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Top Bucks Claims Responsibility for Party Flaps

(TUCSON, AZ) — The Top Bucks sponsored party during Internext that involved live sex scenes with alleged untested talent, no condom, is still a common talk of the town on message boards in the fan, adult talent and webmaster communities. had an opportunity to speak with Top Bucks Director of Marketing & Public Relations, Quentin Boyer about the events that unfolded, as well as the allegations and concerns of industry folks who did and did not attend the PornoPalooza event.

While Boyer claimed he was playing the roll of schmooze guy out front, meeting and greeting guests as they arrived for the party, he did say that Top Buck accepts all responsibilities for any activities of the evening. In an e-mail to TPT Boyer wrote, “Ultimately, of course, it is our responsibility because it was our party. We trusted the operation of the photo
shoot itself to Photo Gregg and his crew – which in retrospect, if what
we’ve been hearing is accurate, may have been a mistake.”

TPT caught up with Quentin on an instant messenger service and asked more specifics.

TPT: Top Pro Talent here

Quentin: ah – hi Wayne.

TPT: Thank you for your reply

Quentin: sure, np

TPT: First of all, thank you for your invitation and putting on a fun party

Quentin: sure, of course. glad to hear you had a good time.

TPT: What is your affiliation with Top Bucks? Job Title?

Quentin: I’m the marketing director


TPT: Full name if you don’t mind

Quentin: Quentin Boyer – most people just call me Q.
officially, I’m the Director of Marketing and Public Relations

TPT: Sounds good. I should tell you, when TPT broke the story about the alleged sexual misconduct at the PornoPalooza party, we didn’t come to you for comment, because we didn’t feel your company or the co-sponsor needed to be included, since we were told you hired Photo Gregg and Jason Block to handle the event within the event. It’s only when the message boards blew up about Top Bucks being responsible that we decided to contact you.

Quentin: I appreciate that. Ultimately though, we do bare our share of responsibility because we hired Gregg.

TPT: What exactly did you hire Gregg to do for you. What was the plan?

Quentin: We hired Gregg to assemble a group of models to choose from, and direct the shoot. He was also in charge of making sure we had all the model releases, tests, etc. in order. I have been in touch with Gregg, who assures me that all performers were properly tested, and that the random people pulled from the audience were “plants”, and not random at all.

TPT: Well, the problem is, first Gregg, and at times his assistant Jason, were saying that they [the men pulled from the crowd] were plants who provided tests and didn’t need condoms, then they contradicted themselves in other posts saying that tests didn’t matter because many condoms were used, even mentioning the proof was exposed at the end of the night when condoms were all over the floor. But…I was there, as well as scattered others, and observed that most of the performers did not wear condoms. And a few of the female talent hired said they refused to perform because there were no test exchanges

Quentin: The real proof will be in comparing what we see on film and on paper vs. what people are saying now.

TPT: When you hired them [Gregg and Block] to arrange talent, what was the actual plan for the show? Was it…take naked pics, put on a live sex show, what?

Quentin: The plan was for a live sex show, from the word go. We’ve done this several times at the Vegas shows in the past, and never had any problems at all. In Vegas, though, the whole thing was directly under our own auspices – we handled all the paperwork on our own.

TPT: So Gregg was hired to piece together talent for the live sex show, execute the show and make it entertaining for the crowd, correct?

Quentin: That would be a good synopsis of what Gregg was hired to do, yes. From an entertainment standpoint, I think it was a success. It could (and should) have been handled in a more organized fashion, obviously.

TPT: Was there a detailed plan in which there were things expected of him. For instance, making sure he collected detailed model releases, condom or test exchange, etc.?

Quentin: Yes, of course. There was a meeting before the shoot in which people filled out releases, disclosed tests, etc. I was not present for the meeting, but we did have a representative there. I think part of the problem is that we had a shortage of talent, so some new people were brought in at the last minute. All of their tests were in order, as well, but they weren’t present at the meeting, and therefore hadn’t seen the tests and other info for the performers that were selected at the meeting.

TPT: Ok, so tests for originally scheduled talent were exchanged, but talent was added later, and for their tests you only know what Photo Gregg has told you about them being plants and his claims that all talent working no condom exchanged tests…in other words, you know only what he told you.

Quentin: They may very well have all exchanged tests, I really don’t know. We were relying on Gregg to handle that, and according to him, he did.

TPT: As sponsors of the party, shouldn’t you have all the records, model releases, copy of IDs, etc. or at least copies of them?

Quentin: Gregg shoots a lot of content for our sites and is serving as the custodian of records for both the party photo shoot and for the content that he shoots for our sites. All the records are easily accessible to us, and we will receive copies.

TPT: How did you get away with having a party featuring live intercourse, with open bars and free booze in a city that doesn’t permit that activity in public? I’m not a legal buff but from what I understand, alcohol and live sex can’t be served together. Even if you use the private party excuse, there was no guest list, only tickets, basically handed out publicly at the convention? When I say permit in public, I mean in a public venue.

Quentin: I’m not an attorney, either, so I don’t know what all the legal ramifications of conducting a live sex show in Florida are. I can tell you that we were very up front with the venue in advance of the party, and spelled out exactly what we planned to do. The local police did come by the party, and looked around while things were in progress, after they had contacted the head of the venue’s security team with some concerns. They took a look around, and allowed us to continue. However, the local authorities were aware of what was transpiring and did not shut us down. Again, I have no idea how the particulars of FL law work, but we weren’t doing this under the radar at all.

TPT: You’re a big company in the adult webmaster venue. Top Bucks is very well respected and really has a grasp on how to be successful….that said….All the footage everyone shot of the sex party in the pit is useless for them commercially, yes? I mean, they can’t post it or distribute it without the right paperwork. They are not 18 U.S.C. Section 2257 compliant, am I right?

Quentin: When we release the content to TopBucks webmasters (the content that we shot), we will include 2257 info along with it. I’m not a lawyer, so I can’t comment about anyone else’s use of it, but I would recommend that anyone who shot content there not make use of it commercially, just to be safe.

TPT: That’s what I thought, was just curious about that. There were mobs of people of shooting like crazy and I was thinking the entire time about how they could get nailed for that if it’s distributed.

TPT: In regards to the event as a whole, chances are Top Bucks and Photo Gregg are in the clear, since no laws I’m aware of were broken. But have executives at Top Bucks already met about this and discussed a change in plans for the execution next time?

Quentin: Absolutely. We have already determined that if we are going to conduct more photo shoots at these events in the future, the planning must be much more extensive, detailed and organized, long in advance of the event in order for it to be worthwhile.

TPT: I think that about wraps it up for us, unless there is something else you want to add.

Quentin: The only other thing I’d like to add is that doing a shoot on this scale was new to us and we are definitely learning from the experience. I expect that future shoots will be handled very differently, without losing any of the excitement and entertainment value.

TPT: Sounds good. I would like to give you some advice if you don’t mind.

Quentin: Absolutely, I don’t mind at all.

TPT: You may want to let Photo Gregg and Jason Block know that when they are hired under the flag of Top Bucks, they are representing Top Bucks. That said, they need to consult Top Bucks before replying in the press to any allegations that could directly affect your company. They kind of made you guys look bad

Quentin: For future events, we will take a much more active and involved roll in coordinating the photo shoots, or not do them at all. It will also be made very clear to anyone employed by us to assist in the shoots that they are serving as representatives of TopBucks, and they need to adhere to a very high standard of conduct and professionalism, accordingly.


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