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Tom Sizemore Could Face 16 Months for Probation Violation

Los Angeles- Tom Sizemore may have plenty of downtime to ponder his latest screwup.

The Saving Private Ryan soldier appeared in a Los Angeles court Tuesday and copped to violating the terms of his probation with a methamphetamine-powered arrest last month—an admission that could land him up to 16 months behind bars.

Sizemore then begged the judge not to.

“If you would please just give me one more chance for myself,” Sizemore told Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Cynthia Rayvis. He said that if Rayvis would let him remain on probation, he’d “guarantee that I will give it everything that’s good about me.” He also said the freedom would allow him to be a proper dad to his two-year-old twin sons, Jayden and Jagger, whom he had with ex-girlfriend Janelle McIntire.

Rayvis said she would issue her decision at a hearing next Monday. But the judge possibly tipped her hand, saying that Sizemore has shown that he “cannot successfully sustain or complete” his probation.

Until then, Sizemore, 45, will remain in the same jail cell where he’s been cooling his heels since June 5, when he surrendered on an arrest warrant.

The order came after L.A. prosecutors filed a motion asking the judge to hold Sizemore without bail for failing to obey the terms of his probation in a 2004 drug case. Specifically, Sizemore was ordered to refrain from using or possessing narcotics or associating with people known to be drug users or sellers, except within the confines of a rehab program.

Sizemore was working on an indie film in Bakersfield, California, in May when he and his assistant, 33-year-old Jason Salcido, got into an argument with a hotel desk clerk over a botched reservation.

Cops were called to the scene and they found the duo holed up in their car. A search turned up two bags of crystal meth and accompanying paraphernalia, along with three medications for which Sizemore had no prescription—Vicodin, Klonopin and Valium.

According to police affidavits newly obtained by the Bakersfield Californian, Sizemore admitted snorting methamphetamine as well as sleeping with a prostitute on May 7, the day before his arrest, while his girlfriend was upstairs in the same residence.

When asked how many drugs he had taken, the actor acknowledged taking a “teener,” a small baggie that contains about 1.7 grams of meth, enough apparently for 12 lines. But he claimed that the drugs—with the exception of some Viagra pills he had a prescription for—actually belonged to the hooker, whom he referred to as Keisha in the police report.

Meanwhile, the newspaper reports that the reason Sizemore’s reservation wasn’t in the system is because he was banned by the management.

The Four Points Sheraton Hotel had reportedly informed the film’s production company that Sizemore would no longer be given a room because he trashed the last room he stayed in between Apr. 16 and 23, including burning a hole in the comforter.

The production company apparently failed to tell Sizemore the news, which led to the confrontation and his eventual arrest.

Sizemore pleaded not guilty on May 22 to five felony counts of transporting and possessing methamphetamine and possessing three controlled substances without proper prescriptions, offenses that could land him in prison for up to six years.

His next scheduled appearance in Kern County Superior Court is July 16. But it’s doubtful he’ll be going to Bakerfield until his probation mess in L.A. is cleared up.

An attorney for Sizemore could not be reached for comment. At today’s hearing, Deputy Public Defender Joel Lueck indicated he would attempt to seek bail for the actor.

Meanwhile, Sizemore is also facing jail time stemming from his 2003 conviction of misdemeanor domestic violence for allegedly striking former girlfriend and ex-Hollywood Madam Heidi Fleiss. Sizemore remains free while the case is on appeal. A hearing on today’s docket was postponed until July 20.


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