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University of Texas Fraternity Accused of Live Sex Shows, Hazing

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from – Members of a University of Texas fraternity engaged in hazing and used “professional exotic dancers performing live sex acts for recruitment purposes,” according to a lawsuit filed last week in state District Court in Travis County.

The national administrative office of the Kappa Alpha Order filed the lawsuit against its former local chapter, which broke ties with the national organization after it was suspended in June and is now known as Texas Omicron.

A spokesman for the local chapter and its alumni acknowledged that adult entertainers were at the fraternity’s house but said that the hazing allegations were not backed by any evidence. The spokesman, local lawyer and alumnus Robby Alden, said that alumni members have admonished the students for sponsoring adult entertainment and that those students have agreed not to sponsor such shows again.

According to the lawsuit, the national office suspended the local branch, previously known as the Omicron Chapter, for one year on June 29 after an investigation showed the chapter violated laws and policies of the order, which requires members to preserve the “highest ideals of gentlemanly conduct.”

“Despite prior efforts to rehabilitate and reform the culture of this chapter \u2026 the chapter continued to engage in hazing as well as these other serious risk management violations,” said a news release by the national group.

Instead of accepting the suspension, the local fraternity cut ties with the national group and continues to recruit members and function as a fraternity at the former chapter house at 2515 Leon St. in West Campus, the lawsuit said.

In its lawsuit, the national administrative office of Kappa Alpha Order has demanded that the new fraternity turn over revenue, dues and accounts collected before July 22 and all furnishings, artwork and equipment in the fraternity house.

The suit claims that the property should be held in trust for use by a future chapter of the Kappa Alpha Order.

Alden said the national organization has no claim to the assets of the house, which the suit says are worth more than $200,000. He said the local alumni and students decided to disassociate from the national organization because he felt its punishment was too harsh, given that the national organization refused to cite details of the hazing allegations, including the complainants.

Alden, who contends the suspension was two years and not the one reported in the lawsuit, said another reason the group sought to break off was because the national office ordered all students living in the house to find other housing shortly before the school year. The house would have been foreclosed without the revenue, Alden said.

At the time of the suspension, the house was owned by the KA Educational Corp., an alumni association. That group is now known as UT Texas Omicron Educational Corp. and is also named as a defendant in the suit.

Jim Ewbank, an Austin lawyer who filed the suit on behalf of the Kappa Alpha Order administrative office, said the suit also seeks assurance that the house be available for a local branch of Kappa Alpha order in the future.

There are few details in the lawsuit on the allegations that hazing and live sex shows occurred at the house. The suit said that the exotic dancers who performed the sex shows were hosted at the house “on multiple occasions” and that the allegations were “validated” by a national administrative office investigation.

Ewbank said hazing occurred when pledges were put in a line and made to answer questions while being pushed and shoved. He said that a pledge at the local chapter fell and suffered brain damage during similar hazing about 10 or 15 years ago and that the members had been warned repeatedly not to do it again.

Soncia Reagins-Lilly , UT dean of students, said the university is investigating allegations of hazing at Kappa Alpha.


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