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Tony Offered Joey’s Job?

Luca Brazzi calls me Saturday afternoon.

Luca Brazzi: I read the comments of Mr. Metrosexual and I want to add a few of my own. Regarding Tony Santoro, Tony has been offered Joey Wilson’s job. So let’s clear up the confusion there. Here’s some other background. Jade went to Metro Friday and Metro told her we’re cutting your pay in half.

Gauge is also being repped by Don Hollywood. He’s now her attorney. They’ve been saying here’s what we want to do. This is what will make us happy. We’ll do this. We’ll do that. You pay us. Gauge gets a lump sum of money. We tell her to show up for a shoot then she tells us she has a doctor’s appointment. I have a serious medical ailment. And then she disappears. But when it comes time to get her check she’ll jog to the office.

The latest was they wouldn’t let her on set because she didn’t have an AIDs test. She was never kicked off a set. She didn’t have a current test. She also made comments about royalties from a website. What Metro said was this. We’ve had up and running ever since Metro took it over. We’ll give you ten percent of the royalties from the day the site was taken over by Metro. The site is being run by one girl out in California and another in Rhode Island.

But in the mean time, Gauge has told her fans not to support it. She’s told people not to go to it. She’s told people it’s a fraud. She’s told people she has nothing to do with it. She’s told people that Metro sucks yet we’re still offering her ten percent just as a good faith thing. And she says fuck you. She has this distorted reality, this point of view that she deserves everything. ‘I’ve bad mouthed your company but pay me.’

On her other website she fired two webmasters who she claimed were stealing from her. The site is shut down.

On Friday Gauge walked in there, and Metro said enough’s enough. This last fiasco was this movie Gauge Gone Wild. We agreed to give her $10,000 for the movie. She did a solo scene, a lesbian scene, an interracial blowjob and a threeway. But now she’s going off on Metro.

They told her yesterday, you got medical problems, you show up without an AIDs test but you’re here on time to get your money. Gauge also has this boyfriend Jason. When they met he didn’t want anything to do with porn. He hated the fact that she was in porn. He works on the docks. He’s part of a union. Now he’s everywhere with her and there’s rumors that they’ve hired Alexandria Quinn as an escort so they can have threeways. [Gene sez: I believe that was also mentioned one time on KSEX.] Now Jason’s in every piece of the porn business. Jason did call Neil a cocksucker.

And Gauge has made much more than the $70,000 figure that she’s thrown out there. Much more. And she’s probably shot less than four or five scenes. Cumulatively she’s worked maybe 10 days for Metro and got paid $70,000.She can talk and say all these horrible things but we’ve got every check that she signed. Now she went on the air in December and said she can’t go home for Christmas because she didn’t have money. She cashed a Metro check for $7,000. That’s what she gets paid every month, $7000.

But Kenny has always said the girl has a following, try to work it out. Kenny has not been involved with this. All Kenny’s been telling people is try and work it out, thinking maybe some of it is production’s fault.

Gene: What was the thing on Joey Wilson?

Luca Brazzi: I think what it was, Neil and Joey were butting heads. When Joey started it was before Neil. Joey had a lot of ideas and Joey wanted to do a lot of things. Then Neil came on. And Neil’s not from the adult industry. But Neil’s very savvy. He’s a numbers guy. He analyzes sales and he analyzes statistics. He and Joey had two different philosophies. Joey would come in and say okay here’s what we’re going to do. Then Neil would analyze it and say how about we don’t do that. How about we do this instead. I think that’s what it was. I don’t think it was a dislike for each other. I think they just couldn’t agree and it was probably slowing things up because there was so much time spent arguing and less time utilizing talent, the directors, etc. Pat Myne has put out some really twisted stuff and so has Bridgette Kerkove. But they’re not shooting as much because everyone’s stuck in production meetings.


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