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Update: Let’s Get the Facts Straight On the One-Sided Amber Lynn Battle, Shall We?

LukeisBack seems to think the Amber Lynn blasts tooting from this site are a “one-sided battle. Actually, if you’ve been following this story, and this is the site offering the most extensive and exclusive coverage of it, you’ll discover that Lynn had plenty chance to speak for herself last weekend. At that time she could have put a lot of rumors to rest but didn’t.

In truth, I interviewed Lynn at the very beginning of this We Are The World project and posted the following lengthy articles, which, if you will read them, are extremely positive press on her behalf. At that time Lynn was riding high in the P.R. saddle and had she played her cards right could have been coronated the next queen of England.

However we have this now posted on : “Amber Lynn called me on Thursday. We talked on the phone for an hour. She told me that the reason she started this whole project was to help Ron Sullivan and his family. I believe her.

Amber told me the reasons for everything that was going wrong. She also told me why she was doing things the way she was doing them. Unfortunately, everything she told me was off the record. Amber’s attorney has told her she was better off not giving me a statement at that time.

Up to this point, it has been a very one sided battle, with all those criticising Amber, speaking out. You may be surprised when you find out that there are a lot of folks on her team too. They have just kept quiet so far.

Amber’s camp will be putting out a press release on Monday. I’ll be able to tell you a lot more then.”


Gene comments: Let’s get one thing straight, shall we, this is not Amber Lynn’s project. Never was, but she’s still behaving as though she owns it.

Last Sunday Ron Sullivan- you know who Ron Sullivan is, this is the guy this whole project was for in the first place, sent me an e-mail lambasting the Amber Lynn “production mess”. Actually I wasn’t aware of any behind the scenes problems, so this was startling news. But I think a declaration of a man in Sullivan’s condition bears some weight, don’t you? This is what Sullivan had to say:

Hi Gene Ross,

I just wanted to let you know that there’s lots more real truth to know about the Amber Lynn production mess. I’m not the guy to provide it, except I have some emails that will shed more light on it. I was told one thing, and something else was planned that I wasn’t aware of. Of course I’ve been in out of the hospital, clinics, yatta yatta…

I’m just too weak these days to really get into it, but there’s lots of bad feelings among the crew and cast that thought they were trying to help me, instead of somehow get Amber on a Box cover, on a movie that she arranged with Vivid, but didn’t want them involved, obviously.

Also, Bill Margold might have some opinions on this. In fact, I’m sure he has. He’s the guy that got P.A.W. involved. There is no “Henri Pachard Cancer Fund”, by the way – that I know of – no account, registration, dba, etc. Bill had been requesting funds sent to P.A.W. to be forwarded to me for some reason. I don’t know how much money has come to them, but some has been forwarded to me through P.A.W.’s guy, Phillip Berman, that Bill claims to run these things for him.

I don’t think every one intended to behave like fools in the beginning, however. I went along with Amber’s idea, because it seemed real, and a chance to help Deloras with all of our financial/medical costs and problems. I don’t want her to go homeless after busting her ass trying to keep me alive for these past three years or so.

By now, I think I’m down to my last month or so. All my problems will soon be over. I don’t want the industry to forget my wife when all this is done.

I’ll leave it with this for now:

‘Life is hard. It’s even harder if you’re stupid. But even worse, it’s far harder for those that act stupid who really are not.’

I hope you’re doing will. I like your site. Perhaps we’ll be able to chat a bit on line sometime. My speech is gone now.

