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Velvet Rose: I’m Not Going to Shit on Camera or Bleed on You

Porn Valley- Xavier who heads up Lighthouse Talent [owned by Seymore Butss] brought two of the women from the agency to KSEX this past
Friday afternoon. Jason Sechrest,, was hostin the show.

One of the women- Velvet Rose [pictured]- who I knew from when she co-hosted a show with Vanessa Blue,, was telling me about the vaginal creampie she had done with the late Jon Dough for a movie called Pretty Pussy.

“I was young and inexperienced,” she’s saying which gives the impression that Rose knows better now than to say yes to such things.

Also on Sechrest’s show was Luscious Lopez who’s lost maybe ten pounds. Both women have appeared on other KSEX shows in the past.

Sechrest asked Lopez where she got her name.

“My old agent Lauren Phoenix,” she answers. Sechrest thought she was more of a “Cher”-type. Lopez mentions that she has natural breasts.

‘I don’t think a girl should get implants,” she says.

Though you might think otherwise to look at her, Lopez was born in the midwest and would spend summers in Mexico with her 200 cousins. She laughs as she’s saying this.

Lopez’s father is from the mountain regions of Mexico and Lopex remembers her grandparents being without toilets. But she also says that Mexico City is her favorite place in the world.

Lopez first met Velvet Rose at a Cousin Stevie Pussy Party. Lopez has been in the business 2 1/2 years and describes it as happy times when the guy you’re working with makes your pussy wet. Another thing that makes her happy is same day pay, she adds.

Hearing that, Rose remembered working on a shoot where the director conveniently forgot his checkbook.

“Needless to say he’s on my no list,” she says.

Among male performers Lopez says Manuel Ferrara is her favorite. Whereas Rose likes Steve Holmes. Lopez also enjoys working with Mark Wood and quipped that she and Wood are technically married in some states.

Sechrest announces that Xavier’s a gay guy working in the straight industry.

“And I applaud that,” says Sechrest who also applauds the fact that Xavier’s wearing a T-shirt that states: I Love Big Dicks.

“I’m glad there’s a man repping these girls who’s sucking dick,” says Sechrest.

Xavier says he’s been with his partner for nine years and been in the adult business since he was 18. His boyfriend is the costumer on the Kyra Sedgwick TV show, The Closer. Xavier who described how he’ll be on the phone hustling work for the girls in the agency, feels a gay guy can relate to the female talent.

“We’re faced with the same things they are.” One of which, he says, is dealing with the directors, some of whom tend to be assholes when dealing with him because he’s of the persuasion.

“I can hear it in their voices,” says Xavier who recalled an instance when he was on the phone with an army recruiter and jacking off. He was also in the phone sex business posing as a woman. Apparently he could do an effective woman’s voice and could get priests off.

In another instance he was a dungeon master in Boston. He’s also escorted, lectured in colleges and worked for a time as Heidi Fleiss’ assistant after she got out of prison.

“That’s someone who can make money doing anything,” he says of Fleiss.

Asked how he landed with Lighthouse, Xavier says his best friend is Seymore Butt’s assistant.

Sechrest remembered from his time growing up that there was a holy roller enclave called Light House so hefigured the talent agency was Christian in scope. He’s kidding, of course. But Xavier jokes that he often walks around there dressed like a nun.

Xavier also says that when he books girls there would be some projects he’d never send a girl on and remembered a time a producer offered $4,000 for a girl to swallow a quart of man chowder.

“That would make me fuckin’ sick,” comments Rose.

“I could never send girls out to something like that,” Xavier adds.

Asked why she picked Lighthouse as her agency, Rose said it was because they were her guiding beacon. She’s laughing in reference to Sechrest’s earlier holly roller comments.

Xavier says the hardest part about working in the business is dealing with the flakes and douchebags. Sechrest figures maybe three performers out of a hundred don’t fit in these categories.

