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Tory Lane Directs Assploitations #8 for Sin City

Porn Valley- The discussion this morning is about the bomb that went off outside the Luxor Hotel in Las Vegas.

“Why do people do this?” asks Tory Lane. “I’ll bet $50 they weren’t American.” Lane is directing a movie for Sin City but I bet if CNN were around she’d have offered an opinion. Lane admits that she’s rather blunt and outspoken.

“My trademark is my asshole and my mouth,” she laughs. I guess there was some rumor about Lexi Bardot dating Lane’s ex husband Rick Shameless.

“I like him as long as I’m not dating him,” states Lane. Lane also says she likes cock but prefers it not attached to the male body.

“I don’t think there’s a porn girl alive who hasn’t tried to kill someone,” adds Jim Powers, alluding to the too numerous to mention exploits between porn stars and their boyfriends- those that usually result in grim, Internet postings.

The movie Lane is directing is called Assploitations #8 and Lane says Audrey Hollander [pictured] is probably the biggest name in her cast although Lane is also scheduled to do a scene in it. Hollander’s wearing a pair of olive green shorts that don’t even begin to cover her ass. And the white blouse she’s got on isn’t doing much better from the waist up.

Lane, who’s now wearing her hair in a bob, dyed black, wants to do a pickup shot of Hollander strutting the boulevard but considering how Audrey’s dressed, even for LA, this is pushing it. Instead they find an alleyway behind a strip joint. Lane thinks this is perfect and a lot safer.

Lane suspects that the best opportunity for glam shots, though, will be Tuesday where the production moves to a house that’s equipped with a waterfall.

True to the title of the movie. Hollander’s going to take it in the can from Otto Bauer and Jay Lassiter. Otto says he and Lassiter have worked as a d.p. combo many times in the past. Lassiter practically calls it family.

Otto’s still in a philosophical mood from over the weekend. He says he feels very Aristotelean today.

Meanwhile, Powers is weighing the issues of some of the talent agencies.

“It’s all about having the strong pimp hand,” believes Powers. Derek at LA is a shoe-in, he says and believes that Joel Lawrence, particularly, has the goods to make a very fine pimp. Powers who seems to be philosophical as well this morning talks about “the whore season,” noting that it starts in October and goes to June. Much like NBA basketball. Powers has many thoughts as to why, but that’s an interview in of itself.

Otto checks out Audrey’s outfit.

“You’re going out in that?” he laughs. Otto, entertaining the thought that Hollander might get arrested, expects Powers who’s shooting the footage to call him.

“Dude, here’s my account number, ya got a pencil?” A prelude usually to a discussion about bail money.

Otto’s shooting a scene the next day and is concerned about the performer Velvet Rose.

“Is she back?” asks Powers. “She’s a cunt.” Otto doesn’t think this is the same girl, however, that he was booking her through Lighthouse. Except enough ifs were tossed into the conversation, that makes Otto wonder whether Velvet Rose was going to deliver an anal scene for him.

“I’m scared,” says Otto, who, like Skeeter will not entertain the thought of anything non-anal.

“I’d get somebody else,” Powers advises him.

Carly Parker is a blond with enormous cans, and she was telling a story about how she was driving back from a shoot in Big Bear with Jack Venice.

“I guess I’m on the guy’s no-list, now,” she sighs, explaining that she drank two bottles of wine on the trip back and got wasted. But that wasn’t the specific reason she goes on to say.

“I blew the director,” Parker confesses. Otto asks her who that was. She says Steve Drake.

“He walked into the scene with his pants down- I blew him, then he directed the scene naked.” Otto thinks Parker would be perfect for his next ass destruction movie. He also thinks Parker’s ass could accommodate the vaunted anal beads which appeared in a Skeeter movie over the weekend.

Parker seemed to know all about Dana DeArmond’s scene but thinks she herself could consume something as large as a softball. Otto makes the point that three of the women who’s asses have already taken those beads were also getting cock in their rectums at the same time which made the feat all the more significant.

This brings Otto to a conversation about the time he shot Lassiter who cut his dick on his partner’s teeth during a blow job. Lassiter explains that he was deep throating her and upon withdrawal, impaled his dick on one of her canine’s.

According to Lassiter he bled for like a half hour but continued the scene.

“He’s the king,” says Otto.

“It’s old school Europe,” replies Lassiter.

Because he started his career in New York City, Otto reveals that his first porn name was Eric Jeter.

“This was when I was back in college fucking girls in dirty basements,” Otto laughs. He was also fucking them on rooftops, subways and other public places. By the time he married Audrey, the two of them had shot maybe 300 practice scenes with a tripod. So when Hollander began doing this for real, she was already an accomplished performer.

“The entree was easy out here,” says Otto.

Lassiter, who’s been married twice says, he wouldn’t mind settling down again.

“But I’m not talking about any porn girls,” he adds. Otto advises Lassiter that he should be the cosmopolitan one in the family and find some hick from Missouri or Kentucky.

“You don’t want a porn whore,” Otto tells him. “You want a girl with probity, honor and domestic skills.” Lassiter says he wants a woman with good credit.

Lassiter goes on to mention how sensitive his balls are, and this is way too much information.

From what he’s saying, Otto thinks Lassiter could snag a winner through The Village Voice. If not, Craigs List.

After hearing some of the other requirements Lassiter expects, Otto thinks Craigs List is his best bet.


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