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Veronica Rayne Re-visits KSEX

Porn Valley- Veronica Rayne, was a guest on KSEX’s The Wanker Show Wednesday night. Rayne mentioned that there were a lot of changes since the last time she interviewed on KSEX.

“I went against everything I said and joined an agency,” she commented. Rayne said she was so busy with dancing and making appearances that she needed representation.

“I went to Light House. They’re an amazing agency- really, really, really good. Light House is doing things for girls that are just not even heard of.”

Rayne said a lot of companies had asked where she’d been and that made her a little concerned.

“But I’ve been working a lot,” she said. “I’ve been working for new companies which is great because I was repeating companies and repeating guys. It was so mundane and now I’m working with companies and guys I’ve never worked with. And it’s all great. It’s all new.” To give an idea, Rayne said of 138 films she must have worked with 25 guys over and over and 15 of her movies paired her up with Lee Stone. Wankus referred to Stone’s “boomerang” and Rayne said she’s had that boomerang in her ass many times.

“Most of my movies are anal,” she pointed out. “All my movies with Lee are anal. He flies right in.”

“Thanks for getting rid of that corn from the last barbecue,” Wankus laughed.

Because she and Stone were working so much, Rayne said the big joke on set was that they were dating.

“But it’s really hot when you have a new guy,” she said. “I just shot for Digital Playground with Scott Nails. We really didn’t talk that much.”

Wankus said you never talk too much with Nails.

“He walks in- you’re in makeup, he says, wassup-then you guys fuck, he walks out and says, good seein’ ya.” In between Wankus said Nails is as hard as they come, is a solid performer and cums on command.

“Scott was great- we were very dirty,” Rayne ventured to say. “He’s a lot bigger than I really thought. I just didn’t think he was one of those guys that was big. You hear about the ones that are really big and he was just never talked about. Then he whips it out and you go, oh fuck.”

Wankus said Nails dated Lacie Heart for awhile and it’s surprising that she’s still in one piece. Wankus then started ranting about how he’s home on a computer and his girl, Tyler Faith, is on set getting 10-inches from Nails.

“That’s what she was doing when you met her so you just have to deal with it and move the fuck on!” interrupted Sunny Lane, the co-host.

Wankus began laughing because that was the first emotional outburst Lane has had since she’s been on KSEX.

“Sunny Lane is a cunt- I love it- we got Sunny pissed about something, we got her to be a bitch!” roared Wankus who said the ideal situation is to fuck Lane and move on.

“How could you live with that? After just a short time, you’d be like shut the fuck up! You’re so happy!” Nevertheless, Wankus felt it was a groundbreaking moment on KSEX. Then Rayne went on to mention that one of her anal movies was the highest selling video ever for Pink Visuals.

Asked if her man ever jerked off to her stuff, Rayne said he does, all the time.

“I always know when the volume is down on the TV and switched over to video,” she said, mentioning that she’ll ask him what he thought about and he tells her it’s too twisted. Rayne said she and her man also do bondage a lot. Wankus wondered if she ties him up and fucks him in the ass.

“He won’t let me. I really want to,” Rayne replied. “I think it’s one of those fantasies I need to have but we’ll never ever do it. And if I ever did do it, it would be fucked up.” On the other hand, she’s been in five strap-on videos like that and thinks it’s really hot. Rayne told how was on set with a guy and told him not to worry that she wasn’t going to do anything to him that hasn’t been done to her.

“He goes, oh God.”

Wankus mentioned how Faith is dressing up lately in a girl scout outfit for their fantasy sessions.

“We take care of the cookies on that one- we totally play that fuckin’ shit.”

On the subject of her site, Rayne said she updates it regularly. Then Wankus got on the subject of asses and rim jobs. Lane said she was getting into licking and fingers. Sunny said she likes a rim job performed on her, and Wankus assumed it occured fresh out of the shower.

“You have a few fool-around friends that come by once in awhile- we all know who they are,” said Wankus. “We don’t need to mention their names.” But Wankus wanted to know if they had hairy asses.

“Always clean,” said Lane. “They freshen up for me.”

Lane announced that she was going to San Francisco for the Exotic Erotic Ball this weekend.

“It’s going to be absolutely amazing,” she said, noting that it was going to be at the Cow Palace and that it was her first time in San Francisco.

“I heard the one in San Francisco is off the chain- the one in New York blows,” added Wankus.



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