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Trinity James; A Tale of Two Fists

Porn Valley- Trinity James was making her presence felt on KSEX for the second time in less than a week. James was on The Wanker Show again Monday night following an appearance Friday evening. James talked about an anal scene she had done during the day. “I got bored,” is how she described it. When asked who her partner was, James was even hard pressed to come up with a name though she mentioned that she fisted her ass. “Both fists,” she said. “At the same time. Swear to God. I was jumping up and down.”

James said up until that moment she hadn’t even tried one fist on herself. “I had never seen directors run so fast for the cameras in my life.” James, who likes being fucked in the ass, said she thought it would be painful but it wasn’t.

Asked if her hands came out clean, James said, yes. “I usually never have any accidents. As long as you don’t put an enema in my ass. I can’t do enemas.” James said when she first started doing anal, everyone told her to do enemas and she started doing them. “Then I was stopping every five minutes because it liquefies everything. I do a lot of anal sex at home and, trust me, I don’t enema before I have sex at home and never have problems at home. So I thought I’m going to try a scene without an enema. As long as you don’t eat. I don’t eat for my scenes.”

James described it as a pretty good scene all things considered. “Actually when I was fisting it was not on film- the cameras were all down. The male talent was in the bathroom smoking a cigarette. The photographer had taken a few stills. And he had me put four fingers and spread my ass for stills. After he was done he went away and I was, like, wait a minute. I just had four fingers in. Why can’t I get a couple more. So I got the one hand in there. The director looked over and saw my whole fist was in there. He ran. Two seconds the cameras were on. I had the whole fist in there and they can’t use that.” James said she made sure to take her thumb out so they could use the footage. James said she’s never tried fisting her vagina.

Noting the irony of the unwritten fisting rules, Wankus said you could have ten hands in your ass as long as there were no thumbs involved.

When asked if she has done anal, co-ho Rebecca Love said no one’s offered her the right amount as of yet. “It would take a lot of cash for my first scene.”

James said the same rules would apply to her first interracial. “It’s got to be the right amount.” James said it wasn’t about the money as much as it was about the scene. “I want a lot for my first interracial scene. A boxcover, it’s got to be with a big name person.” James said she also followed that rule for her first anal and first d.p. Asked why interracial was separated in her mind, James seemed hard pressed to come up with an answer. “It’s just something big for me. It’s something I’ve never done.” As far as Wankus was concerned, it’s no different than doing any other scene

“All you’re doing is fucking another guy, just a guy of another color.” James said she was told you got more money for it. “Then I heard you don’t. But if you hold out…”

Later in the evening James managed a fist up her ass and pussy simultaneously.


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