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Tim Myren Goes Oooooooooooooh

Porn Valley- In January Tim “the leprechaun” Myren of Naughty Talent took on three business partners. In February, Myren discovered that he no longer had his own company. Or so he says. That’s because Myren claims he was voted out by his partners. Funny thing, Myren’s not a public company and there’s no shares involved but all of a sudden he’s out. Poof. Just like that. I talked to Myren Friday afternoon, and he gave me a tale of woe from Temecula where he’s now residing. As Myren tells his story, some of it sounds like the story with Gary Kremen and Stephen Cohen only without the $65 million price tag.

Except you talk to Sascha, one of the business partners, and in Sascha’s version of the story, Myren left out a few minor details. Such as the fact that Naughty Talent is now a corporation, and there’s an agreement that if one of the partners fucks up, he can be booted out. And, according to Sascha, Myren fucked up.

In the teaser paragraph to this story, Sascha says Myren sounds like a victim.

“But it’s really not like that,” Sascha swears. According to Sascha, Myren was about to sell his agency a couple of months ago.

“We partnered up and I invested enough money in the agency,” Sascha continues. “Tim was very deep in debt. He owed a lot of people a lot of money. But at the end, it turned out that he owed even more money than he claimed.” Unaware of just how much Naughty Talent really was in the hole, Sascha brought in two more partners.

“Tim kept on lying at the beginning,” Sascha says. “He said there was no more debts, but there were would be more debts.”

According to Sascha, Myren was even trying to use the girls in the agency as collateral.

“You can’t use girls as collateral because you don’t own them,” Sascha continues. “But we still backed Tim up but he would tell us he talked to this person or that person about business. And he never talked to them. That’s the short version. We kept giving him more and more chances, then at one point, Brian, one of the partners, said he couldn’t be involved with Tim any longer.”

According to Sascha, he found himself spending a good chunk of the day cleaning the mess that Myren, allegedly, would leave behind. But Sascha’s also saying that he basically financed this acquisition by putting $25,000 of his own money into it. Even with all the alleged fuck ups, Sascha claims that Myren had a job.

“And he got a percentage of every girl that he brought in,” Sascha contends. “He also got free rent and a basic salary.” The way Sascha tallies the figures, Myren could got as much as $9,000 a month plus free rent plus gas.

“It’s not such a bad deal,” he says. According to Sascha, Naughty Talent had never been a corporation prior to the partnership.

“We made everything legal, and we also made it that people could be voted out,” he says. “It was in the contract that somebody could be voted out if somebody fucks up. Not just Tim, everyone could be voted out by majority vote. And on top of that we had a working agreement about what everyone was supposed to do. We all signed it. We initialed every page,” Also in the agreement, says Sascha, there are stipulations that a partner would get bought out.

“There’s also a non-complete clause,” Sascha points out. “Because there was a major investment. A non-compete contract is useless in California unless there’s an investment involved.” Sascha notes that Myren would bring in girls who’d stay around three or fours days then leave without paying rent or expenses.

“But since he [Myren] left, no girls have left,” says Sascha. “It’s just that he’s trying to look like a victim.” By the time AEE rolled around Myren was basically down to two girls- Daisy and Jessi Summers according to Sascha. “And Jessi wasn’t even in town after AEE. And half the links on the website weren’t even functioning.

“Then he [Myren] took Daisy and Jessi over to LA Direct and sold them,” Sascha contends. “He got $1,000 for each girl. It’s called a finder’s fee. But it’s illegal because we have a non-compete clause in the contract and he wasn’t supposed to take any girl out of the agency.” According to Sascha, Myren even left a message on his phone admitting that he still owed Sascha money. Even with all this, Sascha said he’d hire Myren back but just as a driver and recruiter with a pretty substantial package.

“The company [formerly Naughty Talent] was completely illegal at the beginning,” Sascha continues. “There was no DBA; there was no incorporation.. We had to clean up a lot of shit.” Sascha’s also quick to point out that Myren was very capable of bringing girls into the business.

“But he was never able to keep them. I still think Tim’s a good guy- don’t misunderstand me. I just think he has no balls. He tried to stay out of trouble everywhere. If a girl pissed him off, he couldn’t stand up to her. He has to tell people what you think and what the rules are. You can’t drive one girl around all day to get her shit done because he has no balls to say no, I can’t drive you to the hairdresser, after that, the mall; aftter that, the tanning salon. Eight other girls are getting pissed. That’s the problem.”



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