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Tyler Faith: Next Time I Have an Abortion You’ll Be the First to Know

Porn Valley- Now that Scott Nails is out of the business and living in Arizona with Lacie Heart and their kid, Tyler Faith’s saying that Tommy Gunn is her first and second favorite guy to work with. [Nails was the second.]

And you can’t blame her. Gunn’s such a nice guy you want to trade for shares in his personality on the stock exchange. Webmaster Bill Fox makes a special run early this morning to pick up Faith over on Coldwater Canyon and gets hit in the rear by some asshole on the way back to the Assassin studio. Fox says he was trying to get the guy to pull over and the guy, nonchalantly smoking a pipe, just ignored him.

“That’s alright, I got digitals,” says Fox. Faith remembers how at JKP, she and Gunn were always getting booked to work together then something would come up to cancel it. Finally, even with a sprained ankle Faith decided it was now or never.

They’ve been there before including a scene for one of her Team Tyler movies, Unfaithful Secrets. But today she and Tommy are shooting content for their respective sites, and

With a hello kiss evidently not in the script, Gunn, a rugged and handsome throwback to good porn manners, goes down on Faith like a fence jumper on a jalapeno. Gunn’s a walking anatomy chart, and Faith sells a scene with the best of them. Wasting no time, Fox, who’s shooting the pairing, moves through it as though the food truck’s got the meter running.

It’s almost over before it’s begun, and Faith remembers a time when she would shoot four scenes in one day. Obviously, that’s not happening any more.

“I wanted to blow everybody’s brains out,” she laughed, remembering the time. The first time Faith was ever in front of a camera was a scene with Allysin Chaynes.

“She was a cunt,” Faith remembers. Her first boy-girl was with Dale Dabone, and Faith remembers that instance as being good and easy because they had time to chat it up and get to know one another.

I ask if she ever did a scene with a girl who stunk out the joint but Faith, surprisingly, doesn’t offer a name. Although there was a time when you wouldn’t have to ask twice and get a three page essay to boot.

Not that there’s some connection to the subject, but Faith also recalls the first time she worked with Flower Tucci.

“I didn’t know she squirted,” says Faith. “No one told me she did this. I never did this before.”

And Faith still gets a kick out of a headline which appeared on Adultfyi quoting her as saying she only had three abortions. She promioses that if there’s a fourth, we’ll be the first to know.


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