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Tim from Naughty Modeling-update

Porn Valley- I used to run into Tim “the leprechaun” Myren so often at Odyssey Group that I just assumed he worked for them. No, Myren says. He was working for Al Borda at the time but used to run a lot of errands over there. And before he assumed his present status now as owner of Naughty Modeling,, Myren had clocked in another five years with Sin City. There’s an active lawsuit stemming from that occasion but Myren doesn’t want to get into details. Except to say that his time spent with Sin City was “very stressful.” Actually more stressful he says than running a modeling agency and having to cater to the whims of porn chicks.

Gene: Does it annoy you when people confuse you with Nasty Modeling?

Tim: No because they’re not my competition.

Gene: I was thinking because the names are so similar.

Tim: I think he [Dick Nasty] actually opened up his company right after Naughty Modeling opened up.

Gene: How long have you been in business?

Tim: The company has been around for three years. I’ve been with it for two years and March I bought it out. I bought the company. The owners- James and Jody from Anarchy- sort of got sick of running it. Because it is a big headache. I was driving the girls around, making sure they got to where they needed to go. I was booking a lot of stuff.

Gene: And obviously saving your money so you could buy out a company.

Tim: A little bit yes.

Gene: What made you decide that you wanted to take something like this on.

Tim: I knew I could make it into something really good, and it makes really good money. And I like working with people. I know everybody in the business. It’s good.

Gene: You were originally with Al Borda.

Tim: I started in 1995 with Al Borda. I was with him for about 2 1/2 years. Then I went to Sin City and helped with International Sales and Cable Broadcasting for about 5 1/2 years. Then I started with Naughty Modeling.

Gene: What were you doing for Al Borda?

Tim: It was pretty much me and him for awhile. Just producing, directing, sales, everything. Just me and him doing it all. Al was my neighbor. He lived downstairs from me. We became friends. I was looking for another job and he was looking for somebody to help him out.

Gene: What was it like working for Al Borda?

Tim: It was different. We’re still friends. He was a really good guy. Tough to work with because he had his multiple personalities, sort of. LOL. But he was a cool guy. I really liked working with him.

Gene: What’s he doing nowadays.

Tim: He owns Skin Industries which is a multi-million dollar company. You see his clothes in department stores.

Gene: I remember when Al Borda first got in. I think a lot of people in the porn industry thought he was a crock of shit, this big bullshit artist, that he had a big line of crap. But he really did have all these things going for him.

Tim: I was there for 2 1/2 years. We were roommates.

Gene: Were you with him at the time he was with Tammy Ann?

Tim: Yep.

Gene: So you saw all that drama.

Tim: Believe me, I was in all that. Oh God.

Gene: Good stuff?

Tim: I was in all that LOL. And I was there with the Whoreo crisis with Nabisco.

Gene: How did that finally resolve. I know they were suing his pants off for copyright infringement.

Tim: I think he ended up having to pay $300,000. It went on for quite awhile. I was in the lawsuit too because I was the custodian of records. My name was on the box. I got dragged in and then after about a year, I was taken off of it. I was lucky.

Gene: $300,000 is a grenade that would wipe out most porn businesses.

Tim: Al I can say does whatever he does. He somehow makes it work. I don’t know how but he does.

Gene: He’s one of these guys who falls on his feet.

Tim: Skin Industries is huge.

Gene: He’s not involved with the industry any more?

Tim: Not much.

Gene: There’s a lot of competition out there among modeling agencies. There’s always springing up. Does it make it tougher to get girls with all that?

Tim: Actually I get a lot of referrals from other girls; and I get a lot of girls from other companies calling me up saying can I come work for you.

Gene: If a girl makes a switch what is the reason that she would have left the other company.

Tim: It all varies. Either they’re not happy with something or whatever. Girls leave my company and go to other companies. To me it’s no big deal. If it happens it happens. I don’t want it to happen.

Gene: Is there any one thing, like you don’t pay enough attention to me.

Tim: No. I’m real easy to deal with. I don’t yell. I don’t scream. If they’re sick I don’t say you gotta go to work, you got to do this. There’s a lot of agencies out there that will work ’em and work ’em and not care. Because it’s money in their pockets. I know it’s money. I make good money at it. But these girls are human. You’ve got to treat them with respect and I do. If they’ve sick or they don’t feel good, and they can’t show up, then they can’t. Then I’ll call up. I hate doing it because I have to hear it from everybody- the production companies. And they get pissed off. But I’m not going to yell at a girl.

Gene: Having a talent agency, you ever get girls who’ll tell you I’ll suck your cock if you get me more work?

Tim: No, I don’t do that. That’s not right. I just don’t do it. I know there’s probably things out there where people do that. But it’s a business to me. It’s not a dating service. That’s how I run it. They don’t have to do special things to be in my agency. They don’t have to do anything. All I want them to do is is be straight up, tell me the truth of what’s happening.

