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Trina Michaels on KSEX – 1/18/06

Porn Valley- Trina Michaels was a guest on The Wanker Show this past Monday with Wankus chiding Michaels about napping in the KSEX jock lounge before coming on the show. Michaels explained that she had to have a snooze for her game-face.

Michaels, who’s with LA Direct Models, still doesn’t have a website running. Otherwise, she lives in northern California and said Monday was her first day back in the area. Michaels was scheduled to shoot a scene for the KSEX Games tape with Barry Scott the following day. Michaels said she’s worked with Scott in the past and there haven’t been any wood issues.

Michaels, who competed in the KSEX games for Seymore Butts’ team which came in second behind Team Tyler, has been in the business about a year and a half- the whole time with LA Direct. With that information, Wankus imagined she must have done something like 200 movies so far. Michaels said that was probably pretty close. Wankus said co-ho Tyler Faith has probably done that many as well but has worked with maybe 40 guys.

“There’s a lot of recycling,” Wankus noted. Michaels said that’s the same for her and she’s pretty good at keeping tabs who she works with. Asked if she kept score on how these guys rated, Michaels said no. Wankus said there was a girl who came to KSEX and kept a full chart rating the guys on their performances.

“She had a whole detail-thing of anyone she worked with,” Wankus laughed. “It was amazing.” Michaels said that sounded kind of stupid because you have to consider the fact when a guy might be having a bad day. Faith also thought that was someone who had a little too much time on their hands.

Asked if she saves her money, Michaels said she just bought a house near Modesto within striking distance of the beach and Lake Tahoe. Wankus advised her to make a few more investments and she can chill within the next couple of years.

“You’re done for life.” The issue turned turned to porn girls supporting guys and vice versa, with Michaels stating that she was engaged and has been with the guy for six and a half years. Her fiance enjoys porn, according to her, but there are times when they can hate each other.

“But we’re making it work.” Michaels wasn’t positive on the contract issue but said if the right one came along, it might be cool but she’s happy with the way things are.

Michaels was also questioned about the family-thing and whether they supported her career.

“I’m still struggling with that issue trying to tell my mom and my brother. They don’t know,” she said. Michaels said her boyfriend’s father and stepfather found out.

“That was interesting. Supposedly they had known for a little while then it came out when his dad and him were arguing.” Michaels said it took about six months for them to get over the issue and start talking again. Michaels said she gets along with his parents but her folks are religious. That being said, Wankus suspected that her mother probably does some freaky shit in the bedroom.

“You think you’re a little perv out of nowhere?” he asked her. “You think this happened to you naturally?” There was one instance that made Michaels wonder if her mother ever tried anal, but Wankus told Michaels trust him. Her mother’s a whore, like all mothers of people in the business.

“We grew up freaks because we got it from somewhere,” he declared. “Don’t let them play this innocent little foo-foo game. Your mom swallowed jib all day and night. And she masked it with the whole church-thing. That’s where she met most of her fuckin’ guys.” Faith disagreed saying she knew Wankus’ parents and Wankus was way off base with his assertions.

“You’re mother’s like a saint,” said Faith to which Wankus claimed Tyler’s fallen for his mother’s bullshit.

“None of our moms were innocent-they were all whores!” Wankus insisted. Faith argued that Michaels had to come as well from a good place because she has brains, is grounded and has a sense of responsibility.

When Wankus brought up the subject of softcore airing on cable, Michaels said she didn’t have to worry about that until recently.

“I worry mostly about my bother’s friends,” Michaels said, noting that she’s gone as far as writing a letter to her mother which she’s keeping saved on her laptop. She just hasn’t hit the send button yet. Michaels explained that she’d rather send the note than do it in person because she tends to get confrontational talking to people.

“And I forget everything I want to say.” When asked, Michaels said she was a Capricorn [anal lovers] and her birthday was Friday the 13th. Asked whether she’s made or lost friends since she got into the business, Michaels said she didn’t have a whole lot of them in high school to begin with.

“I was one of those girls that goes back to high school: hey, remember me?” Michaels said she had one friend in high school and stopped talking about two years after graduation. “We got into a big fight- we talked briefly right before I started [in the business].”

Michaels described herself as an average girl in school, doing her time and getting out. Michaels mentioned that she was also attending her reunion.

Before she got into porn, Michaels worked in an office and got an e-mail from someone there telling her she looked like a co-worker. Wankus assumed it was a 7-Eleven.

“It was a claims office,” said Michaels.

On the subject of the AEE show, Michaels was signing at a booth with another girl, and everyone seemed to flock to Michaels’ side of the booth. “They’d bring her posters over to my table.” Michaels said she felt bad and Wankus said if the other girl didn’t have a following there must have been a reason for it.

