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Tina Tyler Raps Her Ex

Porn Valley- The issue of whether or not to talk to the press wasn’t the only topic covered by Quasarman and Tina Tyler on the Distorted Reality Show Friday night on KSEX, Tyler after commenting on Rob Spallone steared the conversation to her ex, Tony Tedeschi.

Quasarman was of the opinion that, as much as he likes Rob Spallone, someone should make it so that Spallone’s under house arrest for the next 60 days. Tyler said she had read something on one of the gossip sites [] that someone at Hustler under Larry Flynt’s direction called Spallone and told him to “shut the fuck up” to the press.

“And all I’m seeing for the next several days is him interviewing on all these websites,” Tyler said who quickly got on to the subject of Tedeschi. Tyler pointed out that she had been married to him for five months and questioned someone’s assessment that Tony be the industry spokesperson. “Huh!?”

“I’m sorry,” she said. “No…no…no…no…no. Anyone who is that pot addled and passionate about stupid causes should never open their mouth. I don’t believe the industry needs a spokesperson. I think we should shut the fuck up.” Quasarman wondered if Hollywood had a spokesperson. [It has been Jack Valenti.]

“Hollywood does not have a go-to guy,” Quasarman surmised, noting that if anything “horrible” is going on in the porn industry the tendency is to seek out Bill Margold “giving his frequent recesses over on the playpen of the damned rant. If I hear that one more time I’m going to choke on my own bile.”

Tyler said neither was she inclined to hear about Margold’s “dusty old teddy bears” one more time. Quasarman said he never met Margold and Tyler said he was lucky.

Quasarman: I’ve always thought to myself- here’s a naive girl just got off the Greyhound. She’s gone to a set. She’s just been sodomized but two 12-inch black guys, double-anal, slapped across the face; they’ve pissed in her eyes, threw her in a shower and sent her on her way. And Bill Margold, here, honey, have a bear. Creepy old man. What the hell’s wrong with you? Give her a fuckin’ ticket back to Nebraska, for Chrissake. Give her a shot of penicillin and send her back to Nebraska and some fuckin’ advice, don’t come back here again. You’ve made a horrible mistake. Give ’em a bear? Unbelievable.

Tyler said she didn’t hear Margold’s debate with Jimmy D on KSEX because she didn’t want her head to explode.Quasarman said he did and commented on Margold’s views about the outsourcing of talent to foreign countries.

“He said we should keep the business in America. This is where he started to sound like Pat Buchanan. He was, basically, there’s too many people going to shoot in these foreign countries like the Czech Republic.”

Quasarman said he shot in the Czech Republic and the reason he went there had nothing to do because it was cheaper but that there were incredibly beautiful women who show up on time. Quasarman suggested, rather Margold taking producers to task for shooting in the Czech Republic, he should be taking a look at people who have made$20,000 in a month and blew it all on 8-balls and bags of pot.

“Maybe that’s why people like to go shoot in other places.”

Tyler’s also of the opinion that the pride of workmanship in North America [including Canada where he’s from] has gone down “exponentially” since the Fifties.

“Unfortunately pornography is really the bastard child,” Tyler said. “It’s the place for all the lazy people to go- the people who really kind of want to be famous but don’t really want to have to work hard at it. It’s a great place to do that. But can you at least show up on time?”

Quasarman said he’s seem many an instance of a performer showing up to a set without their I.D.’s and tests accompanied by varied creative excuses.

Quasarman also addressed the various funds that are being set up for talent.

Quasarman: The fact of the matter is if I am a 20 year-old girl who’s very pretty and people are throwing money at me- And trust me there are certain girls out there that everyone wants to shoot. If that person- because something like this happens- they’re not able to earn money temporarily which brings me back to Mr. Tedeschi who was very vocal about how this is killing him, how he can’t pay his rent. This man has been in the industry for 12 years? [Tyler said more like 14.]

Tyler asked aloud why Tedeschi after all this time is still renting. Quasarman said he hadn’t been prepared to go there.

“If this was affecting me the same way I’d be fucked after awhile,” said Quasarman. “But these people are fucked right away. Like the day they stop making money, they’re, like, I can’t pay my rent! My cell phone’s getting cut off. My car’s going to be repossessed!”

Tyler said as soon as the news hit, she did the smart thing.

“I have money in the bank. I’m going to pay off everything- including rent for the next two months through June. Make sure that everything’s completely paid off. That way I know exactly how much money I have to play with until I can work again.”

Quasarman said he could understand the malady of a girl relatively new to the industry.

“But at the same time I’m not sure that I want to donate to a charity that is going to pay the bills of a girl who’s only paid two months of dues.”

That being said, Tyler suggested that everyone take responsibility for their own actions and stop whining and playing the blame game and pointing fingers at everybody but themselves.

“Perhaps they wouldn’t have to be in such a financial panic and they’d be able to pay their rent and they’d be able to take 60 days off.”

Tyler said she was disappointed with the timing on this because she had been planning on a vacation that she can’t take until three or four months later. “But it’s not like it’s life or death.”


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