With all my best,


Whoa. This came down hard, so I wasn’t sure that Sullivan was actually the author of this, [later I discovered he indeed wrote it]. So I sent it to Amber Lynn along with the originating e-mail address and asked her to comment. She wrote back saying that she would:

Amber: “Hi Gene, I am not sure who that came from but I can assure you we have never anything but good intentions concerning this benefit. I would sure like a chance to discuss it with you as I am sure Bill would. before you print anything thats not true. call me anytime, Amber”

I did. I followed that up with a phone call which Amber didn’t return. DIDN’T RETURN. Lynn instead wrote this:

Hi Gene, I am in Laguna with my family But I just wanted to get back to you quickly. Vivid backed out of any and all involvement prior to shooting this project [which is not true] so I produced this project in cooperation with PAW. After we completed, at Ron Sullivans request we offered the distribution of the project to Vivid again but it looks like they don’t want it after all, but we won’t know that for sure til the week opens.

If not VIVID, there are plenty of reputable distributors interested.
The most important thing being that the projects intent is honored that it is a benefit and all monies from the sales are to be donated to The Henri Pachard Fund and no unnecessary already donated costs of Production are deducted off the proceeds.

And that equality is maintained appropriately concerning each director and participating companies. As for the box, it hasn’t yet been shot and it has been agreed since the beginning that it would be shot by Justice Howard and possiblly Suze Randall but that hasn’t happened.

I hope that clarifies things better for you. Ill be back in town late tonight.”

Meanwhile I contacted Bill Margold. He left me this voice message which included the fact that he and Lynn had been on the phone with one another. Hmmm, but she didn’t bother calling me. This is what Margold stated:

“I read the e-mail from Pachard and, of course, it will be Amber who speaks for this. But regarding the Henri Pachard Cancer Fund, the first time than came into play was on your site when you posted the story from Jeff Mullen. I never coined the term ‘Henri Pachard Cancer Fund.’

“There was something called the Henri Pachard Fund which was sort of a by product of what Protecting Adult Welfare was attempting to do. But that was only where the monies were being collected then being forwarded on. That has since resolved itself, hopefully. But if you notice in your own 5/26/08 posting, there was the Not The Brady XXX to benefit Henri Pachard cancer fund. And if you notice, direct donations can be also made too. But this has nothing to do with Protecting Adult Welfare.

“I thought, quite frankly, that the image of the Pachard Cancer Fund on Hillary Scott’s chest was even a little bit too tactless for me. It’s become downright tragic. And we’re doing our best to preserve it. I’m going to be honoring We Are the World XXX at The Bear Bowling Event on August 31. I’m going to be honoring We Are the World XXX at an event on 8/8/08 at Book Soup, the book signing for John Holmes and we are going to be honoring We Are The World XXX as early as Tuesday night at the Silent Theater with a screening of Teenage Cruisers.

“I intend to honor the fact that we did this, whether it becomes honorable or dishonored, let’s put it that way, in the future we’ll find out.

“But Amber has been nothing but heroic in this, beyond legend. I sort of went along for the ride and tried to help where I could. But anybody throwing stones at Amber, anybody taking shots at Amber is going to have to go through me from now on because in the vernacular this is bullshit-trois.”

All that accumulation last Sunday resulted in the following story:

Having read what Lynn and Margold had to say, The Sullivans- Deloras, Ron and Jason have been in touch with me, and we’ve been having dialogue all week. Raven Touchstone also contacted me to lend her version of events.

Here’s the way I look at it. Lynn had ample opportunity last Sunday to make full comment and didn’t. And it appears in the scheme of things the Sullivans got more riled at what she didn’t say in her sparse e-mail explanation than what she did. Which is probably what started the whole “one-sided battle” to begin with. Lack of communication. Or honest communication because Lynn clearly bullshitted someone about the status of the boxcover which features her in prominent display.

I’ve made it clear in my pieces that what’s resulted, is clearly not out of malice but ineptitude and hubris, and Raven Touchstone in her comments echoes that by stating that Lynn wasn’t suited to the task of doing this project. If the Sullivans are critical, and they’re the ones chiefly in the thick of it, if Vivid dropped out because of Lynn’s insistent meddling, I’d then like to know who, with any weight in the final decision making, is on Amber’s “team” or in Amber’s “camp”. The press release should be very interesting.


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