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Tito Ortiz Split With Jenna Jameson Taking Nasty Public Turn Before UFC 132 Bout

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from www.bloody – Former UFC light heavyweight champion Tito Ortiz has been going through some nasty public drama with his ex-partner Jenna Jameson. According to published reports the two split a couple of weeks back. They took their fussing and a feuding to twitter over the weekend (tweets compiled by Fight Opinion obscenities **’d out by me):

Tito Ortiz:

@FreakyFella no sick of being treated like s**t with no support. U get to read half the s**t I go though.

Lol coming from a hooker from the HBO show cathouse! Thats funny. Shut up and sell your sn***h. RT @ExpensiveBlonde: Seriously! @jennajameson Has been 100 percent faithful to @titoortiz ! Stop already bitches!

@pink_cashmere she done nothing but stolded and tried to break us up. She can have jenna now

Not nuts just done with the lies and deceit. The hand I was holding was bring me down now a will let go.

Not whem my friend call and tell me. RT @Anghays: @schaefdaddy @jennajameson @titoortiz @wardski21 tons of girls were wearing dresses w/high heels. why u tryin’ to make trub for this couple?

Ok im done talking about this s**t. I found some s**t out that happen from a few friends. First time my bad ,second her bad ,third I should of believe the first time. Will find someone who respects and supports me. Life will go on! I will stay strong.

Jenna Jameson:

I am perfect, saying mean lies on twitter is wrong. I am a mother, and I love Tito and my children.

I love him, and he is angry. I stand behind him no matter how much he lashes out at me

I love @titoortiz and will fight for him forever. No matter what he sais

My children are my main priority, lies about fatherhood is yucky. Just be a dad and stop partying and train…your fight is soon.

I love @titoortiz and I would never disrespect him with another man. I’m a good girl, and mommy!

I was in Vegas for 2 days with my gay make assistant. Tito is my man, so all you losers trying to be dumb, fuck you

Once again, I love my kids and they are my main priority. Talking smack on twitter seems insane when life is more important

I want the real @titoortiz back. He used to be loving, I get how a lot of you think I’m garbage, but he’s me babies daddy, and I love him

Ortiz is scheduled to face up and comer Ryan Bader at UFC 132. The 36 year old ex-champ has been dogged by injuries and hasn’t won a fight in the UFC since beating Ken Shamrock (twice) and Forrest Griffin in 2006. Since then, he’s fought once per year and has lost every fight with the exception of a draw against Rashad Evans in 2007 (Ortiz would’ve won had he not been penalized for holding the cage).

A break up or divorce is one of the most stressful things anyone can go through and for a fighter trying to prepare for a fight it can be positively devastating. Randy Couture still attributes one of his losses to Chuck Liddell to the stress and distractions of his second divorce.

Ortiz has a little over a month to finish preparing for the Bader bout. Every day is critical if he’s going to win this fight and keep his career in the cage alive. The baby mama drama cannot be helping.


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