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Tyler Faith Back Shooting; a Business Deal in the Works with Jill Kelly?

Porn Valley- I could think of spending worse afternoons than having my cock sucked by Tyler Faith and Lisa De Marco. But Marco Banderas and his blinding smile appear to be weathering under the strain. Also a blond, De Marco bears a close enough resemblance to Faith to pass as her stunt double.

Banderas is shooting a threeway [De Marco’s his wife] for his website, And webmaster Bill Fox says Banderas’ site is ready for commerce as of today.

Other big news is that Faith’s, back after a three month hiatus in Boston. She took the summer off to be with her family.

“It was great and time needed,” says Faith who’s now with Gold Star Modeling, having left LA Direct. And Faith just shot a movie for Wicked and has another one scheduled with them later this month for Brad Armstrong.

But Faith, who will continue to feature on the road, says she’s being very picky about what she does nowadays. Another of her movies just came out- Corrupted by Tyler Faith, directed by Heidi Pike for New Machine. In it Faith has a fist fight with Jasmine Byrne, then they have make-up sex.

Regarding her vacation in Boston, Faith said she just needed to get away from Porn Valley for awhile.

“I did toutist-y things,” she adds. “I went on the ‘duck tour’- it’s an amphibious army vehicle that tours around Boston and goes in the water. It’s a fun-thing.”

Besides that she took in Red Sox games, hung out with friends and enjoyed the fact there were no responsibilities. Last time I saw Faith she was sharing a mike with Wankus over at PrimeTimeUncensored.

So I ask her about Wankus, and the only thing she’s saying is that they’re good friends. Wankus also used to direct for Team Tyler and I asked her who was going to take over.

“I don’t know yet- we’ll see- there’s a lot of secrets,” Faith whispers.

Faith’s now living in the house where her Team Tyler movie, Faith’s Fantasies was shot. And Her love life is currently occupied with the obsession for women.

“I want to fuck every hot chick I see,” states Faith. “I love Barbie dolls. Right now I’m taking applications for a girlfriend.”

I ask her if she got laid while in Boston.

“Of course,” she smiles.

“Any sports figures?” she’s asked.

“No,” she says with a wink.

Beyond that, Faith hints broadly that maybe she and Jill Kelly will be doing something in a Team Tyler venture.

“There might be a Team Tyler, Jill Kelly conglomerate,” says Faith. “We’re in talks right now.”

Faith also stipulates she’ll only do anal scenes for Team Tyler.

“And I’m going to do a D.P. and Eva Angelina will be the P,” she smiles. Faith said she hasn’t fucked Angelina as yet but is dying to.

Besides any woman resembling a Barbie doll, Faith said she’d also like to get her hands on a Sopranos pinball machine.


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