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Veronica Rayne’s Version of Events

Last week Veronica Rayne was an object of a post made by an Alexander Woodley on Rayne says it’s all bullshit, but here is what was said.

Woodley: “No-shows and poor attitudes are becoming way too frequent of late. I booked Veronica Rayne for a costume fantasy BJ shoot last Saturday. We exchanged several emails and phone calls and everything was very clear. ( I should have known something was off when a guy answered her cell.) Shortly before the shoot, she called with a lame excuse about her sister having a crisis, and could she re-schedule. I said OK, (even though I really didn’t believe her) and we re-scheduled for Monday evening.

After several more emails, and a call a half hour before the shoot, she called to cancel FIVE MINUTES before she was supposed to arrive, claiming that her ride to the shoot backed out on her, and that there was no one else who could bring her. Since we were both in Woodland Hills, I offered to pick her up and take her home after the shoot. Not expecting that, she stuttered and paused, and then said she didn’t know me and didn’t feel comfortable with me picking her up. I offered alternative locations for us to meet and she still refused. My take is that the boyfriend, who suddenly refused to drive her, was still at home. I had previously given her at least 15 references of well-known models who would highly recommend me, but she still bailed.

My point isn’t just that she was unprofessional and uncaring of the money she cost a small independent producer (I’m not the first to deal with that), it is also that boyfriends/”managers”/suitcase pimps almost always do models more harm than good. Bad experiences with them is why I no longer allow them to hang around the location during a shoot. Veronica is my first official UNreccommendation, but while I’m here, I WILL RECOMMEND Annie Body, Celestia (Star), Miss Meadow, Tyler Houston, Roxetta and Cheyenne Hunter (despite her boyfriend).

Gene sez: I spoke to Veronica Rayne, Sunday afternoon and she gave me her version of what had happened. She says that Woodley wanted to shoot her in a scene with him, POV-style.

“It’s basically all a lie,” Rayne contends. “He’s [Woodley] been blasting me on three different sites. I’ve been in the industry almost two years and I’ve never cancelled on any one. Never flaked. I’ve done over a hundred shoots. Basically he contacted me through onemodelplace and gave me very brief information on his company which I’ve never heard of. He did list a number of actresses he supposedly worked with- all very known actresses- but he could have pulled them out of a hat. When I asked him for a picture, he refused. He said he didn’t have a picture because he doesn’t put himself out there as talent. I asked him, well, isn’t this a POV-line? He stumbled with an answer and this didn’t seem right to me. When I asked him to provide contact information for the models, he wouldn’t. I never flaked twice on him so I don’t know how I could be a two-time flake. He called me once. I had to reschedule and gave him seven hours notice. We re-scheduled for a Monday night at 7 pm. I asked him why a BJ shoot would take three hours, he again gave me no response. He said you’ll see when you get here.”

According to Rayne, she’s an independent and doesn’t have an agent.

“Therefore I do not have any protection out there,” she reasoned. “I simply said you’re not giving me enough information. And a friend who was going to drive me said I think you need to get a little more information on this guy. When I questioned him [Woodley] on it, he became very rude and said you’re costing me money. How am I costing you money? I’m not really understanding this. We’re shooting out of your house and I’m asking you to provide a picture and contact information which you’re not doing. I don’t realize how I’m costing you money. If anything, I’m costing myself money because I’m paying out of my own pocket for a makeup artist because he requested the makeup be glam but he wasn’t paying for a makeup artist. Then he turned around and blasted me by saying I gave him no notice and I was a flake. And then he involved my little sister which he should not have done. He said that I lied and that my sister did not have a problem. I don’t even like people knowing anything about my family. And then they called my husband of about eight years, who is a very respected actor in the industry, a suitcase pimp? It’s absolutely not right. The producer [Woodley] felt he got scorned by me for whatever reason.”

According to Rayne, she never did the scene and was very clear that she wasn’t going to do it because Woodley wouldn’t reciprocate with the information she had asked for.

“At that point I did not feel comfortable or safe,” she explained. Rayne says she talked to Woodley once on the phone to reschedule because of the fact that her sister did have an issue.

“I explained to him that I could probably do it later that night.” But in the mean time, Rayne said she called other producers to inquire about the guy and no one seemed to know who he was.

“At that point I really didn’t feel comfortable doing it,” she continued. “And I told him I didn’t feel comfortable doing it.” Rayne admits that she tends to be blunt and says what’s on her mind.

“I am a very honest person and sometimes this hurts peoples’ feelings,” she points out. “And sometimes I probably do speak a little more than I should, which I do regret. But I don’t lie. I’ve never flaked. I’ve never been late to a shoot and I feel I do have a very good reputation in the industry as far as being a performer. It kills me that some girls in the industry can turn around and flake and do all this other stuff and nothing is said to them. But because I’m an honest person I get blasted. Or some random person, who no one’s ever heard of, lies and I get blasted?”

Rayne assumes that something like this could affect her bookings because people will assume that because she’s independent, she’s not responsible any more.

“That’s not the case at all,” argues Rayne. “If anything, I’m more responsible because I need to do everything on my own.”

Whimsically, Rayne’s generally been the back-up girl for those who have flaked.

“For this so-called producer to say I’m a flake and lie, this is ridiculous.”Rayne, who came in the industry at the age of 27, says she always paid attention to the producers and crew and became very friendly with them.

“And because I always did a good job, never did drugs and was always reliable, they looked at me in almost a different light,” Rayne went on to say. “I was with Joel Lawrence at Gold Star- we became very friendly and even he said I think it’s time you go independent. You know everybody. And the point of having an agent is because girls don’t know people and they have to be brought to them to be introduced. And I was brought to producers that I had shot for three or four times- and producers like Stoney Curtis were, like, why don’t you go independent, everybody knows you. You’re giving away 10 to 15 percent of your money for things you can walk in and book yourself. It has nothing to do with agents. I think they’re good for girls who don’t know anybody. But things like this wouldn’t happen if I had an agent. I choose to be independent because I want to know who, when, where and how much.”

According to Rayne she’s getting more for her boy-girl scenes now as an independent than she ever did with an agent.


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