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Trinity Post Interviewed- final

Porn Valley- Trinity Post was part of the infamous New York shoot talked about on Kylie Ireland’s KSEX show last week And Post was on Ireland’s show this week to give her perspective and take on it. Ireland called it a New York adventure and described Post as The Quiet One.

“I stayed to myself,” said Post. “That was the best way. There was too much drama going on.” Ireland suspected that Post would never shoot with her again. Post said, yeah, as long as she got to fuck her. “I think the pussy’s worth it.” Ireland said that was good to keep in mind because they still had a makeup scene left to do, having been thrown out of the beach house on Long Island. There was shoe [Nicki Hunter’s] on the couch and the owner invoked the shoe on the couch rule.

Ireland said she was shooting a blowjob move for Jewel De’Nyle “who owns Platinum X pictures.” Ireland didn’t think it was her thing but was calling it “On Your Knees, Bitch”. Ireland said De’Nyle, originally wanted something with a fetish to it. “But it’s hard to think of 7 to 10 scenarios that are all fetish-based. Besides you would all get tired of seeing the inside of my house.” Post was wondering what kind of fetish could you do with a blow job.

“She’s like do a medical-thing and put a girl on the gyno table and have her blow the guy,” said Ireland, claiming you’d have to situate the guy on a ladder next to the table in order for him to be tall enough. Ireland said she would shoot it pretty and nasty. “And each one’s going to have its own scenario.”

Ireland threw some of her ideas out there to include a rocker scenario with a sweaty guy, his guitar and his groupies. Ireland also said she found a studio that has a glory hole in the bathroom. Post said she did a scene like that but ended up fucking the guy. “It was supposed to be a blowjob glory hole but I was so intrigued by it.” Post, who’s pretty flexible, said she fucked the guy through the wall and did two positions in the scene. “I don’t even know how. I got crazy and the dude is like if you want to. It was my boyfriend.” Post said he has a fairly long penis because you lose at least an inch taking the glory hole into consideration. “He’s like 8 1/2.” Post said it was pretty strange not to see her man attached to the penis.

For another scene Ireland said she was going to rent a limousine and have a guy all dressed up. “He’s going to pick up a hooker on a corner- not a real hooker- a girl playing a hooker, have her get in and blow him in the limo while they drive around Hollywood.” Post said it was sounding like a high budget blowjob movie. Ireland said the idea of a blowjob movie is to do something “cheap”. Ireland wondered if people actually watch blowjob movies. Post was at a loss to answer.

Ireland said she also wanted to do a blow bang movie. “I want to get a guy and a girl and have them be a couple playing in a dungeon. Have him blindfold him.” Ireland said she would then have four black guys come in. “And fuck her face with the blindfold on and have them cum over the blindfold.” Ireland said Post would be perfect for something like that but was going to be out of town. Post said things were slow for her and that Ireland was helping her out. Ireland didn’t think a lot of people were shooting right now that 2257 scared a lot of people away.

“The lawyers have urged us to not to talk a lot about it,” said Ireland. “It’s easier.” Ireland’s opinion was that even if you were doing your records you probably weren’t doing them right. “The rules are so vague. It’s really confusing and it’s really fucked up.”

Among her scenes, Ireland said she wanted to do a speeding ticket scenario. Ireland said she wanted to contact Joe Friday who was a cop as well as Reina Leone and her “big ol’ titties”. Ireland said she e-mailed Friday and asked if he was over the whole cop-thing yet. Post said she’s seen pictures of Friday and Leone in their cop outfits. “They’re both really cool people- I like them,” said Post.

Post and Ireland then had a conversation about the bombings in London this week. Ireland said her take on it was “Hey, fuckers don’t blow up my future home”. Ireland said she wanted to move to London. Post said she could see why they would bomb America.

“Because we’re all chauvinist pigs, whatever, shoving our faces with too much food. Whatever. It’s true. We’re cocky bastards. I can understand why other people wouldn’t like us.” Ireland admitted she was under a rock on the bombing issue because she’s been busy booking her movie.

Since coming back from New York, Post said she had been stuck at AIM getting tested. “That’s about all the excitement that I did.” Post said she met some hot black chick that was thinking about getting into the business. When asked Post said most of the girls she meets tend to be flakey. “Half the time you’ll talk to them and they’ll say, yeah, yeah, yeah. Then you try to get a hold of them or they say they’ll call you and just disappear.” Post says there’s another thing- you’ll bring a girl in, put all kinds of money into them, get them outfits and fixed up. “Do their hair- especially black girls- you have to get their weaves put in. They’re high maintenance. They just take off or they find some other agent and jump ship.” Ireland said she hasn’t had that much of a problem because she’s never tried being the agent. Ireland said she’d rather sit down with a girl, give her good advice, point her in the right direction, and tell her to stay away from. “Then to see her make the mistakes I made.” Without naming Katrina Kraven, Ireland said that’s what she did in Kraven’s case but letting her live in her house as well. “Rent free.”

Post says it hurts when you help people so much. “Then you don’t mean anything to them anymore. And they forget about everything you did for them. They just move on to the next poor soul they take advantage of.” Post said she was a very giving person in that respect. Ireland said it seems that when you’re nice and responsible you get shit on. “It’s the girls that don’t show up and are addicted to drugs and don’t come in until two hours past their call time.”

Ireland said she likes Post who’s responsible. “You show up early.” Ireland said Post was so calm in New York. Post said more like she was scared. “I’m a little baby when it comes to something like that.” Post said the owner of the house is yelling at them and it’s two in the morning. “We have no idea where the fuck we are- we’re out in the middle of nowhere.” Ireland remembered how they were driving an hour and a half to find a donut shop. “While Venus argued about her plane tickets.”

Ireland said she had done a scene recently with Post and Alex Sanders. Post said that was the first time where she got choked out and passed out. Post said that was pretty intense. “That dude had a ball with us.” Ireland noted that a lot of reviewers will knock off points for choking. “But it’s kind of hot now and then. It’s such a rush. And to come back too after you’re completely out and somebody’s fucking your ass pretty hard.” Post said she likes it as well. Ireland said she had to that Post squirted all over her bed. Post said she only squirts when she gets fucked in the ass. “Anally it’s so much easier. Anal sex is a new thing for me. I just started having anal sex about a year ago. It’s been amazing ever since.”


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