Gene: What were your years like over at Sin City.

Tim: It was good. There was a lot of stress; a lot of stress. Which is one of the reasons why I’m not there now.

Gene: What was more stressful- that or dealing with a whole bunch of beautiful women driving you nuts.

Tim: I think Sin City was. It was dealing with everyone’s different personalities and stuff. I was actually- they won’t say terminated- but relieved from my duties. It was all a bullshit reason. There’s a lawsuit going on.

Gene: Is it going to get resolved.

Tim: It’s going to get resolved but Naughty Modeling is great. I really like it. My brother’s working for me now.

Gene: I didn’t know you guys were fraternal twins.

Tim: Yeah, we’re twins LOL.

Gene: No offense but you guys don’t look anything alike.

Tim: Yeah. He got hurt in a car accident and I hired him. He hurt his back really bad and he pretty much had nothing to do, nowhere to go. I hired him. He’s relieved a lot of stress. Not as much as I had at Sin City, but he relieved a lot. But he’s great. He really helps me out a lot.

Gene: You have some very nice girls on your roster.

Tim: I’m very picky.

Gene: What do look for.

Tim: This is how I think of it. I pick girls that I would date. Not that I would date them but I don’t. I pick girls that I would be happy with and like to go out with. That’s how I pick ’em. I go what do I like. I think I have pretty good taste and that’s how it is.

Gene: How do you get girls? Do you run ads?

Tim: I have some ads out. I’m always on the Internet. There’s And stuff like that. I’m always looking out but I get a lot of referrals. A lot of my girls have girlfriends who want to get into the industry.

Gene: When there was crisis a like the HIV-thing, did you notice if there was a period where women stayed away from the business?

Tim: It was weird because there were more girls coming in at that time. It didn’t seem to stop them.

Gene: What reasons do girls generally come in the business for? Is it ultimately the money. Do they want to be the next Jenna?

Tim: Some girls think that. I tell them pretty much it’s rare that that’s going to happen. But most of it is for money. I’m sure 99% is all for money. Rare is if it’s for money, and they really like doing it. But it’s all for money.

Gene: Do you give them a little orientation speech?

Tim: A little bit. I tell them how I run my company and how I want them to act and try to be professional; if they’re on set, try to get along with everyone because it really helps out. It’s really laid back and I think it works that way.

Gene: With the years you’ve been in the business, have you dated anyone from the industry?

Tim: Never. I’m sure it’s going to happen some day. It hasn’t happened yet.

Gene: I’m sure you meet women from the outside. They know that you work in the industry and they’re okay with it?

Tim: It’s 50-50. Even more so now it’s a little bit worse because I’m an agent. When I was with Sin City or Al, it was different. But now I’m around girls all the time. They’re all good looking. Before I was in an office. So there is a big difference with that now.

Gene: What do you like to do for relaxation?

Tim: There isn’t much of it. The one thing I am is 24/7. I have phone calls 3 in the morning from directors. And there’s some companies that don’t run like that. They close at 5 and I’m glad. Anybody can call me up any time. You’re either picking up somebody at the airport at midnight, or shoots are going on till two o’clock in the morning.

Gene: I’m sure there’s craziness that crops up which you have to attend to.

Tim: I got something like that a week ago. I can’t talk about it.

Gene: That’s the one I want to hear about.

Tim: It’s a doozie. It was one of the worst. I had one where the girl and the boyfriend get kicked out of their hotel rooms. The police are there. There’s a girl getting arrested. I have to bail her out. There’s been so many times where a girl has been kicked out of her hotel room and I have to take her to another hotel and she’s kicked out of that place.

Gene: How about where you’ve said to yourself this girl is more trouble than what she’s worth.

Tim: I had a girl who only worked with her boyfriend [Larissa Fox]. She went to a blowjob scene. It was for Extreme. She didn’t want to do the scene for some ungodly reason. I’m on the phone with her. It’s your boyfriend. You know the guy. She says I don’t want to do it now. And I paid for her taxi. She says I don’t want to do it. Like you need the $300. It’s your boyfriend. What’s the problem? She goes I don’t feel like I want to blow him. And it’s her boyfriend. I get her boyfriend on the phone. I go what’s wrong with your girlfriend? He goes I don’t know. I go it’s you. She doesn’t want to blow you. She’s yelling in the background, and I guess they got in some fight. It was probably the first and only time I got on the phone and went, get the fuck out of porn. If you can’t blow your boyfriend, something’s wrong. She was with me three or four weeks. I was getting them work and it’s hard to get couples work. They didn’t do great scenes just mediocre, okay scenes. But it was a good-looking couple. They lived in Riverside so I either had to pick them up or have a taxi bring them. Then they wouldn’t do this thing for $300. It was an easy thing. They left for about a month then got back in. They were in for three weeks then moved to Minnesota. Thank God.


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