the active ingredients in beer and wine (alcohol).

Porn plastic surgery. A secret memo is being passed among the whores which apparently lists the appropriate plastic surgery for their industry. It includes:

-tit jobs which stretch your skin to the breaking point. If your tits are bigger than your cranium, you have no future. Well, not true, they might get you $.50 more per hour in your hostess job at sizzler.

-chin chiseling

-Mr. Spock eyebrows

-Oscar Meyer® brand upper lip implants. The most unnatural look out there. And a dead giveaway.

-ass implants. Folks, you either have an ass, or you set aside some of your Xanax money each month and buy a health club membership, and hit the ass machine. If you have to wait in line, do it, you don’t get up until 11:00 anyway. Back in the day, the HotBox was actually a decent website. Good looking whores, a little raunchy. Apparently a decent place to make pseudo smut. Then came all the content “protected” by DRM (code talk for greed), then she sells out, then we come to find out that half the time, it wasn’t a female run business as presented. Making a whore the titular head of a porn producer seems to be a losing proposition, Jill Kelly, Suicidal Girls.

Blaise Christie. Even that name nauseates me. In an alt.sea of shitty, he is emerging as the alt.whipping-boy to replace Eor McGai. That’s quite an accomplishment. I wonder if Steve Hirsch knows that his “” target market are the ones downloading Kazaa, BearShare and LimeWire, and stealing the rest of his catalog.

Bono-one winning a porn contest. Either it was a fix was on or he was the only one who entered. I know she used to be a prostitute, but did “Bono the Po8” think he was finally going to get laid?

> posted on Isn’t it Outrageous that a manufacturer of adult Toys, Named Outrageous Toys that is ripping off people? Word on the street is that this company not only owes advertisers for adds it has placed in various magazines, vendors for merchandise it has bought and used and employees for work they have performed. Rumor has it these same people have also financially screwed over talent. If you are thinking of doing business with these people you might want to think twice about it.


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