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Tina Tyler’s Male Auditions Start May 6; [not hers] Operating Without 2257’s

Porn Valley- Tina Tyler was a recent guest on The Wanker Show where she announced that she was searching for big dicks.

“I’m auditioning men for a shot at porn stardom,” she said. “I’m holding auditions every two weeks. The auditions will be posted on my website, Every other month site members will vote and a winner will be chosen. That lucky winner will get a scene with a known porn star shot by me for the site and also a personal introduction to the top talent agents in the business.”

Wankus was curious if winners would ever get a taste of Tyler.

“That sort of depends,” she says. “Not specifically a casting couch but I am a single gal and you never know what can happen.”

“You’re going to get this guy who might do okay with some newer, hottie girls but then you’ve got to see if he can handle a professional who’s got a reputation like you have,” said Wankus.

“Jack Lawrence,, himself even admitted- when he had to work with Peter North, he couldn’t get wood. He was so intimidated by his legenady status that he couldn’t get wood. And to not get wood around a man, that’s crazy.”

Tyler said she’s had that situation happen with her.

“I’d be working with a guy who’s releatively new and he’s a little awe-struck or star-struck. All of a sudden nothing’s going into the penis.”

Wankus added that your brain starts taking over and it gets even worse.

Tyler said the auditions start May 6th and she’s already gotten a great response from the press she’s put out.

“I’m looking to obviously continue the media juggernaut. This is a real thing and an ongoing search. There will be multiple winners.”

Interestingly, Tyler received a lot of e-mails from girls in the industry saying it was about time.

“There’s always a huge flood of girls entering the industry on an hourly basis,” stated Tyler. “And very rarely do you get a new guy.”

Tyler then addressed some of the things the aspirants would be expected to do.

“He’s expected to show up well groomed and smelling nice,” she listed.

“Don’t show up like you do at the AVN conventions,” Wankus cautioned.

“Body hair is not an issue for me as long at it’s neat and trimmed,” Tyler added.

“Shave your balls,” co-host Rebecca Love suggested. “I love shaved balls.”

“Other than being well groomed and well kept he will be required to disrobe entirely, shirt and pants,” Tyler continued. “He will be required to get an erection and to resolve the erection. Not necessarily on demand. It will take as much time as it takes. Obviously someone who can resolve his situation a little more timely will be looked at a little more seriously.”

Wankus wondered if guys fantasizing about Alec Baldwin’s daughter might be a problem. Tyler said she didn’t care what men fantasized about.

“Whether they’re jacking off in front of me or they’re fucking me, I don’t care as long as it doesn’t come out your mouth.”

Wankus remembered a time he was trying to get it up on a set with Van Damage rattling his cage yelling at him to get going. Wankus said if you can get it up under those circumstances you’re proving your mettle.

Tyler however said she’ll be easier on the guys than that.

“I want guys to audition for this thing,” she laughed. “I’m not going to make it that difficult on them.”

So far Tyler said she’s been very encouraged by the response she’s gotten.

“I’m definitely looking for men 21 and over,” she continued. “I’m not messing around with kids. I’m looking for men of every race possible. We need more Latin men. We need some Asian men. We need a little more diversity so I’m looking for the rainbow coalition here.”

And, said, Tyler, size really doesn’t matter.

Asked if she had a website, Tyler said she’s never had one and doesn’t recommend anyone going to because it isn’t hers.

“There’s some assholes who are making money off of my name and likeness without 2257 records,” she reported. Tyler explained the site was being operated out of another country and that’s why they’re getting away with it.

Tyler also noted that she was directing for Mercenary Pictures, once a month.

“I do two all-new girl lines: Fresh Out The Box and Black Moon Rising. The first one, she says is an interracial series; Black Moon Rising is all black.

Tyler also shoots another series titled Super Whores as well as Iron Head which is a blowjob line. She also shoots the gay lines: Penile Intuition and Blow Hards as well as Handy Man which is a solo masturbation series designed for women.

“They tell the woman what they want to be doing to her- it is very hot. And the girls are digging it.”

For her own personal tastes, Tyler said she was “down with the brown.”

“I don’t go to clubs or anything. I’m 42 years old. It’s not my scene and when I do go out I like to be entertained.” Tyler said she doesn’t see anyone from the business.

“I’m not fucking on camera any more and I don’t want to be with somebody who is.”

Tyler’s been in the business 15 years.


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