Wankus suggested that the tables could turn depending on the venue, that in Europe, the other girl might have the popularity. Questioned on her freakiness quotient, Michaels says she’s done three double-anals so far.

“What’s that like- two dicks in the ass?” Wankus asked her. Michaels said she’s kind of backwards in the sense that anal is real easy for her. Wankus said the new things with high school girls is taking it in the ass to preserve their virginity.

“Where were those girls when I grew up?” Micheals’ first double-anal was with Sascha but she couldn’t remember the other performer.

“It was for Anabolic- my husband [earlier she said she was engaged] was in town visiting and he was going to sit in the car,” said Michaels. “The director’s like oh why don’t we put him in the scene. So he’s sitting on a couch to the side of us and every once in awhile they’d pan over to him. He’s sitting there watching. And I’m, like, I’m married and I’m getting these two cocks in my ass.”

When it comes to sex positions, Michaels said she doesn’t like the regular cowgirl because it hurts.

“But the other way is okay.” Asked if she ever questioned the sexuality of two men rubbing their cocks together in her ass, Michaels said she didn’t want to think about that. Michaels also mentioned that she does interracials. She hasn’t done a bukkake and says the largest number of guys she’s worked with is six so far. Michaels wondered how you can film a scene with all those guys because even with six there’s only so much you can do.

Wankus wanted to know if Michaels had props to lend another performer. Michaels said she’d give them to Brooke Haven.

“We’ve done a couple of scenes together but she won’t let me have fun at home.” Michaels said she’s tried some joke-flirting with Haven. Wankus said that’s like tickling in high school along with pillow fights. Another girl Michaels enjoys working with is Tyla Wynn.

“We’ve done great scenes together.” Michaels said she hasn’t done Wynn off-camera. But those were the stories Wankus wanted to hear about. Wankus also probed for drama and Michaels talked about the time a male performer got on her case for wearing a sponge and then had to go off to the bathroom to get hard.

“He called his boyfriend- talked to me Rex,” said Wankus. Michaels said they were able to finish the scene although he pointed the finger at her. According to Michaels the guy popped at the beginning and they had to spend the next four hours waiting for him to get it up again.

“I kept cool the whole time,” she said, avoiding any opportunity for getting pissy. Michaels wouldn’t give out his name, however.

When Michaels said she worked a couple of times for Vivid, Wankus pointed out that the company now has a condom-optional policy.

“I guess everyone realizes we have to sell tapes.” Michaels has also worked for Stormy Daniels. From what Michaels gathered she did the first ever interracial scene at Wicked with T Reel. Wankus then tried getting T Reel on the phone for his take.

Because she fell into the business, Michaels said she hasn’t really addressed her plans for the long term. One day she’d like to have kids and if her daughter wanted to get into the business, Michaels said she’d advise her as much as she could, but it would still be her own decision.

Wankus also seemed to think that he interviewed Michaels during a Shane’s World press junket. Wankus wondered what happened to their old p.r. girl, Nicole [Henderson]. Michaels seemed to think that she went on to work for a mainstream company. Wankus said everyone was trying to get Henderson to do porn and Michaels said they once got her to flash her clit.

Wankus then asked Michaels if she ever made it with a retard. Michaels said no and Wankus recommended that she do it and provide a service to the community. Faith chipped in by saying they don’t have the same desires.

“Their brains are fuckin’ cuck-oo, they don’t know,” said Faith in support of her argument. Wankus begged to differ asking if she was some kind of expert on the subject.

Someone in the chatroom asked if Michaels did cream pies. Faith mentioned that at JKP they faked a movie titled Internally Alexis.

“Nobody really came in the person- we cut and squirt and then we squirted Pina Colada mix.” Michaels likened doing an anal creampie to taking a shit. Wankus was curious whether there’s any pix of Michaels gaping.

“I personally don’t think I gape too well,” she replied. Wankus said that was a good sign because some of the anal queens are now wearing diapers. According to Wankus, Quasarman told him about one girl who does but he wasn’t at liberty to say who it was.

“He shot this girl doing anal and he’s talking to her- she just did anal. She’s putting on a diaper while he’s talking to her.” Faith then brought up a comment from a girl named Tara in the chatroom that Taylor Rain allegedly shit in a makeup chair.

“Her anus is so worn out.” Tara was also urged to call in. Faith said that’s the reason she doesn’t anal being too paranoid that something like that might happen. Faith recalled doing a scene where she enema’ed her ass eight times.

“I didn’t eat for two days- I drank red wine that day. I was hammered. It was so bad.” Faith said the scene was rapped up in 30 seconds and, oddly, enough it won an award for Best Anal which was kind of a joke.

Michaels said she was doing anal before she got into porn maybe once in awhile. So for her doing it front of the camera was no big deal.


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