“Here’s the trick,” Xavier states. “Treat this like work.”

Trying to remember when he first met her, Sechrest recalled covering an Adam & Eve shoot titled Rawhide and that Velvet was doing a scene in a barn with Dale Dabone.

“You were without the braids,” Sechrest recalls.

Rose remembered it being an extra long shoot and that she had been scheduled for an anal scene. But, by that time, she had to take a shit, she recalled.

Rose also remembered some of the comments Sechrest made about her in his on the set report- some not very flattering- including the fact of him saying makeup does wonders for her. Sechrest checked what he wrote, and, sure enough, Rose was dead on with her recollections.

Sechrest had to laugh because he remembered Rose as “the lethargic gal” on the shoot who you couldn’t budge from her prone position on a picnic table.

Sechrest likened Rose at the time to an Ethiopian who didn’t have enough energy to swat flies. He also remembered the scenes being shot on a ranch and that the day was horribly hot.

“Good thing I kicked that heroin habit,” Rose is laughing, remembering how Carmen Luvana’s manager at the time [Rob] was holding her up because she was so tired.

For her part, Rose explains that because she’d been scheduled to do an anal, she was starved and in a bad mood. Rose also remembers Dabone as being kind of obnoxious.

“He had a really big ego,” she said, noting that Dabone was telling some of the mainstream extras on the set that he was the Tom Cruise of the industry and that she was the Nicole Kidman. According to Rose, it was Dabone’s idea of using a condom in the scene.

In the scene Rose was also asked to milk a cow, and Sechrest in his review likened the cow to Danni Ashe.

“I really did milk the cow,” says Rose, noting that Bud Lee had directed the movie and that he was pissed because Dabone somehow got his home number.

Rose used to have a boyfriend in the business- Kyle Stone. Asked why they’re no longer together, Rose said it was because he’s a pot head and she’s not. Asked who she didn’t like working with, Rose answered Ben English.

“I don’t like him- he doesn’t like me,” she says flatly. “We just don’t like each other.”

Rose said that fact was pretty apparent during her audition for the SexZ Pictures film, Upload. While English got a part Rose didn’t because it was felt they had no viable chemistry and would have worked together in a scene.

Lopez also recalled a threeway she did with English and Daisy which included anal.

“Daisy’s a lesbian and she’s attacking me,” Lopez chuckles, adding that even during the softcore portion of the scene English was shoving his cock in her ass.

“Anal makes me cum,” Rose observes.

Meanwhile, Lopez said she didn’t like or dislike anal, that she just doesn’t get physical pleasure from it.

Rose says her aspirations in porn weren’t to be an actress but to have a dick in her ass. Regarding herself, Lopez says she must be a good actress judging by some of the people she has to deal with.

Xavier described Rose and Lopez as two pros who know what they’re doing.

Rose laughed, stating that her secret ingredient is that she’s punctual.

“And I don’t have bad anal days,” she adds. “I’m not going to shit on camera or bleed on you.”

When Rose mentioned that she lives in West Hollywood, Sechrest asked if she goes to the Ralph’s on Sunset.Lopez described it like being on The Gong Show. She also likes to go to the P.F. Changs in the area and stare at the waiters.

Asked about her relationships, Lopez said she had been with someone for six years and has been single for the last six months. On one occasion they did a porn scene together for the Internet.

“We split up,” she comments. “I’m kind of a slut.” Regarding the relationship, Lopez said they grew apart.

“I grew up,” she says. “I still love him. That was never our problem.”

Lopez notes that she and Rose hang out and go to parties together.

“I like her but I wouldn’t want to date her,” Lopez laughs.

Rose describes herself as being totally bi. And both women apparently love gay porn. Urging the two of them to swap spit, Sechrest wanted to see who was the man in the equation.

Of things she’d like to do, Rose said she’d love to be in a 10-man gangbang. Whereas Lopez finds two guys hard enough to handle.


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