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Tina Tyler Directing for Mercenary

Porn Valley- Tina Tyler was Jason Sechrest’s guest Friday night on the The Young & The Curious Show,

Before Sechrest brought out Tyler, he announced that he was syndicating the Jason’s News Desk feature from his website. “It’s already appearing on dozens of websites including the highly trafficked,” he announced. “I’m really excited about that.” Sechrest said both mainstream and porn websites will be carrying his column.

Sechrest also said some pictures from Mayhem’s Dementia 2 are on his site as well. “I don’t know why I put these pictures on my website- they’re a little too freaky for me,” said Sechrest who described the photos as featuring girls in gas masks. In the movie, Missy Monroe has a scene with Napoleon. “He also wears a gas mask,” laughed Sechrest.

In some casual chat, Sechrest mentioned that he took a break this year from the AEE convention, Tyler agreeing that it takes a lot out of a person, knowing 16 people who came down sick from that show. “We have to push ourselves so hard and the immune system comes down.” Tyler also mentioned that she was now almost 40. “I proclaim my age. And I’ve earned every line.”

Tyler, who’s had her hair cut short, said she was now directing for Mercenary but is still giving thoughts to performing in one last scene before her birthday comes up in July. Tyler also mentioned that her first title for Mercenary comes out March 24, titled Ironhead 3. “It’s a b.j. title,” said Tyler noting that there were 11 scenes and 13 girls featured in it. “It’s two hours and thirty minutes of fellatio-filled fun.” Tyler said not only are b.j.’s something she’s known for, but it’s also something she enjoys. “This is something I enjoy capturing when it’s done well.” Tyler mentioned that she’s also shot another two volumes in that series that are waiting in the wings to be released.

The males in the cast are larger than average, said Tyler. “But I wouldn’t say they’re all Lexington Steele.”

Tyler said she’s been dating but no one exclusively and she keeps a couple of booty calls. “I have to make time for that,” she laughs. In addition to the Ironhead series, Tyler said she’s about to embark on a softcore series for them as well. “It’s all softcore- there will be no hardcore footage,” she said. “It’s going to be called Passion because for me that’s the hottest part of softcore, the passion, the eye contact, the lust.” Tyler said that Mercenary was widening its net but she couldn’t talk too more about it. But Tyler said she’ll be shooting within the next couple of weeks and already has several women in mind to cast.

“It’s going to be softcore but not traditional softcore,” she says. “There’ll be several differences. The first one is there will be no acting involved. No real actual storyline.” Tyler said the action will spin from basically one question- what’s your passion. And each scene will explore a different passion which is limitless. There’s so many different types of passion. There’s so many different things to be passionate about. The other big difference is that it’s going to be shot more in a gonzo style so it’ll be captured in a slightly different way. It’s going to be an awful lot of mine. That’s basically my baby. I came up with the concept, the whole nine yards.

Asked if she had any favorite performers to direct, Tyler said she could give a favorite type of performer to direct, that she didn’t want to throw names out. “There are an awful lot of people that stand olut in my mind and the list would be too long.” Among the types, Tyler said she likes working with a girl who doesn’t need direction. “She just goes in there wanting to be in there. It shows and she knows how to open to camera.” The secind type says Tyler is the exact opposite. “Someone who really asks questions and pays attention to the little details.” The person who doesn’t ask and doesn’t know what they’re doing is the one she doesn’t like to work with.

Tyler also prefers seasoned performers and likes to cast mature women. “I do cast every now and then an 18 year-old or a 19 year-old. But for the most part I like to cast over the age of 25.”

Sechrest, besides being her p.r. rep, says he sees a huge difference in any movie Vicky Vette is in. “I look at the movie and I look at all the other scenes in it- she’s enjoying herself more than anyone else in the movie. I don’t know if she’s at her sexual peak.” It’s Tyler’s opinion that women in their late Thirties are on their come down from that. “But talking with Vicky as much as I have is enough to understand that she’s always been a highly sexual woman. And it’s just who she is. There’s no apologies or excuses for that. That’s wonderful that she found her way here and certainly at the age she found her way here, I think that’s absolutely wonderful. She looks so phenomenal. There are 20 year-old girls that would kill for the hardbody she’s got.”

Sechrest asked Tyler if she had an opinion on Vette losing the Best New Starlet award. Tyler said she preferred not to comment on the awards in general. “I’m kind of soured on the whole vibe of all of that and the whole gossip of who should have one and who did win. How come this and how come that. It is what it is. I’ve kind of made my peace will all of that.” Tyler said in her early years she’d get sucked into the whirlwind of gossip. “I’m giving it more credit than it deserves and by driving myself crazy with it. It comes. It goes.”

Asked if she was going to be at the GayVN’s this week, Tyler said she was shooting that Thursday. “That’s going to be a late day.” Tyler said the last time she got to spend any time with her gay porn star friends was in Vegas. “When I finally heard on the third day there was a gay porn section. And I made my way over there. But I’ve just been so incredibly busy.” According to Tyler it’s been hard to make time just for having sex. “Physical needs first, and then talking.”

Tyler also said she was moving closer to Chatsworth, so she could be closer to work.


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