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Tim Myren’s Side of the Naughty Talent Story

Porn Valley- Tim Myren is out at Naughty Talent and how that happened depends on which version of events you subscribe to. Sascha, one of the partners in the deal, gave his rendition, basically saying that Myren was a fuck up. This is Myren’s version.

“I went into partnership with Brian Riley,” says Myren. “He’s also known as actor Erik Elise; and there was Sascha. Sascha was the one who initiated this deal. He came to me and said let’s do this and I’ll help you out.”

According to Myren, Sascha told him he’d help make Naughty Talent bigger. “He gave the opportunity- he said let’s do this. I’ll put up some financial backing to do it. He didn’t give me a huge amount to do it. He just put up money for an apartment and pay off some bills- stuff like that. That part was a loan. I’ve been hearing stories that I was paid $20,000. It was nothing like that. Then there was this other guy Shawn McCall- he’s a photographer. They were the three partners.”

According to Myren, the partnership went into effect January 1. And on February 1, the financing part took effect.

“When that took effect, they wanted me involved in less and less of what I was doing,” says Myren. “I was booking the girls, and everything I was doing, they didn’t want me to do. I told them I didn’t bring you in to take over- I brought you in to make it work, to make it bigger. I could feel that there was something that wasn’t right.”

According to Myren, he agreed to switch servers and gave his partners the pass codes.

“When they did that, they switched over all my domain names and everything that had to do with Naughty,” says Myren. “They made it to where they were the owners and I wasn’t. They switched over the whole registration and everything. I found that out pretty much that night, the next morning.” When he inquired about what happened, Myren says he was told you no longer own the domain names.

“I was the one that bought them- I paid for them. I was told, well, you don’t own them any more,” Myren continued. Myren claims his Naughty Talent website had an Alexa rating of around 100,000.

“That’s pretty good,” he says. “I think they wanted an agency that was already established on the Internet.”

“Two days later we had a meeting and I could feel there was something wrong here,” Myren went on to say. “You guys didn’t want me to do my job. This is what I do. This is how we’re going to do bookings. I know everybody and you don’t want me to do it. What the hell is going on?”

Asked if he was receiving compensation, Myren said the agreement was that everyone would be paid at the end of the month.

“No money would be received- I was spending my own money for traveling expenses,” Myren said. “All my money was still going out, but in the meeting they’re telling me you’re basically voted out of the partnership We no longer want you as a partner. I told then you can’t do that. This is mine- this is my company. They said they had a majority of the vote and I was voted out. I was in shock because I’ve had this for four years.”

According to Myren he was told by his partners they would keep him on as an advisor and a talent coordinator.

“What the fuck is that?” Myren asks. “An advisor?” Myren claims he was told take it or leave it. Then, with little choice being given him, Myren was eventually told, you’re done.

“We don’t want you part of the company I was told,” says Myren. “That was it. I wasn’t paid any money.” Myren says those events took place February 15.

“I was in shock- I couldn’t believe it,” he says. “There were girls that had been with me for four years when I started like Daisy. And Jessi Summers had been with me for seven months. They were the top girls on the site.”

Myren says he then brought Daisy and Jessi over to LA Direct.

“They were, like, we’re not going to stay with Naughty,” Myren continued. “I didn’t know what to do, but I wanted to make sure they were taken care of so I took them over to LA Direct. I pretty much made arrangements with Derek to take over all their bookings and make sure they were taken care of.”

Asked what happened to the remainder of the girls, Myren said he was bringing in girls but his partners had some girls they brought in as well.

“If you look at them, they’re just regular girls,” Myren thinks. “They’re nothing special. They just stayed which was no big deal to me because they’re not Daisy and Jessi’s caliber. That was pretty much it.”

Myren said he was in the process of starting up another agency. All things considered, Myren feels that what happened was planned from the beginning.

“It all happened too fast,” Myren thinks, noting that back in December he was trying to strike up another deal but wasn’t happy with the way that was going.

“Sacha came to me and said you shouldn’t do it, it isn’t a good thing. I’ll be there. I’ll back you up on this.”

As Myren relates, Sacha then brought in Brian.

“I absolutely had no clue who he was,” Myren says. “Supposedly he has a business background and knows a lot about business. But it doesn’t matter if you know about business- the porn business is completely different. Before he got into porn, Brian was a bartender and his wife who’s, Ariana Elise, was a bartender.

Myren, who’s currently living in Temecula, comes into the valley about four times a week. In the meantime, he’s been recruiting new girls.

“I have a couple that I’m working with now,” he says. “I’ve been in this for so long that a lot of people that I’ve dealt with are sticking by me.” Myren notes that he also works for Anarchy Films and directs a series titled Suitcase Pimps.

“My director’s name is Timmy Crass,” he says. It’s also Myren’s opinion that his former partners will wind up destroying the company.

“I don’t like the fact that they took all my domain names and made them theirs. Naughty Talent was a great name, and they knew that right from the start.”


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